the Rift



Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 3 months Height: 16
The flames

Age: : Unborn |14.3 hands

Race: - Pegasus

Wings: - The tops are a dark almost black color, the under feathers are as lightly darker grullo than his body (No butt feathers!)

Eyes: - Black with silver pupils

Mane/Tail: - Dark chocolate color

Pelt: - Smoky grullo with a darker face

Markings: - Gold ivy dorsal stripe | leg barring | and gold ivy marking on his forehead starting above his left eye running the length of his flat brow | Teal sun; wolf paw in the middle with tribal rays high on his neck, usually hidden by his mane Ref by Skylark
The Core

| | Observant| |






Magic: - Able to ignite plant matter

Companion: -

Birth stats
Sire: Ilios
Dam: Imogen
Siblings: Maui, Patrick, Kolr

Name meaning: - Kyros: Greek form of Persian Kûrush, meaning "like the sun."

Items: Will have Ilios's items! Has three of his father's feathers in his mane
image credits Table and first picture by Reli

:: [ Magic: EarthxFire | Able to ignite plant matter. ]
:: [ Restrictions | 5m radius ]
:: [ Item: Silver boots | Defensive. Boots that are chained around his canon bone and glow silver. They have spikes in the shape of a circle on the front. ]
:: [ Item: Band of the Tree | Bracelet of gold leaf and green stones (from the Giving Tree 2015). ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A figurine of a black tiger with smoke billowing from its jaws and a small blue-glowing crystal from the body of the Rift Bear God on a chain in his mane. ]
:: [ Item: Armor | Defensive. Silver armor that collapses into a collar by touching sun engraving on chest. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Heavy when fully expanded. ]
:: [ Item: Medium Mutation | Genetic Mutation. Height increased from 14.3 to 16 hands. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | Thick silver bangle on his right front pastern with gold ivy markings. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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