the Rift

the Valkyrie


Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 6 Years 3 Months Height: 15.3hh

 & all my flowers turned to dandelions.

Hotaru is a vision of rosen hues. Long, lean legs are coated in ivory that fade out in a clouded fashion around her belly and mid-shoulder area, intermixed with soft hues of the pinkened color of the rest of her. In winter, the pink of her darkens considerably, an homage to her father Tolio's bloodied color. Likewise, in summer time her hide turns lighter.

Soft birdcatcher spots from her mother Phaedra are sprinkled across the curve of her hips and the bow of her shoulders, far more apparent in wintertime when her coat darkens and only becoming apparent in summer when the light catches them just right. When her coat is darker she appears to be almost fawnlike with her spots.

Hotaru is slender and attractive, all sinful curves and big, expressive eyes. One of which is a sea foam green, the other a pale silver. Her hair is a mix of pale gold and silver strands. Atop her brow sits a long, traditional horn of a pearly color. She is an Arabian mutt which lends her the shorter stature and more agile bodice of her ancestors.

As she ages, around the years of 9 and 10, she begins to pale out considerably until her coat hardly holds but a kiss of her famous pink. She will age gracefully and beautifully.



 Born in the arms of imaginary friends.

Intelligent | Cunning | Witty | Secretive | Aloof | Independent

Hotaru has fallen to the dark (or so she sometimes considers) gifts of her mother - with gilded tongue and razor wit she manipulates and bends others to her will. Her plans are never fully known to anyone, and she has a hundred aces up her sleeves. Hotaru does not often love, and she is very selective about her friendships as well. She is a very secretive individual, but her charisma is boundless and her acting nigh flawless. There are few she cannot fool, if only because she has lost herself somewhere in her own charade. It's not really acting because she cannot conceal a real self that does not always exist.

Hotaru is not without her faults and weaknesses, however. She is a study of contrasts, always at war with herself. She sickly enjoys the power she holds over others, but also loathes herself for being incapable of normality, and her inability to tune into her sincere emotions sometimes frightens her. She despises love for the weakness it represents and will capitalize on that weakness in others, yet in moments of her own weakness seems to be touch-starved and pliant with need. Living a lonely life since foalhood, she tries to do her best by her children, and loves them deeply. They are her world.



 Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you.

Born Tallsun Year Two

Mated with Ashamin

Phaedra x Tolio
Twin Sister: Raeden

Daughter: Arya (x Deodat)
Daughter: Romina (x Ashamin) (Twin to Ru'in)
Son: Ru'in (x Ashamin) (Twin to Romina)



 Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you.

Alice the Hellhound

A royal hellhound, Alice is just as vicious and cunning as her bonded. Though as a hellhound she has no real definable breed, she is most closely related to an arctic wolf. She is coated in the deepest of purples, from which deep violet smoke ominously emanates. It fades to black in multiple areas. Three sickly green marks run across her left eye and down her snout, seeming to have been scratched, and they glow against her fur. On her left shoulder down to her right ankle there is a faded, complex design that emphasizes the lean muscle (The Sigil of Lucifer). Her eyes are deep black and have no pupil, appearing demonic and otherworldly. Her jaws produce a thick, sickly venom that causes harmful and serious acid damage in the tissues when she bites down.



Played by
  Played By:

 I Me You I'm Your.


The best way to contact me is through Skype. My Skype name is artisticchaos_annie. My DeviantART is raggedi. If you PM me, the best account to send it to is Hotaru.

Cera | Lakota | Kaj | Hotaru | Romina


:: [ Magic: DarkxWind | Can create storms up to the size of a Category 4 hurricane that hold invisible blades that create lattice cuts of varying depth on the victim's body ]
:: [ Restrictions | Storms limited to a radius of 10 meters ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxSpark | Ability to create ball lightning from the size of a gumball to a softball ]
:: [ Restrictions | Unable to control the ball once released, able to be harmed by her own magic. The influence of the lightning extends to 10m from her body ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | A small glass bracelet. (from Raeden) ]
:: [ Item: Blue Cloak | Defensive. Blue and silver threaded, a slit for wings, two pockets on either side with flaps; clips at the chest with a silver broach ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers little protection in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Silver Chain | Horn ornament; silver chain with crescent moon. ]
:: [ Item: Tooth | Griffin tooth. ]
:: [ Item: Horn Jewellery | She wears a small piece of silver coloured jewellery around her two horns. It is fixed around both horns at the base with a thicker piece of metal and has two thin loops that hang below (Stolen from Niskaru). ]
:: [ Item: Spiked boots | Offensive. Spiked metal leg wraps. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can wear out. ]
:: [ Item: Glowing Blue Crystal | Small crystal from the body of the Rift Bear God ]
:: [ Item: Triskelion Necklace | Replicates the emotions of the user and transmits them into differing heat signatures to its mate, the Hawk necklace. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Effects weaken with distance. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Armor | Defensive. Gossamer black fabric that moves and feels like fabric but has the protective stopping power and attributes of chainmail. ]
:: [ Companion: Hellhound | Mythical, royal | Acid | 6 yrs 10 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   9
OI:   1 DI:   1 MG:   1.0 CP:   2.0
7 10.5 3 67
Notable Accomplishments

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Terminal Point of Addiction Archives
Bucephalus, Hotaru, Thranduil
12-18-2014 by Bucephalus
Blood on the Breeze | CHALLENGE :: Hotaru Battleground
Gaucho, Hotaru
12-12-2014 by Official
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue V Archives
Aithniel, Ampere, Archibald, Deimos, Elsa, Hotaru, Kahlua, Kirah, Lena, Megaera, Midas, Mirabella, Panzram, Phantom, Random Event, Reginald, Rei, Roskuld, Rostislav, Torleik
12-20-2014 by Aithniel
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue IV Frozen Arch
Aithniel, Ampere, Arvakl, d'Artagnan, Elsa, Fig, Ghost, Hotaru, Hototo, Lena, Mauja, Midas, Öde, Phaedra, Random Event, Resplendence, Spice, Thor, Torleik, Varath
12-04-2014 by Öde
pushed away, i'm pulled toward Archives
Arya, Glacia, Hotaru, Lena
01-19-2015 by Lena
Gobbler Wars -- NS Common Companion Archives
Bucephalus, Erebos, Hotaru, Random Event, Thranduil
11-27-2014 by Random Event
Stained Glass :: DARK/WIND QUEST DROP. Archives
Adelric, Daemyn, Erebos, God of the Moon, Hotaru, Oxy, Rhea, Rhoa, Torleik, Zünden
11-14-2014 by God of the Moon
Stopping by Woods ... [DARK or WIND drop] Archives
Adelric, Ampere, Astraea, Daemyn, Elsa, Hotaru, Oxy, Panzram, Random Event, Rhea, Thor, Thranduil, Voodoo, Yuuta
11-02-2014 by Ampere
Maze of Hallways [SS Companion Drop] Archives
Amani, Desperado, Elsa, Faeanne, Hotaru, Ilios, Random Event, Rhoa, Sikeax, Tandavi
10-16-2014 by Rhoa
Go ahead, make my day. Battleground
Gull, Hotaru
11-13-2014 by Official
i wanna put on my boogie shoes; [ Festival Dancing/Songs ] Archives
Aithniel, Arya, Hotaru, Illynx, Jorogumo, Lena, Random Event, Reginald, Rhiannon, Rikyn, Roland, Thranduil
10-13-2014 by Lena
There's Method in my Madness Archives
Hotaru, Illynx
09-23-2014 by Illynx
In a kingdom by the sea | Plain NSS Drop Archives
Alija, Arya, Hotaru, Random Event
09-30-2014 by Random Event
I like to rough and tumble Archives
Hotaru, Saffron
09-21-2014 by Saffron
you will taste death Archives
Arah, Confutatis, Hotaru, Illynx
09-09-2014 by Illynx
Pale Perfection [Leaders] Archives
Déodat, Hotaru, Illynx, Raeden
09-01-2014 by Illynx
my age has never made me wise Archives
Hotaru, Rhiannon
08-15-2014 by Rhiannon
stand beside or step aside {birthing} Archives
Arya, Hotaru, Illynx, Krieger, Lena
08-28-2014 by Arya
Carpentry Lessons Archives
Adelric, Athenä, Brisa, Destry, Hotaru, Jorogumo, Nasreen, Random Event, Rei, Rhiannon, Seele, Thranduil
07-06-2014 by Adelric
those hardest to love need it most {joining} Archives
Déodat, Hotaru, Illynx
07-31-2014 by Illynx
i've created a monster. Archives
Hotaru, Tingal
08-03-2014 by Hotaru
wearing pastel doesn't make you a trend setter Archives
Hotaru, Oxy
08-31-2014 by Oxy
Lets do the time warp again. [Quest Drop] Archives
Ciceron, d'Artagnan, Delinne, Esther, Farenjer, God of the Spark, Hotaru, Oxy, Random Event, Satanic Silk, Sialia, Zünden
06-10-2014 by Random Event
No Shirt, No Blouse Archives
Déodat, Hotaru
06-24-2014 by Déodat
» fade into you Archives
Hotaru, Irrydae
04-05-2014 by Hotaru
Quest Drop #12 Dark | Wind Archives
Abishia, Andromeda, Aurelia, Azarel, Elsa, God of the Moon, Hotaru, Illynx, Morir, Sheba, Torleik, Tyradon
03-30-2014 by Illynx
[Group 2] Moldy blight Archives
Amani, Hotaru, Random Event, Satanic Silk
03-17-2014 by Random Event
Pathways [Dark/Wind Magic Drop] Archives
Ayelet, Eris, Hellä, Hotaru, Oxy, Random Event, Tyradon
03-15-2014 by Random Event
Spring cleaning come early. Archives
Amani, Arah, Azulee, Destry, Elsa, Hotaru, Illynx, Irrydae, Kari, Random Event, Satanic Silk
03-09-2014 by Random Event
nothing left of me. Archives
Hotaru, Tingal
02-24-2014 by Hotaru
Hearts Like Glass-Covered Stones :: Nonnie Archives
01-19-2014 by Hotaru
Step right UP [Non Specific Mythical Companion Drop] Archives
Ampere, Brisa, Hotaru, Oxy, Random Event, Torleik
11-27-2013 by Oxy
.your love shines the way into paradise. Archives
10-12-2013 by Hotaru
From the Center of the Earth Archives
Ampere, Hotaru, Random Event, Torleik
10-22-2013 by Torleik
beauty and the beast. Archives
Hotaru, Tingal
11-27-2013 by Tingal
They've Branded Us Enough {Basin.Plague.Open} Archives
d'Artagnan, Hotaru, Tingal
10-16-2013 by Hotaru
The Lamb and the Lioness Battleground
Hotaru, Kaj, Tingal
12-19-2013 by Official
[Herd Meeting]Bleeding Skies [Mandatory] Archives
Alleo, Andreas, Apollo, Archibald, Artemis, Circe, Evers, Hana, Hotaru, Irrydae, Ktulu, Lakota, Mesec, Murdock, Phaedra, Raeden, Solace, Soren, Tingal
08-19-2013 by Ktulu
Singing Sorrow into Empty Air Archives
Hotaru, Kaj, Lakota, Tingal
08-08-2013 by Tingal
Both Blind in Different Ways :: Takara, Open Archives
Hotaru, Takara
05-07-2013 by Takara
Standing in a Dying World :: Apollo Archives
Apollo, Hotaru
04-26-2013 by Apollo
Twice the Trouble (Questing, Rae and Ru) Archives
Hotaru, Loki, Raeden
06-24-2013 by Raeden
Means for Redwood Dreams Archives
Hotaru, Mesec, Murdock
04-18-2013 by Murdock
Broken Arrow [Brit? Open] Archives
Hotaru, Torasin
04-26-2013 by Hotaru
Stranger in my Reflection [Open] Archives
Hotaru, Tingal
04-10-2013 by Tingal
.Moon and Star. (Raeden, Open) Archives
Hotaru, Raeden, Tingal
03-28-2013 by Hotaru
I Love you oh so well | Birthing, Open Archives
Faelene, Hotaru, Lakota, Leyra, Phaedra, Raeden, Sohalia
02-12-2013 by Faelene

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