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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 3 years Height: 16hh

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Luthais' body type is a careful blend of both his parents. He retains some of his Belgian fathers height but is slimmed down thanks to his mothers blood. When it comes to his colouring, however, he very distinctly takes after his dappled mother. However where she was heavily dappled he keeps much of his solid base. A deep black-grey he is marked with darker flecks across his face, and shoulders. His face is also marked with similar specks but these are an off-white. He has some dapples but they are few, mostly noticeable upon his shoulders, withers, hip, rump, and lightly across his eyes.

All of his hair is black with his mane being rather excessive in length, and his tail being far shorter – barely reaching past his thighs. His eyes are also something of an oddity. They're a dark, almost black colour that reflects a slight red in bright light.

On top of his head is a thick horn. It's a rich obsidian but all throughout it are cracks that reveal a deep red with an almost gem-like quality. It's thick, stunted and will never grow very tall. Along one of the ridges are two holes that often hold small silver rings.

Lastly, tucked away under the rose pinned material of his scarf is a story of scars. Pink, jagged things that cross along his flesh at the junction between neck and shoulder - they’re deep but entirely healed. While they aren’t exactly big he is ashamed of them. Having them on show often leaves Luthais feeling vulnerable - weak.

** he currently does not have his scarf and roses

Decisive . Callous . Selfish . Loyal . Strong-willed . Vicious . Sarcastic . Rebellious
Luthais is a mess of uncertain emotions. Born to a fragmented family of sexism and dominance, he is something of a black sheep when compared to his more obedient siblings. He doesn’t follow the rules his father would have set for him. Instead he has come to loathe the life that was presented to him. He does not want to force dominance, and he most certainly does not think he’s above anyone else. Luthais’ holds a strong distaste for this father and keeps these feelings very close.

He has grown in the last few years from a shaky but devout foal to a conflicted, rebellious, but far more certain young adult. While he doesn’t put his trust in many - nor very easily - he is a loyal friend, and often times an open ear to those who seek it. Try as he might he is repeatedly unable to ignore the pleas of others. He may attempt to ignore these plights but it is becoming far more common for him to do all he can to help.

Despite this he does not view himself as a gentle, caring soul. He is prickly and his words are often sharp. He doesn’t take well to being commanded and has a natural tendency to sneer at anyone who might demand otherwise. His words can be vicious and unfairly warranted at times.

Above all else he also does not think highly of himself. He should have been the son his father wanted - should have been the cruel monster he was meant to be. Instead Luthais has a difficult time accepting compliments of any sort. He’s likely to turn them down or ignore them altogether. It’s not easy to flatter him and he isn’t often swayed by pretty words. In his mind he is currently the failed child that was unable to live up to the expectations he was born to. Whether this is for the better or not, he has yet to decide.

He’s conflicted when it comes to his own morals. On one side he identifies with being the villain quite easily. For some part of him it’s effortless. He can think a cruel thought, wish to act upon a selfish deed. This is who he is in his own mind and he struggles greatly with the part of him that cannot do the wrong thing. For now he’s a wild card when it comes to what is right and wrong in his mind.

this place is a punishment
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