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Aurora Basin Mare


Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 14.2

Color • Liver splashed cream
Breed • Arabian
Eyes • (L) Blue :: (R) Light Pink
Body • Slender proportions and delicate features

Introvert. Nora has become withdrawn from the world; she prefers to keep to herself. Noah has helped her emerge from the shell of insecurity; she is adapting and socializing more frequently.
Dreamer. She has vivid dreams about the past; and frequently mutters in her sleep.
Language. Speaks fluent French -- and speaks/understands very little English. Her vocabulary is growing. (handicap)
Terror. Nora is petrified of large felines; small ones aren't nearly as provoking.
Aviation. She is a self taught flyer. It wasn't until she was nearly three that she learned to fly. Heights bothered her Noah has helped improve her flying.
Home. Prefers to sleep at ground level, (usually beneath/in an overhang/small cave.)
Onlooker. Torture, death, war -- the after-effect of a year spent in captivity; she's become desensitized. The little woman doesn't turn ill from watching her enemies kill/be killed. Though not to be mistaken for numb or emotionless, she expresses a normal volume of emotions...sadness, remorse, fear, ect.
Unphased. She doesn't mind the sight of blood, lacerations, extreme gore, broken bones, infection, ect.
Claustrophobia. Hates feeling crowded. (handicap)
Small. Her petite/slender size makes her appear physically weaker. (handicap)
Dislikes. Swamps and biting insects.


Relationship development


Afterlife - "When the plaid giant comes into view…realization of my fault gradually dawns. He speaks; alien vocals that produce a soft, masculine voice…wealthy in strength and lacking the usual sting I’d come to except…My brain stutters to a stop."

Lilac wine - "The golden king is full of more grace than my dubious self deserves."

Thieves landing (joining Basin) - "Though, the rational part of my brain didn’t automatically assume he meant me harm – his unknown goals collide against muddled comprehension and a year’s worth of prior experience."

Shining, shivering - "Paper thin nostrils flare, drowning in the pheromones of unmarked terrain. That self-preserving, learnt instinct to be the wall flower – to feel self-conscious and cautious -- becomes momentary preoccupied with compassion and the all-consuming flavor of him."

Basin blunder - "The lingering echo of self-doubt is squelched by his presence – Noah had a way of stirring my fledgling courage awake."

Birds of a feather - "Even before I’ve come to a stop, Noah has drawn near. Irises tilt up, continuing a tradition of flustered bewilderment in regards to the concern riding on his regal, honest expression and coloring his choice of words. Velvet sensors burn at their tips...but they elevate from that downcast position and allow the beginnings of a meek smile to birth."

Our souls turn into a boat of dreams - "His smile and steadfast patience wash the fear from my eyes – his words and lessons nurture my courage and self-confidence. Concealed emotions begin to the beat against the roof my mind; demanding acknowledgement."

All sorts of yayness inside - "His flat ivories scrap, dragging purposely over the sensitive roadways. A tight, hoarse (unrecognizable) gasp lifts from the center of my body. My hypersensitive skin jolts, lurching to ride the shockwave that fans from the point of contact, outward. 'Yes,' my subconscious moans, silken lips curl into a possessive, demanding smile. "Ahh!" Forsaking (forgetting) the mission, my head tilts upward of its own accord; jowls unhitch, panting hotly in the wake of those strange, newborn sensations. A sheen of tingling perspiration spreads over me. His vibrant, pulsing energy cracks like a bolt of stray lightning even as those strikes fall with benevolence unlike anything ever previously felt before."

Visitors - "Though a fabrication of uncertainty is woven into my expression...I dare to meet his bold gaze, but shame in my lack of fortitude brings my eyes downward. He says nothing to chide (nor elevate) those emotions…instead, his compassion becomes tangible, those achingly slow lips reach out to comfort me. His hot breath ignites an influx of tiny, oversensitive hairs become electrified. The talon of anxiety loosens it's hold; crumbling inwardly, I turn my head to him and seek to press the smooth curve of one cheek against his throat."

Windblow - "Mini me leans, admiring the embodiment of divinity – she smiles, an impish, knowing grin. For a fraction of an instance…I forget. There is only him. When grace lends that heavenly creature closer, these dainty, patchwork legs quiver in place with familiar, cherished anticipation. "


Afterlife - "I remain motionless as the figure appears. But this wasn't another monster...No...The male is a less battered replica. His mountainous, rippling frame comes to a rigid stop. Horns and tassel accent the powerful being. My wavering focus lingers on his exquisite decor. The entirety of him (posture, adornment, ect) spoke of authority."

Lilac wine - "Our guide speaks, jerking me from those inner afflictions. Ears crane forward – drinking in his voice. But the idle banter didn’t seem like it needed a response. Nor was it meant to be fully understood…no matter how he bent the words to suit my ability."

Thieves landing - "I couldn’t help but drink in the plague of doubt as it mists my mind. Where is he leading us? Irises forsake the ridge-line, pivoting instead to inspect our cloth adorned guide. Mistrust breeds sour emotions; nostrils flare, snorting free a wispy miasma."

Tilney Afterlife - "At first, a quite, warm tingling begins from the point of contact – then, it slowly fans outward. As his gentle touch lingers, the ache and swelling along my shoulders, midsection and spine begin to dwindle. The noose is removed, a sweet tide of relief floods my entirety, lids flutter shut -- absorbing, surrendering on instinct into the current of his strength and power."
Amaris Afterlife - "But their collective becomes dim when my eyes land upon the creature standing before the blond mare. His body is magnificent; rivaling a sunburst! Powerful shoulders lead into a shapely, serpentine line. A dragon."

Birds of a feather - "Another outbreak of words, but none breach the bars of my invisible prison. A hazy plethora of memories slide into view; this…is the same girl from before. She’d been in the company of a dragon… An ecstatic beam surges front and center."

Akumi Basin blunder - "She, that tiny voice whispers, captures the essence of midnight and the harvest moon. Irises dance upward, tracing the spiral dagger sprouting from the center of her face. The presence of horns has never been an oddity for me; however, the absence of feathered bloodlines…"
Rikyn Theives landing - "Thunder consumes those unfamiliar voices as two other men join our group – their approach is defiant and unwary. Our two become a quadruple, a cluster of giants. Storm clouds darken my eyes; their alien songs are fast and loud…I couldn’t begin to understand them. Ivories grind, fighting against the tension of claustrophobia."

Little fish, big pond - "Optics glimpse his open shoulder, the logical part of my brain pings that it was exposed for support. But as he nears, my entirety can’t help but tighten; the shivering becomes ever more violent. I shy aside, highlighting a fault that in every aspect, I'm unpracticed (and uneducated) in the socially acceptable art of casual touch."


Takes up resistance in the Basin - Nora currently resides in a single cell cave. Large enough for herself only.



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