the Rift

The Aurelight

Hidden Falls Conscript

Has blocked/forgotten a large majority of his memories!

Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 8 Years 9 Months Height: 17.2hh
Light, white-gold buckskin base with cocoa brown stockings on all four legs. Flaxen mane. Golden wings with brown barring on the back arches (radius and carpometacarpus) and brown tipped primaries. Just shy of 18hh he is a monstrous figure, but with a kindly face with electric baby blue eyes. His composition leans more towards his Andalusian dam, heavyset but with an easier-moving grace.

Kaj is a generally quiet, peaceful man. He likes to consider himself wise but always strives to better himself and others. No stranger to bloodshed, he keeps himself as fit as possible, as protecting his family and loved ones is his ultimate agenda. Though he would rather garner peace through negotiation, he has a dormant primordial side that tends to take control in times of danger and threat, and the calm demeanor is abruptly replaced with a towering menace. Kaj does not think much of himself at times, dutifully resigned to merely being the wall between his family and disaster. With a penchant for the lost, helpless, and wandering, he has adopted quite a family to himself and designated himself as their guardian and caretaker. It is a sadly common practice, for his heart is too big at times.

Sire: Percheron :: Grulla - Presumed Deceased
Dam: Andalusian :: Buckskin - Presumed Deceased
Sister: Aniela :: Dunskin - Deceased

Aleta :: Daughter By Sohalia

Resplendence - Sister
Rue - Goddaughter/Niece
Quilyan - Brother
Tempe - Adopted Niece
Ilios - Adopted Nephew
Areli - Adopted Niece

Kaj has somehow become well known for taking foals and youths under wing. He is often dubbed as Uncle thus the niece/nephew labelling. Come join the family!

          Grew up the eldest and only son. His father was a gruff old warrior who rarely showed affection because of it, and condemned it violently in his son. Kaj was taught to conceal - or even better, completely destroy - how and what he felt. Masculinity was essential in their herd, stallions being the protectors physically and the females having the magic meant for battle and supremacy. Females were regarded very highly, perhaps leading to Kaj's gentlemanly ways. The Mages could protect themselves with their magic but still relied on the males simply because in battle if their energy was worn down their protectors would step up to shield and fight for them while they recovered. Stallions were regarded as pawns, replaceable, and meaningless. The death count was extraordinarily high for the Shields, who were completely defenseless against magic-wielding Mages and were essentially there to physically interrupt any magical attack and suffer the pain until they died, hopefully holding out long enough to restore their Mage's energy reserves. Though sometimes Shields were allowed to fight their Mage's opponent physically most were not strong enough, and Kaj's continued survival came mostly from his size. Much like alcohol his homeland's magic worked more effectively on smaller frames. It's why Kaj at times feels burdened and haunted by his own size.

          His sister Aniela was premature and very small and delicate. He was extremely protective of her, and when her weak lungs claimed her life at the age of two he was devastated. Retreating further into himself but grieving an appropriate amount of time. He knew she was in a better place. Her sweet and gentle nature, so different from the other females of his herd, opened his eyes and her crush on another female set him straight from the ideas his father had forced into him about gender roles. Her greatest fear was death, and Kaj vowed to never let anyone he knew be afraid of something he could prevent.

          Set out to Helovia when he desired to find his own way. Males rarely got magic, something he desired. Also wished to discover the world.



Arabella is a Common Wakiya Zephyr born Tallsun Year Seven. She is composed of stormy grey-blues and deep navy blues, with sharp ice colored eyes just like Kaj. Arabella is far different from Kaj. Though she loves all those whom Kaj also loves, she is bratty and possessive of her bonded. She distrusts any and all mares in particular, and will viciously defend her bonded even in situations that are causing him emotional discomfort. Arabella is not a very kind bird, erratic and vain, but she loves Kaj and his loved ones very deeply.

"But I cannot take from you your freedom, not for my own selfish gain. I cannot love you when you are incapable of loving the idea of loving me." -- August QotM Winner --

Orangemoon Year Six, Kaj seeks out Miykael to block his memories. These are the memories he has forgotten, either entirely or in part:
Kiss and Tell
Safe and Sound
Fools Prove Their Worth
Footsteps of a Fool
Leave the Past in the Past
Entrances Are Also Exits
That Day We Met in December
We All Start Somewhere
Der Mond Steht Alleine
Take a Breath
Broken Hearts Heal Different
Gossamer Tears
PS (I Love You?)
Daddy Dearest
Our Blood Became Lies
Dark Side of the Moon
Wake Me From the Nothing I've Become
It's Enough to Make Kings and Vagabonds Believe the Very Best
I'm Tired of Hope with Nothing to Hold

Played by
Brit; All played characters can be found on the bottom right of this profile!

The best way to contact me is through Skype. My Skype name is artisticchaos_annie. My DeviantART is raggedi. If you PM me, please send it to my OOC account.

:: [ Magic: Spark | Ability to summon an electrical storm ]
:: [ Restrictions | Is able to use his body as a conductor for electricity, and the storm centers around him- he is the eye of the storm; can direct the electricity either from the storm around him, or from his body through physical touch ]
:: [ Item: Armor | Chain-mail glass neck armor, tempered not to break. ]
:: [ Item: Feather | One of Cirrus' feathers. ]
:: [ Companion: Zephyr | Mythical, common | Wakiya | 3 yrs 9 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   8 SPD:   4 AGL:   7 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   0.5 CP:   2.0
4.0 9.0 7.5 69.5
Notable Accomplishments

- September 2015 || Legend Title, the Aurelight
- May 2015 || Buff Earned: Endure
- May 2015 || Leader of the Hidden Falls

- August 2014 || Quote of the Month
- July 2014 || Sky Island Peace Plot Participant
- February 2014 || Legend Title, the StormBringer
- February 2014 || Leader of the World's Edge

- April 2013 || World's Edge WingLeader

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Speak Now [ Activity Check - Compulsory Herd Meeting ] Archives
Aaron, Alysanne, Brisa, Destrier, Dragomir, Evangeline, Kahlua, Kaj, Kimber, Lace, Mirage, Nasreen, Nato, Nyx, Paladin, Quilyan, Resplendence, Rishima, Romani, Sakura, Smoke, Takara, Vikram
01-09-2014 by Lace
castle of glass Archives
Kaj, Lace, Nato, Nyx, Vikram
12-13-2013 by Kaj
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who is the Least Welcome of All? Archives
Evangeline, Kahlua, Kaj, Lace, Nyx, Torleik
12-30-2013 by Kaj
[P] Footsteps of a Fool Archives
Kahlua, Kaj, NPC, Quilyan, Resplendence
01-02-2014 by NPC
For Hire Archives
Desperado, Kaj
10-31-2013 by Desperado
Fools Prove Their Worth Archives
Kahlua, Kaj
11-03-2013 by Kahlua
Let Us Taste Defeat [[Grave Battle: Cirrus]] Battleground
10-06-2013 by Official
High Dive into Frozen Waves [Kaj] Archives
Kaj, Yuri
09-28-2013 by Kaj
!! Safe and Sound [Quil/Kahlua] Archives
Aaron, Kahlua, Kaj, Phaedra, Quilyan, Resplendence
09-27-2013 by Quilyan
The Lamb and the Lioness Battleground
Hotaru, Kaj, Tingal
12-19-2013 by Official
Death Before Surrender [Invasion Defense] Archives
08-21-2013 by Official
Don't Underestimate Me... Archives
Harmony, Israfel, Kaj
08-27-2013 by Kaj
!! Heartbreak World Archives
Antheia, Kaj, Resplendence
08-14-2013 by Antheia
Them Bones Archives
Destrier, Kaj, Luken, Resplendence
01-08-2014 by Destrier
Singing Sorrow into Empty Air Archives
Hotaru, Kaj, Lakota, Tingal
08-08-2013 by Tingal
catch all the foxes Archives
Adalaide, Apollo, Chemical, Hana, Kaj, Lysang, Resplendence, Sikeax
09-01-2013 by Chemical
An Offer, A Proposal Archives
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08-13-2013 by Hestia
Checkmate! // Tonka, Post-Challenge, Edge Members Archives
Aaron, Destrier, Kaj, Smoke, Tonka
07-27-2013 by Aaron
The Cat Has Claws :: Tonka- Challenge Battleground
Kaj, Tonka
07-11-2013 by Official
The Guide and the Lady [Antheia, Open, Acceptance] Archives
Antheia, Apollo, Kaj
06-29-2013 by Kaj
!! Fear [Kaj] Archives
Kaj, Resplendence
08-02-2013 by Resplendence
Appeal to Reason || Protectors and Others! Archives
Destrier, Dúchanar, Kaj, Lace, Laila, Luken, Madyrn Maskan, Mirage, Paladin, Romani, Smoke, Sulwyn, Thor
06-27-2013 by Madyrn Maskan
Twilight || Compulsory Herd Meeting Archives
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06-06-2013 by Hellena
Lazy circles Archives
Andromeda, Kaj, Levi, Rishima, Sinuhe
05-11-2013 by Rishima
The Struggles of Comfort [Herd Meeting] Archives
Africa, Aiko Darleane, Andromeda, Aryel, Avalon, Cierra, Cirrus, Eios, Gaucho, Hector, Kaj, Kri, Levi, Midas, Onni, Rishima, Sohalia, Vesta
04-30-2013 by Aiko Darleane
Kiss and Tell. [Kaj & Mirage] Archives
Kaj, Mirage, Scarter
05-05-2013 by Scarter
in between Archives
Azale Moniet, Destrier, Gossamer, Jasiri, Kaj, Loki, Sakura, Vadim
04-20-2013 by Gossamer
Painted Skies. Archives
Kaj, Onni
04-23-2013 by Onni
The Keepers || Herd Meeting Archives
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04-02-2013 by Gossamer
When you're pretty.[Open] Archives
Kaj, Scarter
04-05-2013 by Kaj
[complete] Sink into Reflex, Maskan Battleground
Kaj, Madyrn Maskan
04-10-2013 by Official
We Are Family, Forever [Balios, Acceptance] Archives
Balios, Kaj, Mirage
02-11-2013 by Kaj
jealous of my stars? Archives
Kaj, Starling
02-03-2013 by Kaj
What A Wonderful Place (Open) Archives
Balios, Kaj
01-22-2013 by Kaj
Goldmining, or something Archives
Ink, Kaj, Ree
02-20-2013 by Ink
We All Bleed Red | Panto, Acceptance Archives
Kaj, Mirage, Panto
01-25-2013 by Mirage
When your head's in the clouds [Open] Archives
Kaj, Panto
01-06-2013 by Panto
Cascading Sunlight | Onni Archives
Kaj, Onni
02-08-2013 by Kaj
Brazen Beating of Strong Hearts [Open, Acceptance] Archives
Aaron, Ink, Kaj, Mirage, Tor
12-29-2012 by Kaj
Stop and Listen Archives
Kaj, Tor
12-23-2012 by Kaj

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