the Rift

..::::ITEMS & MAGIC::::...

- Blue male dragon, 12+, Lazulli
- Light power to hear other's thoughts
-Storing amulet, gift from the gods
- Marking of Chinese symbol for virtue, gift from gods
-Jewels in mane and tail, gift from sparrow
-2/24/2012: Free from sickness until birdsong, gift from gods

the Benevolent

Hidden Account


Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 13 Height: 16hh
Blood: Royal x Pearl
Breed: Pura Raza Espanola
Color: Pearl White
Markings: Right Shoulder, Blue, Chinese symbol for virtue
Children: Adopted son Aarde, Soliel + Crane(twins), and Enheduanna

< font color="003333">...::::A P P E A R A N C E ::::...

Spanish blood in appearance, tall, and feminine. She is a pure and shiny white with only one marking upon her right shoulder, the symbol for virtue, gifted to her by the gods. Her mane and tail are wispy but thick, the filaments blowing about when in a breeze and creating the look of a hazy cloud about her. Within the filament are many jewels woven tightly, a gift to her from a passing sparrow. Though her body is no longer quite at its peak, she is still nearly as beautiful as she was in her younger years. Her gait is flowy, graceful, and elegant. Her steps are always careful and when one looks upon her as she moves they might think her to be floating, so smooth does she walk. She is grace, beauty, elegance, and kindness and all of these things show when one beholds her in their eyes.


Kind: She will generally always go out of her way to help a horse in need and nearly always attempt to be kind to even the rudest of horses.

Loyal: Once in possession of her loyalty one will always have it.

Loving: No matter what a horse does to her, if she has loved them, they will always be loved. She might become saddened, even hurt, but anger does not surface often with Gossamer and she is as patient with personal growth as any.

Peaceful: She is not racist, never has been, and never will be. In her mind, all species are created equally, even when its hardest, everyhorse should strive for peace. Fighting or war should only be carried out after negotiations and peace talks have failed and, even then, should only be done in defense.

Faithful: The gods have always been good to her, they have gifted her with many things, aided her, guided her, entrusted her with several gifts, and cared for her. Because of this she has developed a very strong faith as well as a knowledge that the gods do not care which species speaks to them as long as they are respected and loved.

Open-Minded: Gossamer is somewhat of a true neutral. She always strives to see everyhorse's side of an argument, even if the horse has negative reasons she will attempt to see beyond what is at the surface.


Twins Soleil & Crane

Rain{Not By Blood, Paladin's}

Rest of the Extended Family is large and numerous.

`Born in captivity to a cruel and cold family herd which believe royal blood was only the best. Frustrated, Gossamer escaped to a land where she could be free. After a time she found Isilme. -ISLME HISTORY- (might not be in PERFECT order but I tried)

- Entered gateway at the age of 3
- Gifted with jewels in her mane and tail by a sparrow when Black Velvet was being rude to her.
- Was chosen by the god of the Cliffs to become cliffs healer
- Meets Indy and becomes his mate
- First pregnancy of twins
- Found Aarde and his mother on a rainy day. His mother abandoned him and Gossamer cleaned him off and took him in, quested for him to get him milkweed, and then raised him from there.
-Is given a blue dragon egg by misery, which she cares for until it hatches, and then names Lazulli. Lives happily in cliffs for a while.
-Lost cliffs healer position when the equines lost the cliffs
- Moved to tides
-Fighting increased to a constant point and Goss and Indy leave to find a better land. Crane, now grown, says he'll go with her.


Gossamer, Indy, and Crane miss the blackout due to their traveling. But Crane becomes bored with his family and fed up so he leaves them to return to Isilme with the lie that Goss died in foalbirth and Indy of a broken heart. Gossamer had, in fact, had a successful birth of Enheduanna(Enna)

-HELOVIA-(may or may not be in order, but I tried…)

-Visited Vein of Gods to praise them for her gifts and the new land, received an amulet, full health until birdsong, a small-medium marking, and heard all three of the god's voices sending her comfort and hope for the future.

-Met the pegasi Anumati and Sparrow in the Heavenly Fields. Sparrow touches her and receives and image of foals from her memory.

-Returns to foothills and finds that she was given the land by the gods to rule. Asks Indy to become co-lead and he accepts, becoming Diplomatic Chief.

-Finds Smoke and her dragon, Zaffre, as well as Solstice in the Foothills. After some conversation she asks Smoke to become her Military Chieftess and Solstice is asked to become a Warrior by both her and Smoke. Solstice’s colt, Aaron, joins the herd as well.

-Travels to the threshold and meets Archibald, Evers, and Ra once more. Decides she doesn’t like Ra as he’s not honest and offers the two brothers a home in her herd. They accept on the basis that the rest of their family can join as well as themselves. Gossamer agrees, and Archibald is joined as a Warrior. (I think Kri was here as well and Goss offered her a home as well, but ended up angering her instead.)

-Finds Poppy half dead and completely insane in the Threshold and brings her back to the Foothills where the gods promptly gift her with becoming the Healer. She begins to slowly improve.

-Boltar calls her and Smoke to him and then asks to become a Warrior, after some conversation, both she and Smoke accept.

-Ventures to the Threshold and meets Lenore. Against her better judgment, she welcomes the mare to the herd.

-Goes to the Spectral Marsh where she finds Mirage and talks with her for a while. Vikram is also there, and Poppy shows up scared at the scene. Mirage and Vikram play jokes on Poppy, ______ongoing. -Goes back home and is grazing when Lazulli receives a message from Zaffre, he leads her to the place where she sees Soleil, long lost, and found again. Pregnant with twins and accompanied by Paladin. ____ongoing

-Ventures again to the Threshold where she meets Madyrn and Maskan, finds out they are borthers to Mirage, and tells them only fleetingly which one of their siblings she knows, hinting that Sieran, who shows up after the meetings begun, is a spy for another herd…mostly she just wants them as warriors for her herd.____ongoing

-Calls a herd meeting. Mandrake and Cassimir show up and cause some havoc at the beginning, Gossamer meets Aaron, and much shiznip goes down. She and Smoke announce their alliances with the Tuuli pegasi as well as Mirage, they announce their plans for a Foal Academy and apprenticeships, as well as outline the plans of the herd and what occupations need to be filled. General herd duties are outlined as well. Akaith is in attendance in place of Mirage, to show her support of the leading trio of Goss, Smoke, and Indy.____ongoing

-Shortly after the meeting, Gossamer receives a beacon from Akaith that Mirage is in danger and runs to her aid. Meets Vikram again, as well as meeting Torasin and little Aylin.____ongoing

Played by
Played by Illusion{Illu}


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