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:: [Companion: Pygmy Marmoset | Quantum Leap]
:: [Magic: DarkxLight | able to influence the mood of one other]
:: [Item: Key Pendant | turns warm when the holder of the 'lock pendant' is in trouble or need.]

:: [Magic: DarkxLight (U)| able to influence the mood of groups]



Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 10 (ages in Orangemoon) Height: 16.2 hh
Body Type :: Tennessee Walking Horse
Color :: Gold Champagne Tobiano
Eye Color :: Violet
Mane Color :: White
Tail Color :: White
Hoof Color :: Brown
Wing Type :: Feathered, long wing tips
Wing Color :: White where they connect to body, golden tips that match colored patches on body

loyal - kind-hearted - protective - flirtatious - mischievous - rash - proud superior

Quilyan is among the last of an ancient royal house in the faraway land of Th'orqui and was raised as a prince. As such, he grew up to be a proud, arrogant creature who is quite accustomed to getting his way. He was both cunning and charming, and could be quite the trickster, as he was always able to get away with nearly any prank he chose to play. He was a very masculine pegasus, once believing in the rather old-fashioned thought that there is a clearly drawn line between male and female roles. He believed that females should be submissive, and that their duties included bearing children and supporting their mate. Perhaps surprisingly, her never looked down on them, instead finding them to be beautiful and intoxicating, but he always believed that they are driven by passion rather than intelligence. He was, for a long time, quite the flirt, often assuming that all females would like him simply because he was royalty.

However, upon his arrival in Helovia and his introduction to what would have been previously looked down upon as "peasant life," Quilyan adjusted to become a much more patient stallion. In general, he is very kind, if a bit fun-loving and mischievous. With close male friends, he enjoys playing jokes and otherwise acting the fool. He is very witty and often uses sarcasm as a weapon, being very silver-tongued both in play and in seriousness. He has a tendency to be very hot-headed, allowing perceived insults or injustices to get under his skin. He loves to cause trouble and wreak havoc, again a result of his lack of discipline as a child prince.

He dotes on his family, showing them all the admiration and love that he can. His loyalty in this regard is unparalleled. His greatest fear is to either lose or fail his family. As he never really acquired any true skills, he feels incompetent in the extreme as a mate and a father, heavily reliant on the herd for his well-being. Regardless, he aims for great heights, driven both by his desire to support his family and by his history as royalty to again attain a heightened status.

Braizier | male | pegasus | chestnut | blue eyes | presumed dead
Krysanthe | female | pegasus | palomino overo | golden eyes | presumed dead

Erigor | m. Braizier x Krysanthe | pegasus | chestnut tobiano | blue eyes | presumed dead
Magnus | m. Braizier x Krysanthe | pegasus | chestnut | green eyes | presumed dead
Anayis | f. Braizier x Krysanthe | pegasus | palomino | golden eyes | presumed dead
Ishtar | f. Braizier x Krysanthe | pegasus | palomino splash overo | grey eyes | presumed dead
Nasreen | f. Braizier x Krysanthe | pegasus | chestnut splash overo | grey eyes | living
Eirik | m. Braizier x Krysanthe | pegasus | bay | brown eyes | presumed dead

Resplendence | female | equine | claybank dun rabicano | golden eyes | living

Rue | f. Quilyan x Resplendence | hybrid | palomino paint | blue eyes | living

Before Helovia
Quilyan was the firstborn son of King Braizier and Queen Krysanthe. When he was born, the kingdom celebrated for days. But after the celebration, Quilyan was passed on to a nursemaid, Doreah, and his parents went back to ruling the kingdom. He was never close with his parents, though he appreciated and respected them; instead, he was quite fond of his nursemaid. She taught him the lore and legend of Th'orqui, as well as his role in the kingdom. She taught him about who he was expected to be, how he was expected to act, what he would be expected to do in his future.

Throughout his youth, he was always interested in the traditions of his kingdom, and he looked forward to being king; but as he grew, he became somewhat disillusioned with some of the traditions. When he was a year old, his first brother, Erigor, was born. When he was two, his second brother, Magnus, was born. Then came his first sister, Anayis; after her were the twins, Ishtar and Nasreen. Lastly, his brother Eirik was born. As he watched his parents over the years, he became aware that they did not love one another as he had assumed they had in his younger years; theirs was a match made out of necessity, not out of want, and he became aware that his life would be very similar.

Knowing this, he transformed. The quiet, innocent youth became a rowdy, rambunctious stallion. He was handsome, and he knew it, and as the prince, many mares tried to claim his heart. He was more focused on the fun, however, and never fell in love. Instead he enjoyed going out, making bad choices, and meeting plenty of mares. He had a close group of male friends, all of whom were handsome (though not so handsome as he) and they would go 'out on the town' together, raising hell wherever they went.

Shortly after Eirik was born, unrest began in the kingdom. The commoners, supported by a rogue god, had decided that they did not want a ruler. They rose against the monarchy, and the upper class was scattered. The royal family, as well, was split. Quilyan and Erigor, by chance, were together that day, and they made their escape together, flying to the west, away from the kingdom. They did not speak of their family, not knowing where they may be or even if they were alive. They wandered together, sometimes splitting up, always coming back together, until they found Helovia.

Helovia :: Year Two
Quilyan and his brother, Erigor, arrived in Helovia and rapidly parted ways. They never saw one another again, and the prince presumes that his brother either died or went on to another land. After meeting several lovely females and flirting his way quickly through them, Quilyan comes across Resplendence, with whom he is immediately enthralled. They grow closer, and he decides to follow her into the Windtossed Foothills to offer her his protection. Along the way, he finds an egg, which hatches into his pygmy marmoset companion, Zarina. The Windtossed Foothills is invaded soon after. Quilyan tries and fails to fight to protect the land, falling from the sky and badly injuring his wing. When he awakes, he searches for Resplendence in a fever-driven panic.

Helovia :: Year Three
Quilyan stumbles across Resplendence, who convinces him to seek medical attention. The pair find their way to the World's Edge, where they are met by Mirage and offered healing and a home. They begin to settle into life in the Edge, growing closer and finding their own places within the herd. He is promoted to Specter before witnessing the darkness overtake the Spectral Marsh. After warning the herd, he is reunited with his sister, Nasreen, who has also found her way to Helovia. They follow the herd into the Sanctuary to escape the coming darkness. While there, he tries to find a way to fight the evil that lurks outside.

Helovia :: Year Four
When the herd emerges from the Sanctuary and return home, Quilyan follows, offering his support to Resplendence and, later, to Kaj. The two bond quickly, leading Quilyan to view Kaj as a brother. He carries out his duties as Specter, passing the year more or less quietly within the Edge, watching over Resplendence.

Helovia :: Year Five
Quilyan is called away from Helovia, lured by the promise of being reunited with his father. He finds out he was tricked in an attempt to blot out the remainder of the royal line. In return for his promise he will never seek the throne, his captor sets him free and he returns home. Once there, he finds Resplendence, vowing his love to her and deciding that it is time that they start a family. They follow the Earth God onto his boat to escape the great flood, and a while after this, Resplendence gives birth to their first daughter, Rue.

Helovia :: Year Six
Coming soon.

Year Two
i :: Quilyan arrives in Helovia with his brother, Erigor
ii :: Quilyan meets Orinthia
iii :: Quilyan meets Rowan
iv :: Quilyan gets high with Pheadra and friends
v :: Quilyan is entranced by the skittish Resplendence
vi :: Quilyan comes across a pirate band and debates joining their ranks
vii :: Quilyan chances upon the God of the Earth
viii :: Quilyan and Resplendence grow closer

i :: Quilyan discovers an egg!
ii :: Quilyan's egg hatches into a pygmy marmoset!
iii :: Quilyan meets Cosette
iv :: Quilyan joins the Foothills herd meeting to protect Resplendence
v | v.1 | v.2 :: Quilyan joins the battle for the Foothills, but is knocked out in the second round

i :: Quilyan searches for Resplendence

Year Three
i :: Quilyan finds Resplendence
ii :: Quilyan and Resplendence bond while trying to find a healer
iii :: Quilyan and Resplendence find a healer and accept an invitation into the World's Edge
iv :: Quilyan and Resplendence bond on the beach

i :: Quilyan finds Resplendence and others
ii :: Quilyan reassures Resplendence

i :: Quilyan and Kaj rescue Resplendence and Kahlua
ii :: Quilyan accompanies Kahlua to deliver a gift

i :: Quilyan attends a herd meeting
ii :: Quilyan tries to console Kaj
iii :: Quilyan wanders the Heavenly Fields
iv :: Quilyan watches the Spectral Marsh be overcome by darkness
v :: Quilyan tries to warn the Edge about the darkness
vi :: Quilyan is reunited with his sister, Nasreen
vii :: Quilyan follows the herd into the Sanctuary
viii :: Quilyan joins the W.A.R. effort as a Sigul
ix :: Quilyan discusses language

Year Four
i :: Quilyan meets Ampere
ii :: Quilyan attends a herd meeting and is promoted to Specter
iii :: Quilyan discusses love with Kaj

i :: Quilyan spends time with Nasreen
ii :: Quilyan calls a meeting for the World's Edge sneaks
iii :: Quilyan observes the World's Edge tourney

i :: Quilyan reassures Resplendence after a meltdown
ii :: Quilyan meets Nayati
iii :: Quilyan attends a herd meeting
iv :: Quilyan accompanies Resplendence and Dragomir to the Hidden Falls
v :: Quilyan finds Phaedra and is lured in by her magic

i :: Quilyan calls a meeting of the World's Edge sneaks
ii :: Quilyan spends time with Nasreen for the first time since their argument
iii :: Quilyan meets Manic in the Threshold

Year Five

i :: Quilyan returns to Helovia
ii :: Quilyan witnesses Resplendence gain her passive magic
iii :: Quilyan is reunited with Nasreen
iv :: Quilyan attends a herd meeting
v :: Quilyan meets Isopia
vi :: Quilyan and Resplendence come across the boat
vii :: Quilyan and Resplendence spread word of the boat to the World's Edge
viii :: Quilyan and Resplendence gather water for the boat
ix :: Quilyan and Resplendence work to preserve the World's Edge
x :: Quilyan and Resplendence try to save the animals
xi :: Quilyan and Resplendence return to the boat

i :: Resplendence gives birth to Rue


Played by

Quilyan is played by ChaoticMelodies.

Chaotic also plays Aleta, Persephone, Själ, Sohalia, and Xolani.

:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | able to influence the mood of one other ]
:: [ Restrictions | effects last for the duration of one post before they wear off in battle ]
:: [ Item: Key Pendant | turns warm when the holder of the 'lock pendant' is in trouble or need ]
:: [ Restrictions | the greater the distance, the less hot the key becomes ]
:: [ Companion: Pygmy Marmoset | Quantum Leap | 7 yrs 0 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   6 AGL:   5 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   2
5.5 9.0 4.5 62.5
Notable Accomplishments

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