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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 2 yrs [frostfall] Height: 14.2hh

Dainty and delicate, Eve is an effeminate, faerie-like creature; graced with fine features and a slim physique, she is long-legged and elegant, with a zealous jaunt to her every move. Eve possesses a certain adoration for the world around her, and it seems ready to seep out from her at any given time. She holds her head high, smiles pleasantly, and moves with a nearly thoughtless confidence that is rarely, if ever, shaken. Her voice is soft and airy, like a cool spring breeze, and nearly melodic.

Much of her is coated in a soft russet, interrupted by pale stripes of silver that are nearly reminiscent of a tiger’s. Red gives way to chocolate brown points on her legs and face, accenting the sharp gold of her hooves and soft lavender of her eyes, framed by long, dark lashes. A pair of silver markings stretch out beneath both of her eyes, similar in design to an extremely minimalistic sketch of a wing. Having never been given any reason to manage her hair, Eve’s mane and tail are both very long; they fall towards the ground (or, in the case of her tail, drag it) in thick, silky waves of dark brown. She takes considerable pride in her wings, above all else, however. They are rather large, by comparison to her light frame, and birdlike in design. At their base, they are a dark brown that nearly matches the shade of her hair, but, towards the tips of her feathers, they pale and grow more reddish. The uniform coloration of her wings is interrupted sporadically by a series of bars and flecks of off-white.

A circlet of polished gold rests on her forehead, branching out as though it is made of tree limbs; a single, round amethyst rests in the center, and a smaller, teardrop-shaped amethyst dangles just below it. This was given to Eve by her mother, who had received it from the girl’s absent father. It is all she has ever had of him, so she cherishes it quite dearly.

Bright and inquisitive, Eve is something of an eccentric youth; in possession of boundless curiosity and a dauntlessness that arises from a complete lack of conflict and prior experience, she is a wide-eyed ingenue who seems desperate to figure out the world around her, to take it apart and figure out what makes it tick. Everything and everyone around her is fascinating, and she embraces this fascination with the same joy and naivete of a child seeing the world for the first time. She is single-minded in her pursuit of knowledge, and, though not self-aware enough to recognize it, this drive can make her both reckless and overbearing. When Eve has a question, she does not stop asking it until she has an answer, and she is willing to drive herself into desperate situations or drive others up a wall to get it.

Spending her childhood surrounded by otherworldly creatures with incomprehensible moralities has left Eve somewhat socially impaired. She is outgoing and friendly, and does her best to be pleasant, but she is serially blunt and oblivious to social cues and norms. Her unusual childhood has given her a...unique way of viewing the world, and it has taught her to be incredibly perceptive, which, when combined with her curiosity, can be invasive and thoughtless. Eve spent her life almost perpetually happy, sprinkled in with bits of wanderlust, and she isn’t entirely capable of understanding things like hurt and anger yet - they exist primarily as abstract concepts to her. As a result, she has some difficulties empathizing with others, and subtleties tend to be lost on her. She wouldn’t ever intentionally hurt someone, but she can be thoughtless and fickle, much like the beings that raised her.

Eve is very sheltered and naive, and, for all her intelligence and perceptiveness, she is very easy to manipulate and trick. She is used to the mischief of her fae companions, but she has yet to recognize genuine malevolence in others, particularly her own kind. She tends to trust others wholeheartedly, even if they give her no reason to, and, as something of an eternal optimist, she often chooses to ignore any evidence that could shake her faith in them. Eve does not want to think of anyone as bad, - she does not even want to think that bad exists - so she chooses not to, almost selfishly, though she does genuinely believe that there is good in everyone. She lionizes those around them, holds them to a standard of impossible perfection, and ignores their shortcomings.

Growing up in the Wildwood, Eve was never exposed to negative emotions - she longed for adventure but was otherwise perfectly happy practically all the time. As a result, she has never developed the ability to process painful emotions, and she tends to bottle them up or deny their existence. Time will only tell how she will react when she is finally forced to face them.

The product of a short tryst between a high priest and a witch, Eve was caught between two worlds long before her birth; her mother clung to the religions and wild magicks of old, ran with the “wildings” and incomprehensible ancient deities, and her father moved with the times, sought the routine and humanity offered by mortal deities and the stability that mundane, carefully-controlled magics provided. They were both too strong for adoration to last without burning them - and her mother insisted that it was never love anyways, just misplaced lust. Eve knew that she was lying.

Eve was raised by her mother, and, to this day, she does not know if her father even knew of her existence. She was never especially inclined to search for him; any space that he might have left was filled by the creatures of the wildwood, ethereal and otherworldly beings that were both impossibly beautiful and impossibly deadly. Sometimes, when she crept even deeper into the woods, she would stumble across the Old Ones, monsters of impossible angles and a horror about them that was nearly suffocating. Eve taught herself to stand by them and listen to the dull mumble of their thousands of whispering voices, certain that they had secrets and stories to tell. She was always a curious one, her mother said. She always warned her not to play with fire.

Her mother taught her wild magicks and herbal medicine; they wandered together in the endless meadows and forests of the wildwood, always merry and laughing and alone, save for the flittering presence of wildlings and fae. (They were ephemeral beings, though. Eve would always try to befriend them, but they never appeared for long and only ever tried to play tricks and try to entrance her.) She was happy, of course. She was always happy.

And yet…

Eve always longed for something more. She would sit up at night thirsting for something that she couldn’t put a name to so desperately that she could barely stand it, something powerful and important and just out of her comprehension. Her halcyon days were beautiful, impossibly so, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that they meant nothing at all. She begged her mother to take her outside of the wildwood, to let her see the world and meet others that were like her, but her mother refused - she told Eve that she was safe, and, furthermore, happy there, and that was far more than most had.

Eve tried to sneak away, but she only found herself lost in the Wildwood until her mother came to retrieve her. As routine days passed her by, day after another, she felt herself grow desperate - she couldn’t spend her entire life like this, she told herself, and gathered all her courage. If she'd stayed in the Wildwood, she'd have become a part of it, as ephemeral and eternal and inhuman as all the other Wildlings. She couldn't bear to lose her mortality.

Eve traveled to the deepest, darkest reaches of the Wildwood to meet the Horned God, the most ancient and wise of them all. She bowed at his cloven hooves, and he watched her with thousands of eyes. Eve dared not to look at his horns - her mother had always told her that his great antlers were stolen from the bones of all those who had been foolish enough to cross him, and she found the entire idea terribly frightening. She asked him how she could leave the forest, and he told her a spell that would send her far, far away. He warned her, however, that she would never be able to return to the Wildwood if she used it. Eve recognized the spell as forbidden magick, so volatile and wild that even her mother forbid her to use. The Horned God sent her on her way, and she returned to her mother.

That night, she snuck away from her mother’s sleeping form and, gathering all her resolve, went off on her own.

With trembling legs, she recited the spell -

And then, darkness.

- Eve sings like a bird!
- Eve's true name is not "Eve;" however, in the Wildwood, knowing someone's true name gave you power over them, so she doesn't often disclose it.
- Eve does speak (and read) Phoenician, though, given the lack of resources available, it might be a bit more similar to a theoretical Proto-Semitic language in practice. Her mother's background is heavily derived from what I can gather of Phoenician culture. Though she grew up in the Wildwood, she does know many stories from her mother's homeland.
- Eve is physically and mentally two, although she might admit that she has no idea how old she actually is - time does not flow in a linear pattern in the Wildwood.
- The reason why Eve and her mother were the only mortal horses in the Wildwood is because of a rather complicated bet her mother made with the Wild God. She won, and they were allowed to stay, though they would have eventually become Wildlings.

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