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 Magic & Companions

 & if you feel a shiver hit you, right out of the blue..

x Corona Discharge :: LightxShock | Can create a corona discharge that has the ability to purify and rid a creature or environment of infection. The corona stems from her horn, which glows a bluish purple when her magic is used.



World's Edge Specter

Pregnant and Glowing with Twins

Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 5 Years 3Months Height: 15.3hh

 but everything looks perfect from far away.

Very pale palomino, elegant and down-right gorgeous, carries herself with a grace hard to match; a sparkling opalescent horn, a flirtatious smile, and beautiful teal green and silver eyes. Her hooves are light cream and carry her perfect steps. A long milk colored mane almost flows to the soft ground, and her tail matches. Bird catcher spots blend together to make cloud like markings over her soft hide.

very light palomino | four socks with barring | white mane and tail | cloud markings | sea-green eyes with silvery flecks | opalescent horn
unicorn | twin sister | lightning magic



 so innocent; pure and sweet.

Flirty, snooty, elegant, perfectionist,tries to match what others think she should be like, concerned with self-image. Raeden might act like she is stupid, but do not let that fool you. She is about as stupid as a fox is. She knows the right words to tell someone, when she wants to know something. Raeden can flick a switch and go from a sweet kind mare, to a snappy, witty, and vicious little girl. She can be the Calm before the storm, or the raging 70 MPH winds. What side do you want to see?



 please remember me, fondly.

Phaedra x Tolio || Twin sister, Hotaru.


Played by
Im Dressy and i also Play Mortuus Nox, and Adonné

:: [ Magic: LightxSpark | Cornea discharge from horn can purify a creature or environment of infection ]
:: [ Restrictions | May only use 5 times a month ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | Golden bracelet crafted to look like two twigs woven together. (stolen from Valhalla) ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | A small glass bracelet. ]
:: [ Item: Goat hoof | Goat hoof on a string. ]
:: [ Item: Dagger | Offensive. Dagger made of a Glass spike and glass handle from the World Edge's glass spike wall ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Three feathers from Calstron tied together with a rose gold band. ]
:: [ Companion: Cerndyr | Mythical, plain | Earth Spirit | 5 yrs 4 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   9
OI:   1 DI:   1 MG:   0.5 CP:   2
7 11 3 66.5
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

99 threads
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We Only Have a Little Bit of Time Left My Love Secret Grove
07-03-2017 by Raeden
I'll Be A Better Man Today {Death} Heart Caves
Calstron, Erebos, Raeden
07-11-2017 by Raeden
Changing Tides World's Edge
Thranduil, Raeden
06-13-2017 by Raeden
And The Angels Fell { Birthing } World's Edge
Raeden, Calstron, Castiella, Akriel, Kiada, Lyanna, Maude
07-10-2017 by Lyanna
I hope this can help... [ Yael] World's Edge
Raeden, Yael
06-08-2017 by Yael
A Gift From Me For You [ RU ] World's Edge
04-19-2017 by Raeden
knock, knock, it's us again [WE Quest] Aurora Basin
Raeden, Sacre, Rikyn, Tilney, Rexanna, Sansa, Toulouse, Safiri, Weaver, Ingrid, Akumi
05-05-2017 by Ingrid
Look at the stars [summoning] World's Edge
Isopia, Yael, Amaris, Ingrid, Akumi, God of the Moon, Raeden
05-09-2017 by Yael
Righting wrongs. World's Edge
Iona, Raeden
04-09-2017 by Iona
not you again [quest] World's Edge
Rikyn, Raeden
04-19-2017 by Rikyn
Where to begin? World's Edge
Lyanna, Raeden, Mesec
04-23-2017 by Lyanna
Herd Life For Dummies! Chapter 1: Make A Friend. World's Edge
Ingrid, Raeden
03-22-2017 by Ingrid
[PATROL] Maybe we should take our time Halcyon Flats
Raeden, Mesec
03-22-2017 by Mesec
frienemy Frostbreath Steppe
Tilney, Raeden
03-17-2017 by Tilney
Love Me Better Than All The Others Do Secret Grove
Calstron, Raeden
04-01-2017 by Calstron
Imminent threat [SNEAKS] World's Edge
Iona, Raeden, Naerys, Toulouse
02-22-2017 by Toulouse
Please Don't Make Any Sudden Moves [Patrol] Hidden Falls
Raeden, Tembovu
02-21-2017 by Raeden
Worried 'bout me and mine [HQ] World's Edge
Tembovu, Alysanne, Erthë, Maude, Lyanna, Yael, God of the Moon, Ru, Raeden, Arah, Isopia, Vesper, Tandavi
04-12-2017 by Maude
After all I said please don't forget... World's Edge
Raeden, Iona
02-18-2017 by Iona
SWP :: The beginning of something new entirely Spectral Marsh
Random Event, Aisling, Kaos, God of the Earth, Roskuld, Volterra, Isopia, Bartholomeo, Shida, Erebos, Lena, Oizys, Tarik, Nyx, Aithniel, Mesec, Tyrath, Eleanor, Kolr, Amalrik, Iskra, Mathèo, Ophelia, Arakh, Verro, Ampere, Sacre, Luther, Alysanne, Kiuaji, Vastra, Archibald, Nephele, Öde, Zubari, Kiada, Johnny, Tembovu, Aquila, Yael, Toulouse, Byron, Syrena, Lyanna, Esinakh, Weaver, Ru, Enna, Patrick, Saoirse, Iona, Glasgow, Najya, Tiamat, Albrecht, Beloved, Rikyn, Ru'in, Wessex, Tae, Raeden, Vesper, Tilney, Mihtal, Graasvoel, Larue, Maren, Kianzo
01-29-2017 by Kianzo
Live or Die Helovia's Threshold
Hugo, Raeden
01-18-2017 by Hugo
If I had friends they would be Heathens ( Bone Collecting) Endless Blue
Raeden, Manon
01-22-2017 by Raeden
Practice makes... glass? [crafting] World's Edge
Graasvoel, Raeden, Mesec, Sacre, Oizys, Yael, Iona, Maude, Toulouse, Ráeru
02-06-2017 by Maude
none of us were angels World's Edge
Alysanne, Tembovu, Graasvoel, Raeden, Lyanna, Sacre, Oizys, Nyx, Maude, Kiuaji, Yael, Ru, Glacia, Roskuld, Rexanna, Alune, Toulouse, Mesec, Manon, Tilney, Arah, Nitika, Zubari, Iona, Ráeru, Kiada, Aelfwine, Elsa, Erthë, Tandavi, Sansa, Kianzo, Naerys, Vesper
02-08-2017 by Vesper
Does This Place Give You Anxiety? (WELCOME) World's Edge
Raeden, Lyanna, Nitika
01-29-2017 by Lyanna
Just When I Thought It Was Over... Helovia's Threshold
Nitika, Raeden
01-12-2017 by Nitika
I Got A Heavy Soul Helovia's Threshold
Calyndar, Lena, Raeden
01-09-2017 by Raeden
with wonderful deathless ditties World's Edge
Gawen, Raeden
01-11-2017 by Raeden
I caught fire World's Edge
Glasgow, Alysanne, Raeden, Lyanna
02-05-2017 by Lyanna
Ghosts that will not stay dead World's Edge
Lyanna, Toulouse, Iona, Tembovu, Raeden
01-18-2017 by Toulouse
SWP :: And so it begins Ancient Rotunda
Random Event, Isopia, Mathèo, Kolr, Tae, Tarik, Shida, Ru'in, Oizys, Bartholomeo, Kiada, Lena, Glasgow, Sunjata, Erebos, Darwin, Volterra, Aelfwine, Nyx, Serenity, Thranduil, Isi, Alysanne, Tilney, Toulouse, Patrick, Byron, Nephele, Verro, Tyrath, Arakh, Rikyn, Beloved, Dragomir, Maude, Lyanna, Syrena, Yael, Mauja, Vastra, Öde, Iskra, Ampere, Sacre, Roskuld, Maren, Vesper, Rexanna, Sikeax, Abraham, Archibald, Ilios, Vezér, Johnny, Astarot, Mesec, Cassius, Saoirse, Najya, Tiamat, Iona, Mihtal, Ru, Raeden, Romina, Weaver, Graasvoel, Zubari, Tembovu, Esinakh, Larue, Aithniel, Eleanor, Aquila, Kianzo, Aisling
01-22-2017 by Aisling
:: The Giving Tree :: Thistle Meadow
Random Event, Arakh, Erebos, Deimos, Lena, Volterra, Esinakh, Nyx, Ampere, Archibald, Aquila, Bartholomeo, Larue, Kianzo, Enna, Frost Fyre, Auriel, Ilios, Oizys, Aithniel, Amalrik, Eleanor, Tyrath, Isopia, Tilney, Libertad, Byron, Toulouse, Nephele, Verro, Luther, Letha, Yael, Lyanna, Syrena, Thranduil, Serenity, Alune, Ru, Glasgow, Kiada, Mauja, Castor, Megaera, Maren, Howl, Graasvoel, Tembovu, Glacia, Kiuaji, Ranjiri, Myrrine, Arah, Ráeru, Iona, Dragomir, Maude, Rikyn, Aelin, Albrecht, Kvasir, Saoirse, Zubari, Raeden, Najya, Vesper, Tasokh, Hotaru, Laume, Eldala, Arion, Sacre, Mathèo, Tarik, Tae, Tiamat, Iskra, Aelfwine, Sunjata, Darwin, Rexanna, Vastra, Mesec, Alysanne, Johnny, Sheba, Areli, Rein, Sikeax, Arende Trefe, December, Roskuld, Vezér, Astarot
12-28-2016 by Random Event
KILL V. MAIM [Rank Challenge v. Raeden] Battleground
Toulouse, Raeden
01-02-2017 by Official
Search Party Heavenly Fields
Arah, Tilney, Aelfwine, Maude, Raeden, Laume, Toulouse, Tembovu
12-22-2016 by Laume
I’m not what you think that I am made of World's Edge
Raeden, Calstron
02-28-2017 by Calstron
[MINI SWP] Trick R Treat || round 1 Blood Falls
Random Event, Nyx, Larue, Oizys, Shida, Volterra, Ru'in, Tae, Arakh, Maren, Isopia, Vastra, Kolr, Mathèo, Mesec, Alysanne, Kianzo, Elspeth, Esinakh, Howl, Graasvoel, Aithniel, Amalrik, Eleanor, Tembovu, Luther, Aquila, Rikyn, Albrecht, Mauja, Maude, Dragomir, Katua, Mordecai, Chernobyl, Alune, Verro, Tyrath, Tangere, Yael, Macaria, Lyanna, Mavuto, Syrena, Aisling, Nephele, Sacre, Castor, Lena, Erebos, Erthë, Ranjiri, Elsa, Roskuld, Mercutio, Myrrine, Aleta, Tiamat, Sabre, Persephone, Själ, Sohalia, Rohan, Vinati, Xolani, Vesper, Tsavo, Najya, Iona, Enna, Calder, Raeden, Zubari, Asavvi, Ampere, Iskra, Vitani, Sansa, Farah, Kiada, Patrick, December, Ausar, Megaera, Darwin, Rexanna, Sunjata, Glasgow, Aelfwine, Naerys, Bellanaris, Tilney, Toulouse, Caine, Kvasir, Brendan
11-10-2016 by Albrecht
Watching you burn your bridge [Challenge watching] World's Edge
Raeden, Alune, Sacre, Alysanne, Iona, Tilney, Erthë, Zèklè, Asavvi, Ranjiri
11-13-2016 by Ranjiri
Random Event, Lena, Ampere, Kaj, Raeden, Tiamat, Sacre, Nyx, Aithniel, Erebos, Rikyn, Syrena, Shida, Zèklè, Volterra, Macaria, Tilney, Isopia, Bellisma, Erthë, Rexanna, Tembovu, Glasgow, Tae, Mortuus Nox, Ultima, Aquila, Eleanor, Alune, Albrecht, Kvasir, Aelfwine, Graasvoel, Oizys, Amalrik, Tyrath, Larue, Ru'in, Airlia, Kiada, Kianzo, Verro, Arakh, Esinakh, Zubari, Kolr, Mathèo, Luther, Iskra, Sunjata, Noe, Ausar, Alysanne, Vastra, Aisling, Nephele
10-30-2016 by Random Event
Show me you CARE... Secret Grove
Raeden, Lotherarius
11-21-2016 by Raeden
Trees of Green, Red Roses Too World's Edge
Maude, Kiada, Raeden, Gawen, Tilney
11-23-2016 by Gawen
When The Ashes Hit The Gound... I Will Be There. Aurora Basin
Raeden, Hotaru
11-19-2016 by Hotaru
SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro) Riptide Isles
Random Event, Alysanne, Zèklè, Anzanie, Volterra, Orithia, Erebos, Airlia, Bathsheba, Astolat, Kiada, Hearth, Lyanna, Syrena, Oizys, Roskuld, Erthë, Rikyn, Vastra, Albrecht, Kvasir, Aquila, Virga, Esinakh, Zyanya, Areli, Enna, Sunjata, Isopia, Ru'in, Kolr, Mathèo, Tae, Graasvoel, Iskra, Ampere, Xolani, Vinati, Verro, Thranduil, Larue, Tyrath, Rexanna, Aelfwine, Arakh, Sacre, Tembovu, Katua, Zubari, Vesper, Raeden, Iona, Ultima, Castor, Nyx, Cathun, Tangere, Megaera, Chernobyl, Sohalia, Macaria, Persephone, Aisling, Själ, Aleta, Tiamat, Rohan, Sabre, Mesec, Ranjiri, Grusha, Maren, Saartjie, Raistlyn, Naerys, Tilney, Alune, Vitani, Romina, Ilios, Aithniel, Luther, Shida, Lena
10-22-2016 by Lena
spirited to avalon World's Edge
Gawen, Lyanna, Raeden
09-26-2016 by Lyanna
smoke on the water Ancient Rotunda
Random Event, Kiada, Tilney, Raeden, Rikyn, Albrecht, Volterra, Macaria, Zyanya, Eldala, Laume, Hector, Erthë, Nikoleta, Kianzo
10-09-2016 by Kianzo
Invitation Only [Aurora Basin Festival Invitations] World's Edge
Tembovu, Tilney, Zubari, Maude, Raeden
09-10-2016 by Tembovu
IX- Deceit {[Healer]} World's Edge
Calstron, Raeden, Tilney, Evangeline
11-22-2016 by Calstron
Scandal World's Edge
Tilney, Raeden, Tembovu, Alysanne
11-10-2016 by Alysanne
third time is a charm [the unbound] Thistle Meadow
Tuppence, Ashamin, Raeden
08-31-2016 by Raeden
The Labor of Love [Birthing] World's Edge
Raeden, Gawen, Lyanna, Tembovu
09-19-2016 by Lyanna
I hope you're ready.. Hidden Falls
08-03-2016 by Raeden
Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings [Herd Meeting] World's Edge
Mauja, Alysanne, Elsa, Tembovu, Hera, Lourdes, Imani, Ravel, Nyx, Oizys, Dacianna, Sacre, Arah, Tilney, Graasvoel, Ultima, Glasgow, Tandavi, Lyanna, Rohan, Auriel, Iona, Raeden, Anzanie, Caenan, Naerys, Evangeline, Kiuaji, Adaeze, Alune, Calstron, Laume, Orithia, Merida
07-31-2016 by Tembovu
garden of gethsemane World's Edge
Glasgow, Alysanne, Raeden
08-09-2016 by Alysanne
every rose has its thorn [Herd Quest] World's Edge
Elsa, Alysanne, Graasvoel, Tembovu, Tilney, Random Event, Oizys, Ultima, Auriel, Hera, Raeden, Iona, Rohan, Erthë, Laume, Tsavo, Alune
09-26-2016 by Tembovu
the breaking point [Herd Quest] World's Edge
Tembovu, Glasgow, Imani, Kiuaji, Anzanie, Raeden, Tsavo, Rohan
08-28-2016 by Rohan
sacre..d World's Edge
Mauja, Sacre, Alysanne, Raeden
08-31-2016 by Mauja
Maybe I'm a different breed Frostbreath Steppe
Raeden, Romina, Ru'in
09-14-2016 by Ru'in
Tangled Tricks Green Labyrinth
Larue, Raeden
09-26-2016 by Larue
Calstron, Raeden
09-01-2016 by Calstron
Show me Battleground
Tembovu, Raeden
07-29-2016 by Blu
this ship has taken me far away Heavenly Fields
Lena, Raeden
08-20-2016 by Lena
The joker and the thief World's Edge
Iona, Raeden, Tembovu
05-30-2016 by Iona
Little Treasures.... World's Edge
Raeden, Alysanne, Laume
06-13-2016 by Raeden
the day is for honest men [First Official Order Meeting!] Thistle Meadow
Rikyn, Ráeru, Själ, Nymeria, Misael, Zandora, d'Arcy, Thranduil, Random Event, Raeden
08-20-2016 by Misael
Love ain't for us, We crave a different type Buzz World's Edge
Raeden, Mauja
07-06-2016 by Mauja
Have you ever seen a Diamond in the Flesh? Secret Grove
Raeden, Lotherarius
07-15-2016 by Lotherarius
Learning from the past [Lesson] World's Edge
Arah, Tembovu, Oizys, Laume, Enyo, Roskuld, Raeden, Erthë
05-14-2016 by Enyo
we will rise again World's Edge
Glasgow, Tembovu, Raeden, Arah, Lyanna
05-05-2016 by Lyanna
if you must, then touch it World's Edge
Rikyn, Raeden, Tembovu, d'Arcy
05-12-2016 by Rikyn
Time is a piece of wax Aurora Basin
Raeden, Ki'irha, d'Arcy, Déodat
04-06-2016 by Déodat
On a Restless Wind World's Edge
Dacianna, Raeden, Calstron, Tembovu
05-31-2016 by Tembovu
Living Life on the Edge World's Edge
Tembovu, Elsa, Tilney, Lyanna, Iona, Alysanne, Dacianna, Roskuld, Freyja, Katerina, Tsavo, Naerys, Cloak, Rohan, Auriel, Glasgow, Kiuaji, Alune, Raeden, Glacia, d'Arcy, Iscah, Naja, Quentin, Caenan, Ulrik, Hera, Mauja, Myrrine, Uriel, Orithia, Tiva, Jahzara
03-30-2016 by Tembovu
Uncharted Riptide Isles
Deimos, Auriel, Raeden
03-27-2016 by Deimos
My heart is a ghost town Heavenly Fields
Öde, Raeden, Macaria, Abraham
03-16-2016 by Abraham
No rest for the wicked [Sneak Meeting] World's Edge
Iona, d'Arcy, Raeden
03-13-2016 by Iona
Visions are seldom what they seem World's Edge
Tembovu, Raeden
02-22-2016 by Tembovu
I Make You Cry for Him Endless Blue
Raeden, Tembovu, Rexanna
01-20-2016 by Tembovu
Peace Always Falls Blood Falls
Raeden, Nymeria
12-30-2015 by Nymeria
In's and Out's Aurora Basin
Rhea, Raeden, Hotaru
01-04-2016 by Hotaru
Trickle Down Heart Caves
Dragomir, Raeden, Sheba
11-16-2015 by Raeden
Oh Sister Where Art Thou Helovia's Threshold
Raeden, Rhea
10-14-2015 by Rhea
My lips can build a castle Archives
Raeden, Rostislav
09-02-2014 by Rostislav
Pale Perfection [Leaders] Archives
Déodat, Hotaru, Illynx, Raeden
09-01-2014 by Illynx
oceanside beauty pageant. Archives
Phaedra, Raeden
07-06-2014 by Phaedra
Come into the light [NS MYTHICAL COMPANION] Archives
Ampere, Nyx, Raeden, Random Event, Rhiannon, Sakura
01-19-2014 by Ampere
Rotten to the core Archives
Crake, Raeden, Random Event
01-22-2014 by Random Event
Water's sweet but blood is Thicker [Birth] Archives
Carnesîr, Kari, Midas, Onni, Raeden, Shadow
01-18-2014 by Midas
Our Time is Now [Mandatory Herd Meeting] Archives
Alleo, Andreas, Apollo, Arrane, Artemis, Ciceron, Irrydae, Lakota, Mesec, Murdock, Phaedra, Raeden, Solace
10-07-2013 by Arrane
Last breath of a survivor Archives
Adalaide, Ampere, Antheia, Apache Renoen, Arah, Artemis, Faelene, Kirottu, Myrddin, Raeden, Random Event, Rasta, Sakura, Sohalia, Tingal, Yuri
10-04-2013 by Kirottu
X Amount of Words [Spies/Shadows Meeting] Archives
Apollo, Mesec, Phaedra, Raeden
09-05-2013 by Mesec
F-@-|-|_ Archives
Ktulu, Raeden
08-30-2013 by Raeden
when plastic cracks Archives
08-19-2013 by Raeden
Talks Short and Slow Archives
Ampere, Raeden, Sakura
08-29-2013 by Sakura
[Herd Meeting]Bleeding Skies [Mandatory] Archives
Alleo, Andreas, Apollo, Archibald, Artemis, Circe, Evers, Hana, Hotaru, Irrydae, Ktulu, Lakota, Mesec, Murdock, Phaedra, Raeden, Solace, Soren, Tingal
08-19-2013 by Ktulu
this way, that way, the other way Windtossed Foothills
Mauja, Raeden
06-05-2013 by Mauja
Twice the Trouble (Questing, Rae and Ru) Archives
Hotaru, Loki, Raeden
06-24-2013 by Raeden
Mist and Mystery | Luken, Open Archives
Destrier, Luken, Mirage, Raeden
04-05-2013 by Mirage
we are unafraid. Archives
Faelene, Hototo, Raeden
03-25-2013 by Raeden
.Moon and Star. (Raeden, Open) Archives
Hotaru, Raeden, Tingal
03-28-2013 by Hotaru
I Love you oh so well | Birthing, Open Archives
Faelene, Hotaru, Lakota, Leyra, Phaedra, Raeden, Sohalia
02-12-2013 by Faelene

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