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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 5 Height: 15
Buckskin Azteca. His pelt is a deep golden-brown, while his mane and tail a of a deeper brown hue, almost black with the tips bleached lighter by the sun. Tail is the normal tail of an equine, and hooves are only slightly cloven. Dark stockings that match his banners form stockings on all four legs, and black rims the edges of his ears. Honey brown eyes. His most distinctive feature, however, is the disfigured black horn that curves down over his left eye, pierces through his cheek, and emerges from the roof of his mouth, hanging down from between his lips like a blunt fang.

Quiet, Irritable, Impatient, Quick-thinking, Intelligent, Militaristic. Has quite the soft spot for foals. Due to his disfiguring form, he is unable to speak.

After fleeing his home where he was considered a monster, Lynx found Isilme, Anarore and took refuge among a racist unicorn group known as the sect. Though he was not particularly racist himself, he appreciated their want for change and desire to rule. His interactions there were few and far between, and he met only with a mythical snake that offered to lift him of the curse that was the horn he was born with. Shadows attacked the land, however, and Lynx was forced to flee. He came to Helovia lost and forlorn, and now seeks a home in the comforting warmth of the dragon's throat desert.

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Played by: Shoikan

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