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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 3 Height: 16.3

Gender: Stallion
Breed: Akhal-Teke x Andalusian
Species: Unicorn
Coat: Seal brown with fairer golden points
Markings: Primitive striping across neck, across body and down legs, white socks on three legs and stocking working up to the rump on left hind leg Mane: Long and sweeping black mane
Tail: Lion’s tail with two bases of black hair, extending from top of tail and base of tail
Eyes: Silver grey with golden points circling eye in the shape of an Egyptian cat-eye
Horn: Golden horn extending into three sharp points across face
Hooves: Golden

Iye bears natural features edged with golden points, striking silver pools and a horn made of gold. His golden crown could be considered the highlight of his beauty. His handsome bodice certainly emanates the arrogance he feels within. The boy walks with a smooth gait, his breeding allowing for versatile speed and strength at the same time. He has a seal brown coat, with darker stripes protruding from various places on his bodice which contrasts with the ivory socks and stocking over his legs.


  • Small golden double-hooped earring in right ear

  • Personality
    Iye is a pure embodiment of everything his parents never wanted him to become – arrogant, cunning, sly and mischevious. A petty thief, he learned how to become quiet and embrace an appearance of a trustworthy character to other people to steal their possessions and food. He never truly grew out of this, and is still true to his thieving ways, perhaps more so of stealing the hearts of females. Despite his lesser qualities, Iye can be a good creature. He has a gentle heart underneath the hard-outer layer of his bodice. He has never truly loved somebody, but knows of the pleasures that the world can give him, and this is something that keeps him going – the thought of creating a rich and luxurious home for himself.

    Unknown x Unknown


    As a foal, Iye grew up an orphan after the disappearance of his parents from their home. He was brought up with other orphans within the unkempt grounds of the lower part of the kingdom, with no luxuries or identity owing to his lower state of class. Iye learnt how to become quiet and sly, taking advantage of some of the other orphans and most particularly the ones in the kingdom that ignored them, a thief. Known to the kingdom as the legend he thought he wanted to be, Iye soon got into trouble with the law-abiders of his homeland, and thus meant he had to run from it. Running from his homeland was half as difficult as growing up there. He kept on running until he was long gone of his old home, knowing that wherever he went he would have to live with the regret of never having the approval he severely sought from his parents before their mysterious disappearance, not knowing if they were alive or dead.


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