the Rift

Frost Fyre


planets & stars orbit around her head

Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 6 Years Height: 15.3hh
the skin that you're in is all soft now

The girl begins as a blank canvas, but mud has been scattered over her body, darkened over the head and legs. Pillars are engulfed in coal, brushing up past her knees. Her rump has been kissed by snow and stars, rippling in endless amounts of splattered whites. Her left hind leg is kissed by a snow spirit, white reaching up to the fetlock before dropping into the abyss of coal black. Her sleek Arabian-like body is carried by thick, muscular Andalusian legs, her nose sloping slightly in the Roman fashion. She is kissed by an angel with purple lips, leaving a purple star marking behind her right ear. Venus tucks here, amongst diaphanous mane and her lilac constellation, a red rose encased in glass. Traveling forward, there are pits of mossy green, drowning specks of purple sinking in the abyss of green. Her tiara is most certainly the main attraction of her body, in all its twisted, curling crystalline glory. Or maybe it is her long, charcoal mane that runs over her shoulders in a wavy manner. Or could it be the whip she carries behind her, equipped with long strands of hair. And this completes the maiden.
and your bones are dry as ice

she tries her best, but it hurts her chest

Her lifetime has given her many attributes. She has suffered throughout her life, making her a hardy yet fragile girl. She cannot be prodded without biting back, and she cannot be tortured without crying out. She cannot watch the ones she loves fall without racing to save them, and she cannot watch a creature suffer without trying saving it. But there is more to the innocent outer shell. Deep inside she is a mess of snarled, knotted emotions. She cannot control herself at times, especially after the death of her mother. She has thrown herself closer to a dark path, no one to guide her from straying farther down the road. She is missing some emotions in her collection, emotions she has either not yet discovered or ones she keeps locked away. She still does not know how to fluently show her emotions, so many times she will fail and act oddly, or lash out. She is but a jumbled soul trapped in an innocent shell.
she just wants to feel something & i don't think that's asking for too much

she had to leave because she couldn't hack it

Dam [d]
Leyra : Blue roan unicorn mare with a white appaloosa blanket.
Descaro : Bay unicorn stallion.


[d] = deceased.

not enough noise and too much racket

Helovia :: Birdsong Year Two, Chapter i

i. Child of a Traitor : Born to Leyra in the Basin, was greeted by Stellaluna.
ii. My Darling Come Back : Her mother takes her exploring, only to run into her father, Descaro.
iii. Fiat Lux : Her first time away from her mother, meets Nao and Aviya, the daughters of d'Artagnan and Kou.
iv. Bloody Wounds : Finds Dakini and Shuler with her mother. Dakini is badly wounded from a battle with a pegasus.
v. Watch your Mask, Clown : Meets Tolio and Myrddin. Plays around with Tolio, creating a new friendship.
vi. Mirror Problems : Goes to the Mirror of the Haruspex where many horses have gathered. There she sees Myrddin again, and she also watches as Mauja, the King, step from the mirror. There is much joy and shock as horses discover he is truly back.
vii. Giving In : Her and her mother are officially accepted into the Basin by Psyche.
viii. Something from the Other Side : Griffins come to the Basin. Curious, her mother and her see Psyche speaking with the Griffins. Her mother leaves but she stays to watch Psyche receive a shard.
ix. A Sunless Day : Meets Mesec and develops a little crush on him, but doesn't realize it.
x. I am not 24601 : Meets and recruits Valjean, a large yet gentle stallion.
xi. this is the land i live within : Leads Valjean to the Basin, where Psyche meets and accepts Valjean.
xii. Kick up your heels : Meets the blue roan pegasus, Aryel.
xiii. what have we in this chilling landscape? : Meets Seiren while exploring an ice temple in the Steppe.
xiv. a day at the beach : Meets a load of horses at the beach, only to be surprised by meeting a sea monster.
xv. Abandoned by the Sun : Meets a depressed Ophelia, who has just been abandoned by the Sun God.
Helovia :: Tallsun Year Two, Chapter ii

i. loving hearts at play : Meets Tolio again, playing with him for a bit.
ii. Something out of Time : Meets Aryel at the Blue, but there is a strange rift in which a monster emerges.
iii. Her haunting stare : Meets Arah and Argetlam. d'Artagnan comes along and recruits Arah while Frost is there.
iv. Time to Breathe : Meets d'Artagnan again, with Kou and Sno. Kou scares her off by saying they were going to make a baby. Not wanting to witness this, she runs off.
v. dark boy come and play : Meets Mesec again.
vi. Winter Witch : Mesec is bullied, and Frost tries to advance on her quest. Sno and Aviya do not take her kindly.
vii. Trouble Returns : Crashes into Elizabeth, who has just returned to the Basin.
viii. Balancing Act : Meets Sielu, the daughter of Faelene and Mauja.
Helovia :: Orangemoon Year Two, chapter iii

i. Lamb in the Lion's Den : Sees Africa and Crash Course. Leaves them to be, not daring to aid Africa.
ii. Deep Blue Sea : (Royal Non-Specific Companion drop) A whale beaches itself and offers Frost the egg if she provides three things. Leather, moss, and fish. *
Helovia :: Frostfall Year Two, Chapter iv

i. Soldier's Ways : Talks with her father, learns how she was conceived, her creation.
ii. Endless Deep : Meets Sacre and Tandavi. Worries about the children being alone in the dark.
iii. cold, dark nights : Meets Farjener, who asks her why she is alone, and if she is going to leave the Basin.
Helovia :: Birdsong Year Three, Chapter v

i. call the night : Meets Florabella and Harmony in the Heavenly Fields.
ii. Drunken Moonlight : Meets Kahlua of the Edge, speaks to her briefly about the Gods before asking her about Ricochet. Kahlua tells her of his horrible scar, and then leaves unexpectedly.
iii. Nuclear Fallout : Finds out Tolio has returned home. Happy to see him, she talks to him alone for a bit before Gemini and Ruka crash in. Learns that Tolio is gay, shocked and a little jealous that he's flirting with Ruka. Learns she doesn't like the 'new' Tolio too much.
iv. marching soldiers two by two : Sees Sikeax trespassing, but she doesn't go unnoticed. Aviya, Arah and Crowley gather to threaten the poor filly. Tries to help the filly out.
v. gatherer, gather my things : Collects what she needs to get a Common Cerndyr (From Here)
vi. From the shadows I come : Meets Arathea, who wants to join the Basin. Psyche comes along to question Arathea.
vii. Will the lost souls be forgot? : Sees Myrddin after seasons of him missing. Learns he has a special way to see now.
viii. ...And Live Again : Finds Mesec after so long and talks to him, only to have Roskuld crash their moment.
Helovia :: Tallsun Year Three, Chapter vi

i. viva la vida : Meets Somnus, Adrixaura, Circuta and Oxy in the Threshold, tries to recruit Somnus.
ii. Strong hands, gentle hands : Marvels at the centaur Kelec.
iii. we have come to a stop : Watches her mother, Leyra as she dies, throwing herself off the edge of the Veins.
iv. she walks with her head hung low : Meets Ophelia in the Meadow.
v. she weeps under the willows, her tears diamonds : Returns to the Basin after witnessing her mother's death, crying a cave. Tolio comes to comfort her.
vi. Warm eyes in a colder generation : Meets Carnesir at the Hot springs.
vii. Singing in the Rain : Meets Guacho, Xanthos, and Cantante, Guacho questions if she is a 'yeew-neekorn' from the Basin.
viii. A new discovery : Discovers caverns below the Heart, takes a crystal back to the Basin to show they exist.
ix. Be bloody, bold and resolute : Aurora Basin herd meeting, tells of the caves under the Heart. Sent off to explore them further with Leovan.
Helovia :: Tallsun Year Three, Chapter vii

i. look her in the eyes, see her story there. : Sees her Knight for a second time by the springs. A bout of dangerous flirting ensues, and she finds her attraction towards the grullo to be strong.
ii. Transmissions will resume : Aurora Basin gathers after fleeing to the caves.
Helovia :: Frostfall Year 4, Chapter viii

i she's brighter than a thousand stars. : Wakes up to find herself surrounded by stars. Mermaid asks her to summon other skies, which she cannot do.
ii. we'll never be royals. : Searches for her Knight.
iii. the angels weep. : Long for the company of her Knight, who she fears to be dead.
iv. angel with the clipped wings. : Sees Africa, remembering when she was a prisoner, seeing her torn wing and feeling guilty.
Helovia :: Tallsun Year 4, Chapter ix

i. with her frostbitten heart— : Returns to the Basin where she is welcomed by Lena.
ii. Snowflakes : Happens upon Seilu, whom she had met before when they were just fillies.
Helovia :: Orangemoon Year Six, Chapter x

i. lost it to trying : After an extended absence from Helovia, she finds her way back, and meets Lena in the Threshold, accepting her offer to take her home - to the Basin.
ii. tracks in the snow : Returns to the Basin with Lena, is greeted by Johnny
iii. The Giving Tree : happens upon a generous turtle
iv. And stumble into the sky : Catches up with Mesec in the Steppe
v. Start of a Family : meets Rexanna and Ashamin as his second companions hatches.
vi. Dirty Pop : Helps clean out the prison in the Aurora Basin
vii. lifetime of laughter : relaxes with the ladies of the Basin in the hot springs
viii. where the light won't find you : herd meeting
* = active thread. bold = present character.

it won't mend your heart if it's only a couple of lines

Moon Amulet :: A purple stone tied into her hair.
Given to her by her mother, Leyra.
Earth Amulet :: A green emerald wrapped in wire with a string to hold it. The string is braided into her tail.
Post count award.
Spark Amulet :: A gem of sapphire with a light strike splitting the gem. Wrapped with wire with a string to tie it around her neck.
Given to her by Leyra, before she died.
Trinket :: Red rose encased in glass to preserve its life, tucked behind her ear

Light x Time(P) | Stars and miniature planets gather around her, often times small comets or shooting stars will flicker within the mass. Whenever she moves the stars move with her, and some stars wrap around her horn or tangle up in her hair.

Restrictions | The planets have no density and no mass and cannot cause any harm or physically touch any other character.


Frost Fyre's companion. He is a common Cerndyr, holding a rack with 8 points on each antler. He has a body of an elk, although his legs thin out to a more deer-like size and appearance. His bulky body is layered with a thick, grey coat. His coat fades with age, meaning he will likely have a more 'roan' quality to him when he's fully grown. His eyes are a silvery blue, matching the markings that dance across his face and spiral up his left fore leg. His horns have faint etchings that will become more visible as he ages, swirls and dashes, odd grooves not many will understand.

frosted tunes

Played by
I play agnodice & auriel & frost fyre & rein
I can be found on deviantart as aapricity ; my skype is anja.kty

:: [ Magic: LightxTime (P) | Stars and miniature planets gather around her, often times small comets or shooting stars will flicker within the mass ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A glass horn ornament of the Earth Turtle. ]
:: [ Companion: Cerndyr | Mythical, common | Starpast | 5 yrs 6 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   6 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   2
5 9 5.5 64
Notable Accomplishments

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02-15-2013 by Frost Fyre
Abandoned by the sun [open] Archives
Frost Fyre, Levi, Ophelia, Osiris, Tor
02-14-2013 by Osiris
this hole in my heart must be patched[Any god] Archives
Frost Fyre, Random Event
01-22-2013 by Random Event
what have we found in this chilling landscape?[Open] Archives
Frost Fyre, Seiren, Valentine
02-04-2013 by Frost Fyre
Kick up your heels [Open] Archives
Aryel, Ayaka, Frost Fyre
01-19-2013 by Ayaka
I am not 24601 [CLOSED] Archives
Frost Fyre, Lupus, Tisco, Valjean
01-19-2013 by Lupus
my future, and my creation[Open] Archives
Frost Fyre
01-16-2013 by Frost Fyre
Mirror Problems [Open] Aurora Basin
Frost Fyre, Larkspur, Lena, Mauja, Myrddin, Psyche, Random Event, Zikar-Sin
03-01-2013 by Mauja
rubies in your eyes, open Archives
Aswane, Frost Fyre, Israfel
01-25-2013 by Aswane
a day at the beach. [open] Archives
Cera, Frost Fyre, Hototo, Kimber, Ktulu, Midas, Random Event
04-29-2013 by Midas
let there be superiority[Any Plague member] Archives
Frost Fyre
01-09-2013 by Frost Fyre
Fiat Lux (open) Archives
Aviya, Frost Fyre, Leyra, Nao
01-09-2013 by Frost Fyre
The Tiger's on the Prowl [Any] Archives
Frost Fyre, Levi, Phaedra, Tingal
01-25-2013 by Levi
Bloody Wounds || Open Archives
Crowley, Dakini, Frost Fyre, Leyra, Shuler
01-14-2013 by Frost Fyre
Something from the other side [Psyche/Open] Archives
Frost Fyre, Leyra, Psyche, Random Event, Rapha
01-19-2013 by Psyche

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