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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 16.0
She is a black Sabino with three of her legs have white stockings, while one has only a coronet band, and small white marking on her knee. Her belly is splashed, and she has the classic lacey white pattern surrounding all of her white markings. Her tail brushes the ground, and she must be careful not to step upon it. Her mane reaches her shoulder, and her forelock reaches about halfway down her face. Both her mane and tail are thick and have a tendency to tangle if she is not careful. Her face is bald, although the black is close enough to her eyes that they are almost entirely black rimmed. Her eyes are icy blue. She is 16.0 hh, and well proportioned, with strong, round haunches, and long, strong limbs.She is extremely athletic and coupled with the innate grace and elegance of her breed, this causes the impression that she is floating across the ground as she moves. Her neck is long, well muscled and graceful.

Katissa is a kind horse, and very loyal. Although she isn’t inherently violent, she will wholeheartedly protect those she cares for. She enjoys companionship, but she tends to get a little more quiet around strangers. Once she gets to know you she can be very open. She is often quick to judge strangers. She makes up her mind fairly quickly whether she wants to become close to that individual. If she decides not to become close, she is not rude or unpleasant without cause, simply choosing to avoid them if possible, and grin and bear it, if not. Sometimes, this does lead her to change her initial assessment, and at that point, she will be more friendly, but this does not happen often. She is fairly intelligent and loves puzzles. She is curious and seeks to learn more about everything around her. She is somewhat distractible. If performing a task that she doesn’t care for, it will take her longer to do, as she will lose attention more easily. She is very determined, though, and will almost always ensure the task is completed. When doing things she DOES enjoy, this trait causes her to be hyper-focused. She toils at it until it is completed, almost too distracted by it to eat, sleep or drink. Katissa enjoys being with all species of animals and hates to see any of them in pain. Whenever possible, she will help them to the best of her ability. This includes physical and mental anguish, and she will lend an ear if someone needs to talk. Oftentimes, though, this means she will attempt to carry a greater burden than she should, as she doesn’t want to spread her own pain. She will try to keep the brave face, even when she’s being torn up by her own pain and sadness. She will be able to take only so much, before she breaks, through a flash of temper, talking it out with a trusted ally or finally letting herself cry. Thankfully, these episodes are short lasting, and very few and far between. Of all other species, she loves goats, wolves, and the mythical Kitsune the most. She would greatly love to have any of the three as a companion in the future. Goats speak to the whimsical, fun-loving side of her nature, that she only allows to shine through with those she trusts the most. Wolves are proud, strong and loyal, which are all traits she admires greatly. And Inari kitsune are so kind and caring, while still having that hint of mischief is a part of being a fox. She is aware that she is beautiful, but that does not mean that she is vain. She prefers to be judged on the value of her deeds and actions than on her outward appearance. Because of this, she is not overly upset if her looks aren’t flawless. Although she doesn’t like being dirty for extended periods of time, she will not fuss if her mane and tail are slightly tangled, her hooves are chipped or her white markings are less than blinding. She won’t hesitate to pitch in, even if it means getting leaves in her tail.

Her father had been a warrior, in a land beyond Helovia’s borders. He prided himself on strength of character, mind, and body, saying that it was all three that made one a success, on the battlefield and in life. He was the leader of their small band of horses, and he led them well, valuing democracy. Her mother valued the same, but was of a more gentle disposition, caring for the ills of the herd, and carving her own position in it, well before pairing with the leader. Both of them had been blessed with magic, her father with earth and wind magic, and her mother with earth and light. Katissa hoped that she would develop talents like that someday. At the age of 2, a major shift came about in the herd. Her father had been severely injured while protecting a new mother and foal from a cougar. On its own, and with her mother’s care, the wound most likely would have healed, but a stallion, recently exiled from their herd, took advantage and challenged for leadership. Her father had fought hard, but the toll of his earlier fight had weakened him, and he fell. The challenger crushed his skull to seal his victory. His cruelty grew, and more and more of the herd fled. Finally, she and her mother did too, knowing the futility of trying to wrest control from him. She had grown up on tales of a vibrant land called Helovia, and although her father wanted to move the herd there, there were enough ties to keep them where they were. Still, in her mind, it had always been a promised land of sorts. It was there that the two of them traveled, in a roundabout and winding way, in the hopes to avoid being followed, or tracked down. Her mother grew weaker over time, suffering a heartbroken from the loss of her love, her leader, and her land. At age 3, her mother passed away, knowing her daughter was old enough to carry on alone. Although it was no surprise, Katissa lost herself in her grief, wandering aimlessly for months. Finally, she managed to recall her father's values and realized she was doing the opposite of what both of her parents would have wished. That she was dishonoring their memories. At that, she struck out anew, with an unshakeable purpose. She would reach Helovia, and she would be the mare her parents had raised her to be.

Having been raised by a mother with earth x light magic, and being of a curious nature, Katissa learned the benefits of some plants and herbs in her homeland. Although she has not developed any magic and is not effective in healing, she can find plants to help alleviate symptoms. I.e. chewing willow bark for pain management. She does not yet know the plants of Helovia but hopes to learn them with observation, and practice.

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