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Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 3 years Height: 16.1hh
War Boy is a pale stallion with a diluted roan coat and silvery hair contrasting with the stark whiteness of his splash marking. Body is tough and athletic with deep scars tearing through his skin. His ashen face is marked with an odd badger face marking that run symmetrically on both sides. Mane and tail are always windswept and wavy with the odd twig or two stuck in it. Smells like bergamot and smoke. Strength is in endurance and raw power, but can be rather clumsy with his attacks. Likes close combat and is relentless and violent in his attacks. Is not the fastest or most agile, but can keep going for long periods of time and can take a hit.

War Boy is a rough and tumble youth with a sense of adventure. Raised in a war band the boy can come off as intimidating and harsh, but he really doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. While brutal he can show empathy towards others, knowing what it’s like to be troubled. While empathetic, the boy doesn’t show it outwardly. He doesn’t know how to comfort and so seems hard-hearted, but those close to him know his is a firm comfort. The boy has an idealistic view on how the world should work, without really knowing how deceptive it can be. He wants to believe there’s good in everyone like himself, and ignores the sinister motivations of others for second chances. Due to his romantic and unrealistic outlook he falls into the wrong crowds time and time again. The boy is unwavering in his devotion to others and his goals in life, it’s what ignites his passion for life. He lives to serve and to be the helping hand others need to get where they need to go in life. He will never be a leader, but his loyalty makes him undaunted against uneven odds. He will hunt you to the ends of the earth if you harm those he loves, and he believes in swift karma. Being raised in a war band the boy lacks the grace and manners of civil society. There is a wildness to him that can make him seem assertive or intimidating towards others. He’s a brass tacks guy who doesn’t like to sugar coat anything, and he can be painfully blunt in his responses. He is an unpolished stone from the earth. Despite his good at heart nature his environment growing up has poisoned that. While kind the boy is aggressive and brutal in how he handles his dealings. He attacks things head on and is often confrontational with those he disagrees with. He is always ready for a fight, and often settles his problems as such. The boy doesn’t know how to act around those of the opposite sex, having been raised in an all stallion band. He absolutely doesn’t know what to do with them, and often has a naivety about them that seems almost childish. He would be awkward in romantic encounters, and prefers stallions as friends over mares. He would also probably be a terrible parent, having only a bloodthirsty warmonger as a father figure for most of his life. He’d either flake, or try and raise foals of his the way he was. The boy is most likely asexual.

War Boy (also known as the boy) doesn’t know who his real parents are. He can only vaguely remember voices and shapes that he could consider as his biological family, but they have been lost to the sands of time. Spirited away as a foal by a roving band of stallions and their boss, his quaint life and even name were tossed away. He became a War Boy, a child soldier losing all sense of individuality in the writhing mass of grit and muscle. He was not raised, rather built for the act of battle and raiding, the bands primary source of life. His life was hard, but he enjoyed it as there were plenty of other young colts to rough house and bond with. However, the boy was not cruel in the same sense as his brothers. He would follow orders without question like the others, but he never felt right in his own skin. The boy was not a bad person, and the lifestyle he was flung into did not sit well with his being. He knew trying to outright leave the band would result in death for abandonment. His chance to escape though came when, during a raid, a sand storm swept through the land. In the confusion the boy fled the only family he knew to make his own way in life. While travelling he came across other bands, but always seemed to fall into the wrong sort. War Boy jumped from place to place, never able to root himself into another family. Still he persists, and he has now found his way to Helovia to make his mark.

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