the Rift

the Nightshade

Aurora Basin General

Wears a leather strapped bag


Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 12 Height: 17hh
Can we climb this mountain
I don't know
Blood Bay | Double Glass Horns | Moon Tattoo | Tall & Lean

Built with robust elegance and intricately carved, he is a blend of Arab and Hanoverian, though the strong roots of the warmblood is much more prominent in the stallion. He stands on cloven feet and is a sea of red; quite apt for a murderer. His body littered with the tell tale signs of wear, a Doctor by trade, but time makes everyone a warrior. Memory scars the deepest where two glass horns protrude from his brow, one battered but whole and the other half broken. Travel your gaze down slightly to find the oddness of two eyes; one to the right, a simple brown. The other to the left, a searing blue. A birth defect or a foretelling of madness to come, you choose. Finally, a mark of the unfaithful stains his left flank in the shape of silver moons where a lover for one night only left her mark.

Higher now than ever before I
know we can make it if we take it slow
Be careful where you step, the abode of d'Artagnan the Nightshade is treacherous and filled with trap doors. On appearance he looks like any other brooding character, surrounded with some kind of unnerving air with empty eyes that seem to stare forever. A perfect image of a tortured soul hidden behind a well strengthened wall, on a normal day the stallion would talk little and taunt many. However, trigger those trap doors and one would be greeted with an entirely different d'Artagnan. Developed over time, the shade has a 'problem' with keeping his monsters inside, more precisely he has several different personalities that are sometimes not easy to differentiate and other times, starkly different. They can sometimes overlap and cause internal confusion; best to prepare for battle or run at that point.

Let's take it easy, easy now
watch it go
{ Sire } Red Bay, 17.2hh, Hanoverian
{ Dam } Dapple Grey, 15hh, Arab

{ Son } Mesec the Nightwind ( x Moon Goddess ) brn 8/9/12
{ Daughter } Aviya ( x Kou ) brn 8/23/12 [D]
{ Daughter } Nao ( x Kou ) brn 12/18/12
{ Son } Sacre ( x Kou ) brn 4/12/13
{ Son } Roux ( x Kou ) brn 4/12/13
{ Daughter } Raéru ( x Kou ) brn 5/21/14

{ Granddaughter } Vesper (Mesec x Ki'irha)
{ Grandson } Virga (Mesec x Ki'irha)

{ Sister } Seiren [D]
{ Niece } Ghost the Cadaverous
{ Cousin } Déodat
{ Cousin } Mirabella
{ Cousin } Arya
{ Cousin } d'Arcy
{ Cousin } Libertad

all characters listed in lineage are or once were Helovian characters.
[D] = Deceased

We're burning down the highway skyline, on the
back of a hurricane that started turning when you were young
☆ Most Grumpy: CotY Awards
☆ Most Likely to be a Lead: CotY Awards
☆ Romantic Pairing Winner: d'Artagnan x Mauja
☆ Romantic Pairing Runner Up: d'Artagnan x Kou

:: [ Magic: Time (U) | Can form a space/time barrier that will teleport away or rebound magic attacks aimed at it ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only teleport away noticeable magic, and it requires intense focus and will leave him exhausted with extended use. In battle only has the energy to use it once ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxWater | The ability to poison the water in other's bodies and cause narcosis ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can render an opponent asleep and foggy for the duration of 30 seconds ]
:: [ Companion: Hellhound | Mythical, common | Hellfire & Superspeed | 7 yrs 7 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1.5 CP:   2
6 9 6.5 68.5
Notable Accomplishments

- June 2015 || Aurora Basin General
- October 2014 || Murder Mystery Plot Participant
- February 2014 || Wraith Sickness Plot Participant
- August 2013 || Broken Magic Plot Participant

- July 2013 || Four Monsters of Helovia Plot Participant
- July 2013 || Buff Earned: Endure
- June 2013 || Dead Magic Plot Participant
- June 2013 || Doppleganger Plot Participant
- June 2013 || Silence of the Veins Plot Participant

- February 2013 || Quote of the Month
- January 2013 || Thread of the Month
- December 2012 || Silence of the Bond Plot Participant
- December 2012 || Aurora Basin Time Mender
- October 2012 || Wrath of the Sun God Plot Participant

- September 2012 || Character of the Month
- September 2012 || Helovian Olympics Plot Participant
- August 2012 || Legend Title, the Nightshade
- August 2012 || Sired Moon Demi-God, Mesec
- February 2012 || Worlds Edge Moon Doctor

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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11-21-2012 by d'Artagnan
a .p e n n y. for your thoughts [Plague Meeting] Archives
Ambrosius, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Descaro, Elizabeth, Giselle, Korra, Kou, Psyche, Rapha, Snö, Ulrik, Valentine, Xanthos
11-24-2012 by Valentine
Knock you senseless [moon goddess] Veins of the Gods
d'Artagnan, God of the Moon
11-18-2012 by God of the Moon
Of Monsters [open!] Archives
d'Artagnan, Leander, Redux
11-05-2012 by Leander
Red Stains [open] Archives
d'Artagnan, Rapha, Sorcha, Valentine
12-02-2012 by Valentine
Poison in the Snow [Mauja] Archives
10-12-2012 by d'Artagnan
lullaby | Alan, d'Art(?), open Archives
Alan, d'Artagnan, Lucilla
10-14-2012 by Lucilla
pick up the pieces [kou/aviya] Archives
Aviya, d'Artagnan, Kou, Mesec
11-01-2012 by Mesec
this is how we'll stand [D'art rescue] Archives
Alan, Ázzuen, d'Artagnan, Lena
10-12-2012 by d'Artagnan
Serpent Made of Glass Archives
Ázzuen, d'Artagnan
10-06-2012 by Ázzuen
UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round THREE Archives
Aurelius, Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Faelene, Keahi, Korra, Lena, Monster, Random Event, Validino
09-26-2012 by Random Event
UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round TWO (fixed) Archives
Aurelius, Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Descaro, Evers, Faelene, Keahi, Kiara, Korra, Lena, Monster, Random Event, Rishima, Validino
09-23-2012 by Random Event
call for a doctor! [ d'Art, Xira ] Archives
Ázzuen, d'Artagnan, Xira
10-02-2012 by Xira
UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round ONE Archives
Aurelius, Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Descaro, Evers, Faelene, Harlequin, Irene, Keahi, Korra, Lena, Monster, Prometheus, Random Event, Validino
09-17-2012 by Irene
salvation for the damned [kou, edge members] Archives
Aerwela, d'Artagnan, Kou
09-12-2012 by Kou
:: Cross Country Obstacle Race :: Guidelines & Sign Ups! Archives
ali, Boom Boom, Coris, d'Artagnan, Daenerys, Ink, Kiara, Lace, Leander, Lloyd, Mirage, Query, Random Event, Rishima, Tisco, Tor, Xira
09-10-2012 by Boom Boom
:: Pegasus Flying Race :: Guidelines & Sign Ups! Archives
ali, Boom Boom, Cassiopeia, Coris, d'Artagnan, Harlequin, Kachie, Leander, Midas, Mirage, Rishima, Sierra, Xira
09-09-2012 by Sierra
meeting the herd [open] Archives
d'Artagnan, Ricciardo, Tillas
09-13-2012 by Tillas
Capacity of Insanity [Kou, any] Archives
d'Artagnan, Jaydan, Kou
09-26-2012 by Jaydan
Moon Child [Mesec/d'Art] Archives
d'Artagnan, God of the Moon, Kou, Mesec
09-10-2012 by Kou
pulled you out of the water [Irene/D'art/Open] Archives
d'Artagnan, Irene, Lena
09-05-2012 by Irene
Looking. Archives
Amira, d'Artagnan, Kou, Leyra, Ulrik
08-21-2012 by d'Artagnan
Everything Burns [d'Art&Kou?/open] Archives
Cineviam, d'Artagnan
09-07-2012 by d'Artagnan
Change of Seasons [Mandatory Herd Meeting] World's Edge
Alan, Aurelius, Cineviam, Coris, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Huyana, Korra, Kou, Lena, Leyra, Lloyd, Lotus, Mauja, Monster, Ricciardo, Seiren, Snö, Ulrik
09-04-2012 by Korra
delicate [mauja] Deep Forest
d'Artagnan, Kou, Mauja
09-19-2012 by Mauja
Calling for the Doctor [d'Art] Archives
d'Artagnan, God of the Moon
08-22-2012 by God of the Moon
escorting the princess. [Sno, Mauja & co.] Thistle Meadow
Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Descaro, Kri, Lena, Mauja, Monster, Snö
08-19-2012 by Kri
Scheming little toerag [Open] Archives
Alan, d'Artagnan, Ricciardo
08-12-2012 by Ricciardo
Hell Battered Soul [ali] Battleground
d'Artagnan, Kou
10-20-2012 by Official
I do like to be beside the sea... Archives
d'Artagnan, Ricciardo
07-27-2012 by Ricciardo
To Clear the Dead [Open] Archives
Aaron, Aurelius, Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Kou, Moon Boy, Ruka
08-12-2012 by Aurelius
I have returned, bruised but not broken [open] World's Edge
Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Kou, Mauja, Zar'roc
08-29-2012 by Cineviam
escape [d'art] Archives
d'Artagnan, Kou
09-14-2012 by d'Artagnan
silver-sharp edges World's Edge
d'Artagnan, Lotus, Mauja
08-19-2012 by Lotus
Mission Number One [Kou/Open] Archives
d'Artagnan, Kou, Paladin, Solstice
07-26-2012 by Kou
Burn it All World's Edge
Aurelius, Cineviam, d'Artagnan, God of the Sun, Hellena, Korra, Kou, Mauja, Mirage, Poppy, Random Event, Rishima, Seiren
07-16-2012 by Cineviam
Nothing Ever Helps [Open] Archives
d'Artagnan, Kou, Onni, Tares
07-03-2012 by Tares
come to me [mauja] World's Edge
d'Artagnan, Kou, Mauja
06-23-2012 by Kou
Blood Order - [unicorn supremists] World's Edge
Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Lotus, Mauja, Ulrik
07-20-2012 by Mauja
Don't Rest On Your Laurels [open] Archives
Ázzuen, d'Artagnan, Kri
06-30-2012 by Kri

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