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Species: Equine Gender: Colt Age: 2 Years Height: 15 hands

Gender: Colt

Age: 2 years

Species: Equine

Horn/Wings/etc: None

Eyes: Dark Brown

Mane: Black, thin

Body: Brown fur, long legs and a graceful neck. A small but strong body.

Hooves: Dark

Markings: None

Tail: Black, thin

Levitz is a small and sturdy horse with a face that radiates mischief. His big, dark brown eyes are constantly on the look-out for potential new playmates. His head is of average size, with a straight profile and short, narrow ears. His neck is graceful and long, thin black mane covering one side of it. Carrying his body are long legs, ending in small, light feet. His tail is planted fairly high up, lacking the same volume that his mane do.

A cynical outlook on the world fought by the intense desire to have fun makes for an interesting character to be around. Levitz might seem obnoxious and indiscreet at first, but if one is alert enough, it can be noted that all the extravagance is mainly just an act. Behind this front is a restless soul, wary of trusting anyone that may come his way. Sure, he'll run around, laugh, be louder than he probably should be, but it takes a lot to get him to open up and say what he's actually thinking. On the other side is an ego that's maybe a bit too big for his body, and the incurable thought that the small colt is better than most of those who cross his path. He is, at his core, egocentric, self-indulgent and a genuine loner. He can keep up the facade for only so long at a time before this eventually shows. The next time you'll meet him he'll be as insufferably sparkling and perky as ever again. He has an extraordinarily strong will, and will rebel just for the sake of rebelling, no matter against who. When he eventually does get comfortable around someone, he might come across as pretentious while speaking his mind, but his intelligence and self-awareness will also come to light. What he needs is somebody who can give him the benefit of the doubt, someone who will make an effort to get to know and understand him. A tolerant and forgiving companion is the only thing he is lacking, but, due to his misanthropic mind, does not care to chase.

Levitz was product of a proud mare and a not-so-proud stallion, a foal that would soon irritate those around him to the point of them casting him out. In his first few months he was careful around the others, trying not to push any buttons or step on anyone's toes. The second half of his first year was spent going around pushing the limits of what older horses would allow him to do, which sometimes resulted in a bite to the neck or, if he'd gone too far, a kick to the head. It was his second year when he started burning all the bridges that he'd built. He became annoyingly full of himself, pushing the other horses to the point of them not wanting to be around him anymore.

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Played by DinoPileUp

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