the Rift

:: [Magic: TimexShock (P) | A stardust sheen on his coat causes him to camouflage against any surface or background if he stands completely still.]
:: [Restrictions | Will not function when in motion. Cannot be used in battle.

To do list:
Get Rat Companion
Gain Magic: Gravity Control.



On a quest from the Moon Goddess and the Earth God. Crippled until he can find a pegasus sympathetic to his plight, and takes one of their feathers back to the veins.


Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 12 Height: 16.3

[Eye colour] Bright, sickeningly vibrant acid green.
[Coat colour] Sooty classic dun.
[Mane & tail] Blackish brown, however, one brindle stripe runs up into his mane and splashes a strand of hair with white.
[Normal markings] Dark brown, not black, stockings and a dorsal stripe down his spine. He has a somatic mutation of white stripes [brindle] on his sides and neck. There are six on his left side [three on his barrel, one on his shoulder, and two on his neck] and five on his right side [two on his side, one on his shoulder and two on his hip].
[Breed] Tennessee Walking Horse[With QH influence] / Arabian


[Loves] Tio loves pretty and interesting things, especially if they are mares or objects that sparkle such as diamonds and gold. He lays a claim upon anything and everything he likes despite of the trouble it may get him in; he enjoys the sense of power it gives him to do so. The color red is his favorite thing, blood, fire, passion, lust; all these things can be describe with the color red and he enjoys them all. He takes pleasure in asserting his authority and power over others by any means necessary.

[Hates] Tio does not have patience for anything that may be ugly or useless. Anyone who would try to or succeed in taking something from him; its akin to signing your own death warrant. Feeling weak and powerless, he was raised to feel powerful and in control to feel the opposite sets off warning bells and slowly drives him to anger and violence. Although he doesn't hate them he is easily irritated by those who refuse to bend to his will.

[Flaws] Tio is the type to steal from someone more powerful then him just because he finds the mares prettier; he doesn't even consider the retaliation to his actions. As he was raised to believe everything belongs to him he doesn't really understand the saying "Take what you want, but protect what you have". Although when he takes something he doesn't always have the power to back up his claim, he will stick to his choice regardless.

[Flaunts] Tio's brute strength is above that of your average stallion of his height and build due to training under high gravity. He considers his murderous rage something to show off although others most certainly would disagree.

Above all else Tio is greedy and possessive; he wants anything and everything. He will go through any lengths to lay claim to what he wants and will guard it viciously; if you even look at something he claimed as his funny he will attack. Further more he's a jealous individual and doesn't take kindly to others interacting with anything he 'owns'; Tio definitely does not share or play well with others. His greedy personality brings to life a territorial nature, anyone stepping foot within his land belongs to him or else. Tio is lustful and promiscuous just like his father and isn't above forcing himself upon mares. He is very cruel in these encounters as he doesn't believe in love beyond the fact its a minute of squelching noises, it is highly possible the pain the mare may be feeling fuels his twisted passions. His love for the color red has turned him into a sadist as his favorite shade is blood; he takes pleasure in seeing others in pain, to see their blood flowing from cuts and abrasions. All in all Tio is violent, cruel, selfish, cocky and over confident; these traits engraved into his nature by a cruel, ambitious mother with a plan.

However, Tio wasn't all that bad to begin with. There are rare moments when he eases up the pressure to expose a softer side to him. This part of him is the way he probably would be had it not been for the way he was raised. It is also this aspect of his personality, the softer, playful, more caring side, that draws mares to him. Most of the mares he has met before in his life have thought of his constant ups and downs as a puzzle that needs to be solved. Most of them feel that he needs to be "Tamed." ... Most of them have died in the attempt, but Tio doesn't necessarily mind their company. As long as they remain useful to his purposes. What drives him to seek out power is a mystery, his mother abandoned him, and the plan for conquest was her idea not his. Perhaps he is her single, greatest success, for she had raised many foals like him, but due to her cruel ways, not many of them survived to see their first year. In fact, Tio was the only one. He learned to be cruel and spiteful from her.

I've mentioned a few times how sexist Tio is. He is deeply rooted in his beliefs about gender roles, whereas, the stallion protects the herd as a whole, and the mares care for and protect the foals. He knows better than most the strength and ferocity of a mother protecting her offspring and while he thinks the worst of mares who overstep their boundaries, he would never challenge a nursing dam, no matter how easy he knows they would fall before him. He's a conquistador, not an orphaner.


Catillatio, otherwise known as Tio, is by Jairo[Arabian] and out of Leana [TWH with Quarter Horse influence.] Due to his promiscuous behavior, he has sired a LOT of foals. However, there are only two that are known to him. Tharos is his first born, thought of as dead until recently. Abraxas is his youngest and most recent foal. Both of which are out of Gabrielle[Gypsy Vanner].


Tio was born on an island off the shore of Helovia, a place very far away. His lineage consists of a father he'd never met and a very ambitious mother; he was raised to believe that the world was his for the taking. He was trained from the time he was weaned to be a cold-blooded killer, a charismatic lover, and an ambitious conquistador; someone who never stopped in his quest for power and wealth. Tio took each of these lessons to heart and lives by them to this day. One day when he was a year old he meet an older mare, Gabrielle; with what he had learned she was easy to manipulate and control. Tio kept this mare by his side and she joined him and his mother; although she remained off to the side and excluded from his training, she would remain by his side through thick and thin no matter what happened.

When he was 5 years old, his mother set up, without Tio's knowledge, for them to be split up. She believed that he was ready to be on his own. While Tio believed that he would gain control of the whole island with his mother by his side. She was very important to him, in the sense that she was not only his mother, she was his mentor, his master, and his inspiration for island conquest. Understandably, he was somewhat hurt when she abandoned him. He initially took his pain out on the nearest equine, Gabrielle. She took the abuse in silence and accepted him for who he was; after all she had gone through something similar so she understood his pain to a degree.

Angry at his mother for leaving him, Tio disregarded the plan she had force fed him from birth, and began to make his own. His first step, was to steal mares. It was because Tio couldn't consider himself strong, if he had no mares. In this world, a stallion's strength was measured by the size of his herd. Tio, therefore, began to immediately steal mares. For a while there, he had been able to collect, and keep, a large amount of mares, but then he was attacked, and his herd was disbanded because Tio was not strong enough to protect his claims. His foals were killed, and he was disgraced. His only lifeline once again remained Gabrielle.

The loss of his power made Tio go a little strange. Now, he's constantly on the move, on a never-ending quest for a prettier, and better stock of mares. He never allows these new mares to stay with him for more than a year, collecting up to around 5, and then picking off those that no longer pleased him. Killing them, if they disobeyed his order to get out. Tio's deepest desire is to charm, and mate with one of the goddesses. He believed that his constant search for perfection would be over if he could charm one of them, and get one of the goddesses to be his lead mare. In his mind, she would follow his every order, and be tantamount to a slave under his iron grip on control.

His insanity became paramount when the inevitable happened to his one last peg that chained him to solid ground... Gabrielle died giving birth to her last foal. A storm raged within a fortnight, and a tsunami swept the beach where he had gone to think after an argument with his lead mare, Lust. He was taken from the island like a wild flower plucked from the meadow by the hands of a child. When he woke, he was on the beach of Helovia and has wandered like a plague on this land ever since. He has stayed away from the Threshold so far, as he has no intention of being claimed by anyone, and refuses to bend his will to follow orders. However, he knows a confrontation is unavoidable in the near future.


- Create thread for Ava in Midlands for Tio and Levi to meet.

Catillatio by Leah Grachis on Grooveshark

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Characters: Catillatio, Tharos, Roy, and Nisa.

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