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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 2 Height: 17
im still painting flowers
Species: Pegasus
Breed: Akhal Teke x Arabian
Gender: Mare
Height: 17HH
Age: Two (Tallsun)
Body: Obsidian
Markings: Cream facial marking highlighting her facial bones.
Mane: Cream
Tail: Cream
Eyes: Dark slate
Wings: Black, fading to a lighter cream around the edges
Hooves: Black

Her body is thin, bordering malnourished in appearance. Long, thin legs carry her atop small black hooves during the short occasions she spends on the ground A halo of long cream locks surround her black hide, the thin strands hanging past her chest. A banner of the same color drags behind her, often tangling with her hind limbs. Upon her profile is a marking that is adorned with the same shade as her locks. It highlights her bony features, coming to a point between her nostrils. Her orbs, which are often rolled in their sockets, shine a deep, dark slate color. One often struggles with picking out her black pupils from the color of her iris. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the woman is her overly large wings that grow from shoulders. They shine the same black color as her body, save for the gradient of that same bony color along the edges of her feathers.

nothing makes sense

fear might be the death of me
Loyal :: Creative :: Poetic :: Intelligent :: Caring
Fearful :: Anxious :: Depressed :: Distrusting ::Awkward

The mysterious woman is a recluse, avoiding others like a disease. She left whatever friends she had growing up in the past and fails to make any in the present. She relies solely on her companion, though she wishes that her life could be filled more with those who love her. She is distrustful of others, fear and anxiety filling her at every turn she makes. Every night, she suffers from horrific nightmares, to a point where she hardly sleeps. She will take quick naps during the day to avoid the images that float in her broken mind, listening to her bonded's songs and words. During her nightmares and panic attacks, she seeks flowers to stare at while Sospes uses his magic to brighten the area around her. It is a dream, a lie of comfort, but she lives in it.

In rare moments where her mind is at peace, she recites poems and songs in her head. She is a deep thinker, and enjoys random facts and little tidbits that can distract her from her pain. The woman hardly speaks, so her voice cracks, but that doesn't stop her from humming when she thinks no one is around.

fear leads into anxiety

i can see blood on my hands
Born of an abusive and dysfunctional life, she is alive because of a man's sadistic laughter. Her mother was kind to her, but was a witch. Magic surrounded the filly, and it was because of her mother's deceptive craft that the mare was able to conceive Idolum. A random stallion was tricked, and the mare paraded around proud of her testament to her freedom. It wasn't until she used a powerful spell that she realized that the foal that grew inside of her resembled that random stallion, and she started to fear her mate.

She was careful around him, becoming paranoid when the filly was born. However, her mate gave no notice to the filly's obsidian looks. He himself was lightly colored, and the mare had no stains of black on her hide. But before long, he became suspicious, realizing that the filly bore the same facial marking as another male in the herd, as well as the same dark coloring. It was six months after her birth that the man led his mate and bastard child into the woods.

The sound of bones cracking echoed off the trees, the man disabling the foal from fleeing. His goal was to rid himself and his mate of the shameful foal, but was interrupted by the mother's spell work. He would have to turn against her first. The man took his time, the witchcraft no match against his strength. The final blow crushed her skull, sending shards of bone and brain matter splattering against his coat. The blood covered stallion let a laugh rumble his chest as he turned back to the shriveled baby on the ground. He stood over her, whispering in her ears a phrase of her unworth before trotting off.

She couldn't remember what her mother looked like before this. She tried to crawl to the broken body, but was unable to move. She fitfully drifted in and out before being awakened by a ghostly figure. The apparition resembled the mass of flesh that rotted in front of her. Whether it really happened, or it was her mind playing tricks on her, the figure gave her the strength to move her own broken body into the forest, away from the maniacal man she once called father. Over time, her bones healed, and she met a young Zephyr named Sospes who had a different kind of magic then her mother. It was honest, light, and he has never left her side after meeting the tormented woman.

i stop breathing, i see demons

your hero's destined to waver

Species: Zephyr
Subspecies: Common Roc
Age: Three
Body: Black
Markings: White, star like speckles around eyes and wing joints
Wings: Black
Eyes: White
Beak: Black
Talons: Black
Magic: Can change the time of day for a few hours and slow time with his wing beats

Sospes is a kind soul, honest and pure. His love for his bonded is evident in his parenting and care taking of the young mare. He believes that there are others out there that can help Idolum, and encourages her to seek them out. During her panic attacks, he uses his magic to change the time to the brightest time of day to comfort her. He knows that she enjoys her flights, and will often accompany her to slow time, letting her enjoy the sky for as long as possible. He lives for Idolum, and every move he makes is to better her life.

you were always my favorite

Played by
.A. Gulliver

:: [ Companion: Zephyr | Mythical, common | Roc | 5 yrs 0 mos ]
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