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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 5 Height: 17
height 17hh
breed Thoroughbred x Akhal-Teke
species Unicorn
mane cream flaxen
tail Cream flaxen (some hazel/chestnut)
right eye pale blue
left eye pale blue
body Red chestnut
markings Skull like blaze. Two white stockings

crimson and snow
introvert < vs > extrovert
characterpersonality Bay has always been a social creature. He thrives off interaction with others and enjoys forging friendships. Growing up it was difficult as many found themselves unnerved by his strange pale eyes and uncommon skull like blaze that blotched the top of his skull. The stark white antlers and facial horns also an abnormality to a world that seemed full of dark antlers with lighter tips. But he often won others over with his charisma. While he has always been known to toss out some sarcasm and sass - there is no question that he has a big heart and a love for life, harboring a positive outlook. Not often possessing a mood to match his almost sinister appearance.

That said Bay has always been a passionate soul. While it has lead to good things... It has also lead along with the bad. He has lashed out in violence to those whom have pushed him to a point of anger. As when his temper gets away from him - well. It runs away full speed. Friends of his past have jokingly called it his 'selfrighteous wrath'. Jokingly mostly because the best way to get him genuinely riled up and angry is to threaten or attack someone he cares for.
Bleeched bones in a puddle of blood
characterlineage Baelfire is the son of a warrior, Wolfgang, and his musical wife Ravenna. From his sire he gained thoroughbred blood. And his mother Akhal Teke. Gaining much of the build and muscle from the TB bloodlines, and flashy, metallic shiny coat from his sire. Both his parents had markings. His dam having a white face and four stockings. His sire a snip and white brindle on his right cheek as well as two hind stockings and his right foreleg having a sock as well. The flaxen mane and tail come from his sire. The chestnut from him as well. Yet the special akhal teke quality from his mother.

[ not Helvolian ]
a splash of purity across a pelt of violence
characterhistory prehelovia Baelfire was born to a warrior and a musician. Two very different beings, yet the same. Both born and raised in the hardy mountain herd that Baelfire was also born and raised into. His father would come home some days bloodied and bruised when turmoil between herds would rise up... While his mother sang sweet songs to put him to sleep. It was a good life. His father was stern, but loving. Mother compassionate and understanding. A free spirit his father had always taken to calling her.

They did not come from great means. But the family was beloved and praised for their honor and clarity of intent. And this was nurtured and instilled in Bay. In the beginning many felt unnerved by him. The pale eyes where not common. And some superstitions thought it was a mark of evil.

Yet the charismatic little foal had won the people over. And as he grew into a fine - yet strange looking young man. He had a good group of friends, and it seemed that despite minor setbacks here and there, he would have a good life with the ones he loved so dearly.

Like his sire he trained to be a warrior... though he loved to hum and sing sweetly as his mother as well. Fighting was not always hard. And as he grew fast learning had been awkward. With long gangly limbs far to long for his body for years. Of which around his third year finally seemed to suit the rest of him. He never let the challenge get him down. He liked a challenge. He was competitive. Shortly after his fourth birthday Baelfire marched with his father against a warring tribe. One that had ended badly. They had been beaten back, further from their own lands. Driven through harsh conditions. His larger size never made it easy to navigate the tricky cliffs.

They had found themselves ambushed at one point. And in the end it left the red confused. Lost. Bare of memory. His skull had throbbed and limbs had ached. He knew some things. He found he could recall a name. He knew how to survive. But when he thought of family. Friends. For anything beyond needs that he once found familiar. It was gone. Unknown to him atop a fall and a decent bump on his head, the warrior he'd been fighting possessed magic. And upon the chance had left him stunned and open to the attack when he had managed to leach the memories from him.

Confused, even frightened, he wandered aimlessly for weeks. Little had he known it had taken him further away from anyone who would know his face. But his personality managed to endure. Luckily what his heart had been made of remained. Only the people and memories of them lost. He knew someone instilled it in him. He understands that. But its gone. Lost. Unlikely to return.

For a year he has traveled, making new friends, hoping to stumble upon old ones. Those whom would look upon him and find him to be recognized.

As he walk into Helovia's threshold the crimson steed decided it was time to give up the ghost. Move on. Make a real life, and not chase after the phantom of a memory he can't even begin to envision.
look to the future

Played by
My name is Aly, and I also play Qeren <3

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