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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 years Height: 15hh
Gwen has an averagely built figure weight-wise, but has a naturally short stature of 15hh that seems more Arabian than anything else. She has a naturally long almost feathered tail, and long legs. Sesha also has a angular head and a simple ivory horn that has grown longer as she ages.

Her pelt is primarily a pale chestnut, which fades slightly to a white around her chest and down her legs. She has a white star and strip across her face that reaches her nose. In addition, she has darker chestnut tiger striping along her neck and down to her back, mixed with white tiger stripes. Gwen has a long leonine tail that is covered in long flowing white hair, the same white hair is also in her mane. Around her neck is a single chain that holds a key, she never removes this necklace if she can help it.

Her eyes are a bright purple and filled with intelligence. The inner parts of her ear are a soft pink, which match her gums.

- curious
- sensitive
- excitable
- easily stressed
- quick to forgive
- affection-seeking
- snarky when provoked
-inappropriate, blue sense of humor

From the outside, Gwen appears a kind, quiet and reserved individual. If treated with what she deems to be respect, she’s often levelheaded; however—when prompted—she can easily become volatile. Highly sensitive, the easiest way to upset her is to criticize her or someone she deeply cares about. She is easily overwhelmed and often takes teasing too seriously, usually ending in tears or a loss of temper. Similarly, she doesn’t deal well with stress and will break under pressure in such situations. Gwen isn’t terribly good at holding a grudge, though, and is quick to forgive even if she believes she has been wronged.

Those that are able to get close to her—which isn’t too difficult; once Gwen gets to know someone, she’ll open up quickly—will learn that she gets very attached. She appreciates verbal praise, but finds physical affection to be even more rewarding. Those she loves and cares about unconditionally also see a more cheeky side of her: when she knows she can get away with it she reveals a snarky, sarcastic part of herself that enjoys making crude jokes or other sexual references.

DAM: Mavis Lynn
SIRE: Elias Morgenstern
SIBLINGS: Keenan || Aidan

A prodigy, a treasure selfishly guarded. Gwen was the child everyone wanted. Perfect; obedient, smart, beautiful. In their eyes, she was the brightest star within the sky -- full of potential and promise. It seemed as if there was nothing she couldn't accomplish, easily paving through the storms like some sort of unbreakable force. Day in and day out she was taught the ways of the world, the legends of old as well as more recent history, and how to weave around in politics. However, that was only on the surface. It was a mask she was forced to wear by the man she called a father. Behind the scenes, the girl was in truth, far from the perfection she supposedly possessed. She was certainly smart, but only a few steps higher than the average aeon. Obedient? Well, that was only to make her parents happy.

Being the first born child of the family, and heiress of their line, was certainly a hefty weight for such a young girl to carry. The high, glaring, expectations of those around her; Gwen never wanted any of it. Their sickly sweet smiles, their over ripened praises a treatment caused simply due to her lineage, she hated it. To be free of this cage, and wanting more than bringing pride and honor to her family -- this was her true desire. Gwen often felt she were simply following a predetermined path and not one only she could walk, as if she were being pulled down a river's mighty current with no way out.

For a while she remained the perfect daughter. Studying, training, being what everyone expected her to be, this is how she lived, suppressing her own happiness and her own desires to make those around her proud. However, this was far from what the girl dreamed her life to be. She would eventually meet a certain woman. This woman came from the outside, and Gwen soon became acquainted with her as she did with everyone, it was her duty to know all those she would eventually be leading. The outsider never named herself, always giving the heiress a nickname instead – Gypsy. Her eyes always seemed to dig into the girl, as if she could see Gwen's unhappiness. The pressured girl quickly became interested, often finding herself visiting and listening to Gypsy's tales. The stranger's views of the world became a reoccurring theme in many of their conversations. Gwen found an increasing enjoyment of those tales, and it soon became a way for her to escape her fate in life.

Not long before her fourth birthday, however, the woman vanished. Yet, what remained was a girl, refreshed and eager to break out of the fate chosen for her. She ran. Ran far, and without word, abandoning all those who looked up to her, leaving everything behind. Gwen didn't care to look back, heart racing, chest aching, mind buzzing. The young woman wanted her freedom before it was permanently ripped away from her by the rapids of unwanted responsibilities. She would be free, like the wind, like the open skies, and the wide open seas.

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Played by Kiwi.

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