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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 years (Bird Song) Height: 16.1
Breed: Marwari Build: Thick but lightweight making her agile. Color: Black, like charcoal. Markings: Small red shaped ovals on her face, neck, stomach, flank, back, and hindquarters. Mane and tail: Mixture of bright and deep reds with few orange and yellow sections. Eyes: Bright green. Akumi's appearance is similar to that of a Marwari. Her ears slightly curve at the tips. She stands at 16.1hh. Her shiny coat is the color of charcoal while her mane is bright like fire. Akumi is rather strong and thick in muscle structure and has a strong horn made of bone pointing from her head. The horn is an ombre from red to black at the top. When Akumi was born she had strange red markings that covered her body and looked like scales but weren't quite so. She also has bright green eyes as gifted from her father. You can often see her with a leaf or two in her mane and tail as she doesn't bother to groom them out most of the time. She likes to consider them 'natures natural decoration'.

Akumis personality is that of a frightened cat. She’s skiddish at most times and very weary of her surroundings. Constantly on guard, she’s not afraid to lash out at anyone coming to her with ill intentions. Since she’s spent the last year of her life running trying to find a place to call home, she likes to remain unseen in the shadows. Akumi is very shy around others she does not know. She does not know how to socialize well as her mother and father were all she’d ever known. However, through it all she’s a very brave and powerful creature. She’s protective over anything she might consider hers, be it simply an item or another equine. She will fight to defend anything she believes in. She does have a bit of a temper as well and is known to make hasty decisions without thinking first. She is caring and kind and often very affectionate to those shes close to.

Mother: Soñador - (Wild, Non-Helovian) Father: Elija - (Wild, Non-Helovian)

To learn about Akumi's history we have to go back to before she was born. A brilliant white mare with a long horn that soared from her head lived in an unknown forest far from the lands of the herds you see today. However not many miles off is also where man lived, a small village set between two mountains. Occasionally the children would come to play with each other in the forests and climb trees like many young children do. Some she would let catch glimpse of her in hopes to fill their dreams and imagination. She was a kind motherly heart tho she had no children of her own, and each day she watched the young children play in the leaves of the forest floor or the branches of the trees. If one were to fall she would gracefully canter over and catch them, laying down to offer them a safe way to the ground. They would come and feed her food from the village that had very little to eat for themselves so because of their generosity she blessed their village with abundant food and good soil for as long as time shall pass. Over the years, many became greedy and decided to seek out the unicorn to fetch a good price. Even though she had made their lives good, they still wanted more. The children were no longer allowed to play with her in the forest and many would come on horseback in search of her. One day on their search, as she was gracefully leaping over logs and grass away from them her horn became snagged on a tree. The thud of a large stallion trample closer as the then felt a string net around her body. Her horn was snagged and she could not use her magic to break free. The flaxen chestnut stallion stopped to let his rider off to cut her horn, but soon began to feel bad for the beautiful helpless mare. She sat down and gave up, there was no way she was getting free. The man tried and tried to cut off her horn but it wouldn't work, it was indestructible. His next plan was to just kill her and take her entire body to the village leader. The stallion couldn’t bare for them to kill such a beautiful creature. Just before the knife fell the stallion rushed forward and slammed into his owner, causing him to stab himself. Grabbing the net he threw it off of her. However she was still stuck in the tree. The stallion had to think quick, he ran far back and then charged for the tree leaping in the air with his brown hooves to strike the branch, and it snapped. She began to run away then but she was going the wrong way. Grabbing her mane the stallion pulled her out of the forest and far far away from the land and the men that hunted her. With time she fell in love, and so did he. After many long years of being together they had made a filly by the name Akumi Aigachi. The foals tiny white body fell upon the ground wet and cold, her mane and tail were flaxen. She had bright green eyes with slits like that of a snake or dragon, along with just a few tiny scales here and there and a tiny nub upon her forehead resembling a future horn. As Akumi got older her baby fur faded and her black adult fur came in. As her horn grew out, her mane and tail grew brighter and brighter where it looked like fire and her occasional scales adopted am ember color. Later in her parents years they knew their time was coming to an end so her mother, Soñador, and her father, Elija, paid a visit to the old village once more. Upon nearing the small town they were greeted by arrows and swords. Elija stood tall rearing to block any coming his mate and daughter’s way until one struck him through the heart. He fell almost in slow motion as Akumi’s eyes watched in terror. Grief-stricken, her mother set a curse upon the land, ending her blessings in return for unyielding soil and dead livestock. Akumi was ordered to run as fast as her young legs could carry her, turning only for a second to see her mother shot down as well. Running to save her own life, she did’t stop for miles and miles and soon found herself in Helovia.

Played by
Rose (PastryyPuff)

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Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   5 AGL:   4 END:   8
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
6.5 9.5 4 62
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