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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 8 Height: 16hh
||Middle-East Build (Lokai Horse)
||Deep Gray Dappled, Almost Black
||Two Left White Stockings
||Large Snip on Left Side of Muzzle
||White Mane, Extends the Entirety of Spine
||Short Leonine Tail
||Single Spiral horn, Reminiscent of Bighorn Ram
||Matted "Dreadlocks" all through Mane and Tail; End of Tail is Completely Matted
||Cloven Hooves
||Ice Blue, Almost White, Eyes

*ages in Orangemoon

Quiet||Observant||Courteous and Polite||Gentlemanly||Sadistic||Devoid of Empathy||Sociopath

It's quite easy to find a friend in Sin when you first meet him. He's polite and perceptive, and has that quiet-but-not-quite-shy charming quality about him. He's easily seen as the less assertive type, and some might call him a weakling, as he very rarely engages himself in verbal confrontations. He's passionate about anything that captures his interest, and as such has one many a mare's heart from his attentions. Sin is also a rather studious minded stallion, engaging himself with several natural experiments that tend to enthrall him for many hours at a time.

After a while, however, it becomes apparent that he has trouble relating to others around him. Not only is it hard for Sin to understand the emotions of others, but it's also hard for him to reason outside of apparent rational thought. A very logical individual, Sin acts based on "common sense" and also towards the pursuits of his own personal pleasures. He may continue with an experiment regarding the growing wings of a young Pegasus foal, regardless if the foal is in intense physical pain from the exploit or he's personally attacked by any bystander for his moral-less behavior. Also, he enjoys high-pitched whinnies and noises from others; this can either be interpreted as merry laughter or intense cries of pain. Either works for him. If he has to crack a joke to hear a mare laugh, he'll gladly do it. If he has to ram his hooves into her shins until the bone cracks in order to hear her screams of agony--well, that works too.

It's interesting; since Sin doesn't understand the feelings of others too well, he doesn't understand why he's always left scorned and abandoned. The poor devil is often left lonely and confused, while many an innocent is left dead or broken by his hand hoof.

A confused flux of screw-ups and banishment is all that Zikar has to his name, like shards of transparent glass clinging to the frogs of his feet. The trail of his past is wet with the blood of his old acquaintances, as well as his own hapless existence.


Played by
M.E.; Circe, Roskuld, Reginald

:: [ Item: Monocle | Small, frosted, clockwork monocle, that which once fitted with a strap, can sit on his eye ]
:: [ Item: Glass Lens | Thin slab of jagged obsidian inlaid with a frosted glass lens center ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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