the Rift

Time God Magic :: [Magic: Shock x Wind | ability to summon lightning bolts that often touch the ground, will sometimes appear when his emotions are out of control]
[Restrictions | Able to strike an opponent with an arc of electricity that will cause heavy burning in a small area and leave a large region of the opponent numb for 30 seconds]

Passive Magic :: [Magic: Fire (P) | Ability to turn his wings into fire, though they do not harm himself, his surroundings or other beings]
[Restrictions | Fire is completely harmless and does not give off heat]

Sabel :: [Companion: Iberian Lynx | Stormcall]
Sabel takes her personality off the element she shows most talent in. Unlike her bonded, she is reckless, curious, and ever in motion. She would never purposely hurt someone unless they were hurting herself or her bonded. Her coat is golden, speckled with the signature spots of a lynx. Her pelt ripples with electricity when Sabel is angered, and like Note, small lightning bolts will appear in the sky, summoning a storm born of her raw emotions. Although this girl is blind, her eyes are Note. Don't underestimate her.
12+ Months Old
2.3ft at the shoulder, 2.11ft long
sketch of Sabel was drawn by exclusionary at

God of the Sun Amulet :: Storing :: when a magical ability is purposely cast at the amulet, it will absorb that magic and store it to be used at a later time.


Hidden Account


Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 6 years Height: 15.3hh

Breed: thoroughbred x cleveland bay
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6 years
Race: Pegasus
Wings: Hawk Wings
Eyes: Sharp Green
Mane: Black, now dark gray due to fading and reaching his chest
Tail: Black, now dark gray due to fading and drags at the ground
Body: Dusty, Dull Bay
Hooves: Silver
Markings: Three, creamy stripes on the left and right sides of his neck
Other: A long, gnarled scar on the right side of his body, goes from his shoulder to his leg

Note has the build of a thoroughbred x cleveland bay mix. He was born a regular bay, but after many years in the sun his coat has faded to look dusty and dull. His black mane and tail are now a dark gray along with his legs. He has sharp green eyes, and large hawk wings. His hooves are a light enough gray to be classified as silver. A long scar carves into the right side of his body, spanning from his quarters to his shoulder. Dozens of smaller scars used to cover his lithe body, but after going such a long time without fighting, they are mostly healed and unseen. If you get close enough to the stallion (around half a foot or so away from his body) you may catch a glimpse of one of these blemishes from his past.
art l art l art by bunnie l art by teeroo l art by carbonfeather


In His Early Days
Cold l Distant l Loyal l Insecure l Protective

Note is very secretive, and doesn't like to talk much. He is very calm, amazingly understanding, and can be incredibly cold when he wants to. He is extremely protective over the one's he loves. His favorite time of the year is Frostfall, he loves the snow, and thoroughly enjoys playing in it. Although he may seem distant and cruel, he can be sweet and loyal to you once he feels like he can trust you.
He is very insecure about the scar on his stomach, but his wings cover it up well. He never goes flying, so most horses don't know about it. He tends to overthink things in his head. He isn't very fond of unicorns after one brutally injured his friend, Cera.

Hesitant l Distant l Loyal l Protective l Observant l Flighty

Note has grown out of his cold, insensitive days. He rarely acts aggressively to others, instead he displays very little emotion other than an occasional smile. The stallion still talks very little, including to those he knows fairly well, making the dusty bay seem even more distant than he used to be. He is quick to judge, to decide on whether or not he likes you, although that opinion can easily change. To those he decides to favor, his is forever loyal to and protective of. He is hesitant when it comes to making decisions and talking to others, excluding his companion, Sabel. The stallion is also observant, preferring to watch things happen rather than participate in the happenings.
The dusty bay has also grown out of his insecure feelings. He tends to disregard the fact that his scar exists. If any were to ask about the wound, he would not answer. Note has become almost flighty in a sense, choosing to run, or fly away from his problems (and emotions) rather than face them.
After being rejected by his first mate, the stallion is reluctant to ever love again. He may do so, but does not wish for it to ever happen again. He will care for a few select beings, but if he can help it, not love them.


Pure Pegasus

Rosco (d) x Amira (d)

Paternal Grandparents
Unknown x Unkown

Maternal Grandparents
Unkown x Unkown

Skysong | Sohalia x Note | f . alive
Diniel | Sohalia x Note | f. deceased



When Note was a foal, barely six months of age, his mother was lost in a snowstorm. His father had died before he was born, leaving Note all on his own during the cold of Frostfall. A cruel and demented stallion heard of the orphan, he immediately took him in, hoping to make an assassin out of the young colt. Note was treated terribly while he was with the stallion, forced to brutally kill on a daily basis. He felt it was incredibly wrong to kill without reason, but when he objected the actions he was beaten. When Note was three years old, he devised a plan to get away from the cruel stallion. He lunged at the stallion, and just about ripped his throat open. Just before the stallion died, he made sure to rip a gash on the left side of Note's stomach, and there has been a scar there ever since.


-Was welcomed into the Dragon's Throat by Lynx :: A New Life
-Met up with Yiska and Lynx, and became a Warrior of the Dragon's Throat :: Every New Beginning
-While exploring the Thistle Meadow, he met Phaedra and Levi. He then agreed to help Phaedra with her quest by meeting Sohalia and possibly having a chance at love :: A touching heart
-Met with Phaedra and Sohalia at the Dragons Throat, then had a touching moment with Sohalia :: Love and some verses
-Met Tribute at the Frostbreath Steppe and instantly took a disliking to the unicorn :: Ever So Un-Perfect
-Met Cera at the Throat and did his best to help him out a bit by finding food for his new panda companion :: Entertain Me
-Met Destrier in the Threshold and welcomed him into the Throat :: I Lost My Faith in the World
-Aided Athena in calming down a frightened Lana after she had had a nightmare :: Never ending dreams
-Sparred with Midas in the Steppe :: let's play a bloody game
-Met Azeen and Sohalia in the Threshold :: The Words I once spoke
-Had a passionate moment with Sohalia in the Heavenly Fields :: a kiss is a lovely trick
-Met Aryel in the Throat and showed her how to perform certain battle moves :: Sand, Scrubland, and Friendly Criticism
-Met Aisha in the Throat and played in a pond! :: Round and round
-Saw Cera once again in the Throat and was shocked (also enraged) to find that he had gruesome scar on his chest :: hysteria
-Saw Levi in the Endless Blue and talked about manly stuff :: on a contemptible day
-Sparred with Kri in the Heavenly Fields :: The Saddest Landscape.
-Found Sohalia in the Heavenly Fields and they (excitedly) talked about their unborn foal :: For the rest of your life.
-Sparred with Midas :: let's play a bloody game
-Witnessed the birth of his daughters, as well as the death of Diniel :: a bittersweet heartache
-Practiced his magic, and found a God of the Sun amulet :: trepidity
-Sparred with Gaucho :: dressed to fight
-Met Africa and witnessed a heated debate :: On my own
-Won a spar against Aryel :: Always Room for Improvement
Met with Kri, Gaucho, and Vesta :: Smoke Signals
-Caught up with Skysong and Sohalia :: p.t.s.d
-Made a new friend, Storm :: friends are good to have
became an outcast
-Woke up weak from a coma and found that his mate had moved on.. :: I'll see you next Tuesday
-A painted mare by the name of Cheveyo came along and charmingly ran into him as he moped around in self-pity :: may i interest you in a hot cup of tea?
-Encountered Elsa, a pegasus mare that can't control her magic :: gave you all i am. i can't do it.
-Met an adorable filly similar to his daughter named Hannelore :: finally moving
-Had his relationship grow with Cheveyo :: in a land of gods & monsters
-Became a Protector of the World's Edge at the meeting :: Return to the Edge
-Asked for information about his daughter from the Earth God, but got none :: Returning To The Light
-Ventured to the Threshold where he met Saphiron and stole her away to the World's Edge :: surely as the sun will rise
-Met Aurelia and Satanic Silk :: Healed, finally.
-Met Morana and turned down her offer to rejoin the Throat :: Skinny Dipping
- Along with Kaj, he welcomed Saphiron into the herd :: night vision binoculars
-Chatted with Elsa :: handshake

active threads

-Brisa :: effervescent


Played by
Played by bry; Oras, Adele

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   8 AGL:   4 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   2
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