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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 9 Height: 14.2

Breed: Haflinger

Race: Equine

Gender: Female

Age: 9

Height: 14.2 hh

Body: Golden-Red Palomino

Eyes: Cerulean Blue

Mane/Tail: Creamy Ivory Tresses, Wears a Blue Jay Feather in her Mane

Markings: White Blaze, Four White Socks


-- Adventerous

-- Humble

-- Just

-- Courageious

-- Gypsy Soul

-- Generous

-- Protective

-- Kind


-- Mihai [Deceased] x Talaitha [Deceased]

-- None

-- Tristan (Romani x Destrier)
-- Jasiri (Romani x Xanthos)

-- Luken (Destrier x Tor)
-- Laila (Destrier x Tor) [Deceased]

-- Destrier


Romani was born in the small, quaint Kingdom of Ossic Briar, a land ruled over by two Queens. From a young age this Haflinger mare was a passionate soul filled with a yearning to explore the unknown, but an unexpected duty kept her in the Kingdom before she could fulfill her wishes of adventure.

Romani's father, Mihai, served the two Queens as a General of the Royal Army. He was a loyal sort, kind and generous and dedicated completely to the welfare of the two Queens, but he was also a loving father. He taught his daughter the ways of warfare and battle, and how to throw around the extra weight that her breed carried. Unfortunately, Romani was far too young to truly learn the ways of war, for she was still a filly, but she was quick to memorize every spoken word. It was terribly unfortunate then, during the year of a bloody war with a neighboring Kingdom, that Mihai was slain in battle and a new General rose to take his place.

Talaitha, Romani's mother, was grief-stricken by Mihai's death, and grew sickly in his absence. Her ability to care for their young daughter waned, and so in a heartbreaking move, offered Romani to live under the tutelage of the two Ossic Briar Queens. They accepted the young Haflinger filly with open hearts, and instead of initiating her to become a scholar, or perhaps a courier or maid, adopted her as their own. Before even her first birthday, Romani became Princess and sole Heir to the Kingdom of Ossic Briar.

For the next several years she remained within the Kingdom, learning everything that she could about Queenship and Royalty. Needless to say, it was a vast change from the life of a commoner, but no amount of teaching, lessons, or training could tame the Haflinger's gypsy soul. She yearned to be out on the road, to explore the world and seek out adventure... But duty kept her rooted within the borders she would one day rule over.

It was shortly before her fourth year that Romani confronted her Queens and adoptive mothers about her yearning to wander, to explore, to see the world around them with her own eyes. Even though she was the sole Heir and future Queen, they gave Romani their blessing, permitting her to leave and follow her heart's desire, but only one one promise; that one day she return to serve her Kingdom.

However, all of this is information that Romani keeps close to her chest, unwilling to share such delicate information with strangers. Instead, she is content to live the life as a wandering gypsy instead of that of a Royal Princess.


Frostfall - Year One

:: Wanders into Helovia and is found by Svetlana the StormChaser, who takes her into the Windtossed Foothills herd.
:: Exploring her new home, Romani finds the Thistle Meadow, where she meets the handsome grullo, Xanthos.The two race to the Ocean together, where their time apart is shattered by Elizabeth.
:: Hurting from their painful separation, Romani ventures to the Veins of the Gods to seek a white tiger companion, where she's meet by the Goddess of the Moon. Her quest? Meet and learn to love three others.
:: Is tested by Archibald to become a Warrior of the Foothills.

Birdsong - Year Two

:: Meetings with Xanthos once more in the Thistle Meadow, where their bond and affection for one another grow.
:: Witnesses Svetlana being overthrown by Jackal.
:: After completing her quest and developing various relationships across Helovia, Romani returns to the Goddess of the Moon. She is granted her companion, but on one condition: She must forget those that she loves.
:: Romani is granted her companion, a white tiger cub named Kasai, and must hunt/kill five animals for her. In return for her companion, Romani forgot Xanthos, Abdullah, and Nayati.
:: After a long journey, Romani returns to the Foothills with Kasai in tow, unaware of the memories she had lost. There, she re-encounters Xanthos who she can't remember, and he admits his love for her.
:: Returning to the Sacred Grove where she received Kasai, Romani encounters Levi, the Pegasus stallion. They become great friends, and she confides in him her memory loss. Levi agrees to help her try and regain it.

Tallsun - Year Two

:: In the early morning of Tallsun, Romani awakens with her memories restored. In eagerness to see Xanthos, she heads for the World's Edge to find him. Once reunited, Romani admits her love for Xanthos.
:: Romani and Xanthos consummate their love for one another, leaving Romani in-foal.
:: During her pregnancy, Romani is stolen away by the Grey, the mercenary group led by sisters Ktulu and Ophelia. An Invasion is being planned upon her home, the Foothills.
:: In agreement with Xanthos that she is not allowed to fight in the Invasion after giving birth, Romani is allowed freedom by Ophelia.
:: Returning to the Edge, Xanthos' home, Romani gives birth to Jasiri, their daughter.
:: Joins the World's Edge due to the invasion on the Foothills, as well as be with Xanthos and serve Mirage. She becomes a Protector of the Edge.
:: Spars with Paladin

Orangemoon - Year Two

:: Meets with Madyrn and Maskan after they have taken Ignita prisoner.
:: Returns to the Foothills to find Nayati and Bale, and bring them back to the Edge.
:: One evening, Romani calls Xanthos and Jasiri to talk. She feels as though they have been distant as a family, and hopes to change that.
:: Meets with Levi again.

Frostfall - Year Three

:: Challenges Accalia of the Assassins when the leader, Ignita, mysteriously dies in the Edge.
:: Accalia Defaults, and becomes a prisoner to the Edge.
:: Is taken captive of Prometheus

Birdsong - Year Three

:: Is freed by Destrier
:: Meets Solace in the Endless Blue to witness the sun rise.
:: Encounters Xanthos upon his return to the Edge, and realizes he is different.
:: Deeply distraught from her meeting with Xan, Romani ventures to the Dragon's Throat in search of Levi.

Orangemoon - Year Three

:: Leaves the World's Edge in hopes of finding herself.

Tallsun - Year Four

:: Encounters Cheveyo at the Endless Blue as she's taking a break from wandering.
:: While resting at the Secret Grove, Romani encounters Archibald the Dauntless for the first time in years.
:: Meets Finn, the wandering tradesman, in the Endless Blue, who shares her home of Ossic Briar. He is the first of Romani's homeland that she has come across in Helovia.

:: Participates in the Edge Invasion and fights Bellona.
:: Victorious against the Hidden Falls herd, Romani settles in the land with Destrier.
:: Leaves Helovia to return to Ossic Briar, where she learns of her mother's passing.

Orangemoon - Year Six

:: Returns to Helovia and meets with Destrier at the Heavenly Fields.
:: Conceives Tristan with Destrier.



-- Kasai [White Tiger]
-- Female
-- Classic White Tiger Body
-- Icy-Blue Eyes
-- Wind Whip: Creates a buffeting force that can disorient an opponent or make their eyes shut.
-- Personality: Kasai is a loyal creature, but profoundly lazy. She prefers to laze about under the sun than do much else, but wherever Romani is, Kasai is sure to be close by.


-- Moon Amulet [Post Count Award] : Stealing Amulet : When a Magical Ability is cast in the vicinity, the amulet is able to replicate the ability and store it to be used at a later time.
-- Wears a Blue Jay Feather in Mane

Those Met

-- Destrier [Mate]
-- Tristan [Son]
-- Jasiri [Daughter]
-- Archibald and Loretta
-- Nayati
-- Levi


-- Thor
-- Aaron
-- Kaj
-- Mirage
-- Svetlana
-- Marius
-- Kahlua
-- Finn


-- Xanthos
-- Larkspur
-- Ophelia


-- Jackal
-- Elizabeth
-- Accalia
-- Tribute
-- Prometheus


-- To Come...

Played by

-- Apollo the Merciful
-- Tristan
-- Rhiannon
-- Vincent
-- Luken

:: [ Companion: White Tiger | Wind Whip | 6 yrs 4 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   8 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   3
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   2
4 8 7 66
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