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World's Edge Mare


Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 3 years (born Tallsun || Year 5) Height: 14.3hh
Quick Appearance

Breed: Arabian x Morgan
Race: Equine
Color: Rose Grey with Chestnut agouti displayed through roaning
Born: Tallsun Year 5
Eyes: Baby Blue
Other: Wavy hair

General Personality

  • shy
  • goes mute under extreme stress
  • empathetic
  • extremely anxious

  • Personality Type - Mediator (INFP-T)

    Mind - introverted
    How we interact with our environment
    Energy - intuitive
    Where we direct our mental energy
    Nature - feeling
    How we make decisions and cope with emotions
    Tactics - Prospecting
    Approaches to work, planning, and decision making
    Identity - turbulent
    This trait underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions

    Those who are of the mediator personality types tend to be true IDEALISTS, that always look for the GOOD even in the worst and want to make things better. There is the possibility that they are perceived as calm, RESERVED, or even SHY though their inner passion will definitely shine. Mediators make up only 4% of the population, meaning that they often feel MISUNDERSTOOD.

    Mediators are guided by PRINCIPLE rather than logic, excitement, or practicality. Decisions on moving forward are often made looking at HONOUR, BEAUTY, MORALITY, and VIRTUE. As such, they are led by rewards or punishment but rather a PURE INTENT. Should someone not understand how these feelings cause the drive then the person might be ISOLATED.

    Many will have a talent for SELF-EXPRESSION and are able to COMMUNICATE DEEPLY with others. As such they have a knack for speaking in METAPHORS and PARABLES, or using SYMBOLS to portray their ideas. This gift of communication helps them with their DESIRE FOR HARMONY. However, this ability to communicate is done when focused on a SELECT FEW otherwise they will run out of energy or be OVERWHELMED.

    It is easy for a mediator to lose themselves and NEGLECT DAILY UPKEEP. If this is left unchecked they may become a HERMIT and it will take a lot of work from friends to pull them back. Still they will try to inspire COMPASSION, KINDNESS, and BEAUTY where they go.
  • idealistic
  • seek and value harmony
  • open-minded and flexible
  • very creative
  • passionate and energetic
  • dedicated and hard-working
  • Weaknesses
  • too idealistic
  • too altruistic
  • impractical
  • dislike dealing with data
  • take things personally
  • difficult to get to know

  • Mediators and Relationships
    It is common, due to being dreamy idealists, for them to consistently imagine the perfect relationship and the scenarios included. No one can hope to fill this perfect role - though if they are wiling to help teach compromise, understanding, and effort and work with the mediator the relationship can work.

    They will approach a new relationship WHOLEHEARTEDLY and have a sense of inherent value, DEDICATION and TRUST due to a sincere belief in the IDEA OF RELATIONSHIPS. As such they will take great efforts to show the support and affection needed to make the relationship a reality. If one can make it past the initial comparison stage they will find that mediators are PASSIONATE, HOPELESS ROMANTICS, who will still respect their partner's independence. Alas, it is important to note that they will take the time to help their partner learn to grow and change - which can come across on occasion that the partner is 'not good enough'. Should the partner be as averse to conflict as mediators are this can cause the relationship to break.

    Unfortunately, Mediators are prone to INTERNALIZING and making up problems which are not present. They are GENEROUS with their affection and put the PLEASURE of THEIR PARTNER first as when their partner is happy then they are at their happiest.
    True friends are few and far between when it comes to mediators. However, those who make the cut will be FRIENDS FOR LIFE. This is because they CRAVE MUTUAL UNDERSTAND but can EASILY TIRE SOCIALLY. A strong knack for reading into other's feelings and motivations does not mean that they are as willing to provide that person the same insight about themselves. E.g., they like the idea of human contact but not so much the reality.

    Friendships are earned on THEIR OWN MERIT rather than being friends with someone's friend. Due to the tendency to protect themselves (especially on the more turbulent side) acquaintances will not get anywhere near their inner cores and values without a sustained and tactful effort.

    Mediator's friends are rewarded with CALM, SENSITIVITY/DEPTH, and an ever present desire to HELP, LEARN, and GROW. Still, they will need to disappear for a while (REMOVING THEMSELVES FROM OTHERS) in order to re-center their minds and emotions. Usually, after these times, the mediator has come to some sort of momentous decision that even the closest of friends might not have realized had been weighing on them. As such, friends of mediators may not be able to give the same sort of support and advice they are so easily given.
    [Mediator information found here]


    Previous Mates

    Mate -- n.a.


    Other Relatives

    Non-Blood Family

    Before Helovia

  • Periods of her life are missing from her memory - particularly how she lost her mother and father at the age of two.
  • Believes she went through a normal childhood.
  • Assisted her family in the care of the herd - primarily through the gathering of small supplies which were easy for her to transport on the herd's sled-like creation
  • Missing the time between leaving her land and arriving in Helovia (six months time).

    Important Events in Helovia

  • Tallsun Year 8
    - Entered Helovia
    - Joined the World's Edge
    Ranks Held
    World's Edge Mare*

  • Played by
    [Banner Image Credits]

    I go by Abba and I also used to play Resplendence && Rasta && Laedere && Seele

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