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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 4 months / 6 years [Immortal] Height: 8.2 / 16.3

Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Gender: Stallion
Age: Four months alive & 6 years undead (would've aged in Tallsun) | IMMORTAL
Race: Unicorn
Horn: Straight and spiral, white
Eyes: Both are white, no pupil
Mane: Short and cropped; dark red-black
Body: Wine red base, white varnish spotting
Hooves: Cleft, dark red, chipped and dull
Markings: White hammer and sickle with wings centered on his withers. The wing part stretches over his wings, and shows only when his wings are exposed. Looks like a more natural version of this.
Tail: None, bone
Prometheus is an eerie and ghoulish sight. Frozen in the body of a foal, immortality has not treated him kindly. His flesh is torn and rotting in places, due to the infection of his undead state, and exudes the stench of death. When his wings are visible, they are decaying and skeletal, made from the bones of an unknown undead pegasus, Irc, and Voltaic. A long lock of black hair is woven into his short mane, accompanied by a red feather, both formerly belonging to Tares.
Potential Form

In his potential form, Prometheus appears much differently. He is completely absent of any smell, his usual odor replaced only by nothing. All wounds are gone and he stands tall at 16.3 hands, with the firm and steady build of a Dutch Warmblood. His mane is comprised of long, thin waves of red that fall across his shoulders, and he has a long, white lion tail with a proud tuft of red on its end. His cloven hooves are sharp and clean, with a sleek horn that stretches out further and has a sharper point. In recognition of his magic, Prometheus’ eyes glow a bright white, making him appear blinded by his own magic while in this form. The wings he quested for from the Sun God are magnificent and feathered with those of the slain. They are primarily white, coming from Irc’s feathers, with a tuft of red feathers from the undead pegasus, and edged by Voltaic’s black ones at the joint. Tares’ lock and feather fit seamlessly in this form, blending into his long, crimson mane.

• A curious nature
• A fascination with creation
• An insatiable appetite for flesh
• A lust for power
• A cunning talent for trickery
• A slight preference for those of his own race
• A love of fire
• A fear of birds
• A voice that is a mere whisper
Iapetus x Asia
(deceased) (deceased)
no one

believed to be infertile

• Siberian tiger
• About six years old
• Has advanced mind speech
• Capable of Hypnotize and Flaming Touch
Born a deep and beautiful orange, Pyr’s coat has since dulled and faded. Years of malnutrition, burns, and general abuse have left most of his body an ashen, pale gray color, with ruddy highlights. Constant scarring from the chains that bound him in his youth have largely grown back white. In contrast, his eyes are a vibrant reddish orange, alight with the fire of his magic. Character-wise, Pyr is different from Prometheus. He is usually more tamed, more logical, and more forgiving, but still dangerous. His loyalty lies with no one but his beloved master—he would do anything for him.
Prometheus was murdered by his mother, Asia, approximately four months after his birth. In a fit of rage, Iapetus killed Asia for her crimes and the murder of their son, only to regret it immediately afterwards. However, no gods would receive the stallion and grant him mercy, for he had sinned too greatly. Iapetus took his own life, praying that his sacrifice would do some good as he drew his final breath, and the gods took pity on Prometheus, the victim of the poisoned family. The colt awoke beneath the waters of the Spectral Marsh where he struggled for his first breath, only to find he needed none. The gods had granted him a new life as a creature of death—for despite their great power, they would not turn back time for the child. Since awakening, Prometheus has been haunted by memories of his old life, in particular the vivid image of the moment of his death.
For the several years between Prometheus’ dormancy and his return, he spent near the place of his birth and resurrection. He and Pyr secluded themselves from the rest of society, never quite leaving Helovia entirely, but surviving in conditions that would horrify most. From the murky shadows they watched, and waited.
Tallsun; Year One
Deliver Us!
     Helovia's Threshold, he enters this place again, only to depart on his own; Rishima & Mirage.
Life of the Dead
     Dragon's Throat, he and Pyr are granted acceptance into the herd; Kri.
     Veins of the Gods, he is given his quest to be granted his wings; God of the Sun.
Orangemoon; Year One
Define Tormentors [Questing I]
     Spectral Marsh, he and Pyr battle an undead pegasus, taking the creature's decaying wings as their prize; Random Event.
Bird with a Broken Neck [Questing II]
     World's Edge, he finds Irc's bones with Coris' help; Coris.
The Samurai's Bones [Questing III]
     Dragon's Throat, he searches for the bones of Voltaic; Lullaby.
ROUND ONE: Prometheus v. Ink
     Frostbreath Steppe, in a conflict of magic, he succeeds in playing with the line between life and death; Ink.
UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round ONE
     Dragon's Throat, he competes with other unicorns in a swimming race; lots of people.
For the love of Steel
     Frostbreath Steppe, he aids Midas and Ktulu in their search for metal; Midas & Ktulu.
Quiet Pleasures
     Helovia's Threshold, he stumbles across an unsuspecting mare and offers her a home; Rowan.
Trailing Your Hoofprints
     Dragon's Throat, returns with Rowan, and then engages in a battle with the Sultana, which ends with him being banished from the Throat when Pyr nearly dies. He leaves Pyr behind when he departs; Rowan & Kri.
Frostfall; Year Two
[Pyr’s view] Coat of arms
     Veins of the Gods, alone, Pyr follows Midas and Ktulu to complete a quest; Midas & Ktulu.
[Pyr’s view] Love me not
     Dragon's Throat, alone, Pyr follows Midas but refuses to be healed, runs to search for Prometheus; Midas, Onni, & Cera.
Waiting for You to Rescue Me
     Frozen Arch, pained and angry without Pyr, he lashes out; Leyra.
Birdsong; Year Two
Denying the Dead
     Veins of the Gods, having completed his quest, he is granted his wings; God of the Sun.
What is Lost
     Dragon's Throat, he and Pyr are reunited, and forge an alliance with Psyche, planning to free her in return for acceptance into the Basin; Psyche.
I Hate to Ask
     Veins of the Gods, he is given a quest to be able to meld his wings into his body; God of the Sun.
     Frostbreath Steppe, traveling north, he stumbles upon a filly, and eyes her wings; Ghost.
More Vengeance than Loneliness
     Aurora Basin, he and Pyr seek acceptance into the herd; Psyche.
Tallsun; Year Two
twisted little dancer
     Spectral Marsh, Pyr speaks for the first time, startling him and he runs to his home; Histe.
Fall of my Empire
     Heart Caves, he is gifted a phoenix feather from a dying mare; Tares.
Orangemoon; Year Two
One with the Flesh
     Veins of the Gods, his quest done, he is given the ability to hide his wings; God of the Sun.
You May Have This Dance.
     Aurora Basin, putting a dithering King in his place, he is granted a high place in the herd's ranks; Zdravilo & Mauja.
Frostfall; Year Three
     Aurora Basin, he gathers with the rest, advising the Lady Psyche about war; herd meeting.
a song of ice
     Thistle Meadow, hungry for vengeance, he slays an innocent and cleverly paints her death as an act of war; Tamira.
What Remains of Reality Has Fallen
     Thistle Meadow, preparing his final act, he sends Pyr to spred his web of lies; Romani.
Frostfall; Year Seven
so they dug your grave
     Aurora Basin, in progress; Deimos.
where the light won't find you
     Aurora Basin, in progress; herd meeting.
2013 character awards :: “Best Bonded Pair” — Thanks everyone! (credit to Jen!)
Played by Reli! I also have Tiamat, Rohan, and Sabre.

Prometheus was originally created and played by Jen ♥

:: [ Magic: LightxDark | Can appear with age and strength he'd have were he alive. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only be used once in battle. ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight (P) | Undeath- the ability to survive without functioning organs. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can be killed by consuming a blue lotus flower. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | 2 companion magics to Pyr. ]
:: [ Item: Necklace | Worn rope necklace with small fox's skull. (stolen from Waprevah) ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Wings | Undead wings that are magically attached to body and can be invisibly melded to body. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Gliding rules. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Phoenix Feather | Red feather that gives the ability to summon wings of fire and flames harm only those chosen by user. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Gliding rules. ]
:: [ Companion: Siberian Tiger | Hypnotize & Flaming Touch | 7 yrs 9 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   .5 CP:   2
4 7 4.5 60.5
Notable Accomplishments

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