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Dragon's Throat Colt

Species: Tribrid Gender: Colt Age: Yearling (ages quickly) Height: 18hh
vulkán vulkán (["volcano" in hungarian] tribrid colour
    Blood bay
    White face; base of horns and skin on right shoulder appears cracked with lava underneath
    Darker than his body; tail is leonine, with hair all the way down
    Medium-size, feathered, darker tips
    Four smooth black horns; two larger ones in front of ears, two smaller ones behind. Bases are cracked with lava
eye colour
    Deep, monotone, rarely differs in pitch

Tall, well-built and bulky, Vulkán looks at first sight as though he is a force to be reckoned with. There's firm muscles beneath his hide, especially around his shoulders where his powerful wings sprout from, and his sturdy conformation and great height makes him appear like an indomitable wall of strength. Instead of allowing his fearsome appearance to insert arrogance into his stride, though, Vulkán carries himself rather awkwardly, almost apologetically.

His sturdy build is covered with a lush coat of blood bay, darkening on his legs and face. His mane is a darker shade, and fairly long. His tail is leonine, but hairy all the way down; it, too, is darker than his body and lightens towards the tips. His wings are medium-sized and strong, which they need to be to carry his great weight. From his head sprout four smooth black horns, curving forwards from his ears with a smaller pair behind them. Each horn's base is cracked with livid orange lava, glowing against the onyx. The skin on his right shoulder bears this same marking; it appears cracked, with lava underneath.

the goodthe bad
» Intelligent
» Analytical
» Loyal
» Brave
» Studious
» Socially inept
» Dangerous temper
» Awkward
» Inadvertently lacks empathy
» Detached
» Obsessive
» Straight lines
» Order/routine
» Interesting facts
» Knowledge
» Exploring
» Objects at odd angles
» Deviation from routine
» Change
» Unintelligent people

- Obsesses over things for a while, learns everything about that topic, then loses interest
- Often repeats mundane/useless facts
- Very literal - doesn't understand humour/sarcasm
- Obsessed with routine, prone to having meltdowns if routine changes - if somebody says they'll meet him at sundown, he expects them to stick rigidly to it
- Poor at understanding visual cues or subtleties in speech
- Incredibly intelligent, but prone to looking down on the less educated
- Has a very fiery temper and prone to lashing out, then feeling guilty afterwards
- Lots of 'book smarts' but not a lot of common sense
- Brave to a fault; doesn't consider the possibility of his own mortality, so throws himself into situations recklessly

HISTORY Born to Isopia the Mountain that Knows and Volterra the Indomitable.

:: [Magic: EarthxFire (P) | Base of horns and skin on right shoulder appears cracked, and lava seeps through when experiencing heightened emotions. ] :: [Restrictions | Of no use in battle. Lava is not harmful. ]

:: [Magic: EarthxFire | Able to erupt ground with lava that burns on contact ] :: [Restrictions | Can only erupt the ground in a 5m radius ]

- Has a select few grazing spots and only ever eats there; gets agitated if there's someone else there
- Goes to sleep and wakes up at the same time every day
- Always sleeps in the same spot

:: [ Magic: EarthxFire | Able to erupt ground with lava. ]
:: [ Restrictions | 5m radius ]
:: [ Magic: EarthxFire (P) | Lava seeps through base of horn and shoulder cracks when experiencing heightened emotions. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. Lava is not harmful. ]
:: [ Item: Dagger | Offensive. A small steel knife with whalebone hilt of sea creature carvings. ]
:: [ Item: Horn Goad | Defensive. A gold horn goad to protect the broken part. ]
:: [ Item: Dagger | Offensive. A small steel knife with hilt of deer bone. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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