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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 7 Height: 15
Query is a sturdily and compactly built equine, like any other Paint or Quarter Horse. But instead of being splashed with white, she's nearly completely white. The only interruption is her pale blue eyes and a single set of markings across her face in black. A '?' trails around the curve of her left cheek, beginning under her left eye. It then proceeds straight across her nose in the middle of her face, ending high on her right cheek and punctuated by a splattery looking spot slightly off center on her right cheek.

Mostly simplistic, but still easily impressed. Tends to ramble on now and then, and likes to ask questions.

Query was born on a ranch that specialized in breeding Quarter Horses and Paints for showing to a championship stud and mare... only to never aspire to the show ring because of her coloration. 'Too much color,' her breeder said, and sold her as a yearling. From home to home she bounced in her early years, but was never shaken from her calm demeanor despite all that happened. Eventually she became trained under saddle, finding herself at last at a stable for therapeutic riding, where she got her name and direction. She stayed there for years, until a terrible storm destroyed the stable and loosed whatever horses were not killed. Query herself fled the storm and the wildfires it produced, until she became lost, eventually stumbling across Isilme during the Anarore era. This too was short lived as the shades attacked and she escaped on the heels of Torasin. She got lost during the escape and finally made her way to Helovia. Met Gossamer, Torasin and Mirage at the Threshold Spent time wandering around Helovia on her own Met up with Solstice who encouraged Query to join a herd Met Gossamer at the foothills and joined the herd Stumbled across Xenos and Eva playing in the pool in the foothills Met up with Torasin so he could talk to Query about the sun god when Rishi and Solstice interrupted and made things awkward for Query and Torasin Met Jaydan in the forest and tried to cheer him up all to no avail since he just got upset and flew away. Stumbled upon the Qian meeting

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