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Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Thranduil - 05-21-2015

His body and soul still ached. The gold stood in the morning sun shimmering in its light at the mouth of his cave. How long had he slept in cool reclines of that place? Hours? Days? It might as well have been months. Though is eased him, the weight of before still pressed on his back and shoulders. He shakes his whole body to feel it, and then stretches forward his front half, before sighing defeat. Crowned head looks back into the dark cave. There his wolf cloak, where he had rested his head lies tussled and twisted from use. It would be ever so nice to return to it. His eyes felt most wide awake by the sun but he could lie all day and stare out. The temptation was almost too much. He almost went. But there was another in the cave who spurred him on.

Haldir lay by the wolf cloak. His dark body curled against the cool of autumn morn. He had slept with as much need as the golden, but his spirit also still seemed low. The gold snorts at him, and the deer’s still bare head rises, those pale bottomless eyes looking out with emptiness. Unexpected twinges of the companion’s weight flinch onto his soul. The deer still morns the night on the mountain, as does the gold those moments with the damsel and, the grey. They had been challenged and conflicted, broken and remade. Having seen and thought things they had never wished to see or think, and both hearts redoubled the lasting effects on its bonded other. The dark deer looks to the golden, its eyes long and deep. Haldir did not have even the will to rise up into the sun as the gold. His small life had not held such traumas as on the mountain, and losing his innocence to it still stung fresh, and worse than the gold’s. The small babe knew not how to shoulder pain and grief. He was wrestling to find his way back to himself.

The golden could sense this with the whispers of feeling sent over their bond. The ability to feel them had steadily grown stronger, but it was not until had had come upon the babe crying that he felt the changes. He snorts again at his deer, almost in a calling, but the babe does not move. The gold looks out briefly over the Basin from his perch. He could not hide here for long, already creatures were tracing about the landscape that needed to be investigated. Not to mention, a small nagging thought reminded him, winter was coming. A tingle of nerves up his legs signaled some autumn version of spring fever. Yes, they needed to get out, to move. Haldir most of all. The golden wasn’t much a parent perhaps, and he certainly still admitted to trying to abandon the deer in his early days. Now though the deer was stuck with him, and if he was going to have the little creature about it damn sure wasn’t going to moping like this.

The gold stretches a bit taller, muscles still revolting against the thought of not returning to bed. Yet he settles it by reaching over and grabbing both his satchel and golden shimmering cloak (the circlet never leaving his crowned head, nor the golden hawk his neck). He comes back into the light, the golden cloak like a glass mirror lighting the cave. His voice reaches back into its darkness though, with a familiar sternness. “Haldir, tolio. [come]” The deer flinches away at first. Earth eyes flash gold at this rejection. The deer had been doing too much of that before. A cloven hoof lifts and slams down on the rock, rattling the small stones by it aside. But the golden had even forgot. The stomp fall silent. Ears pin back, annoyed at his own magic for a moment. How could one make a statement without stomping a hoof on rock? So the traditional ways will have to do. The gold marches over to deer lying still, and his head snakes out with quick aim to nip the dark hide. A bleat of surprise jumps from Haldir, having not heard his bonded, and he turns with hurt expression back to him. The golden snorts his demand, and the deer gives in. His dark legs uncurl beneath him and he rises.

The two go out, slipping down the small pathway from their cave to the pines below, and from there to the open lands. The gold lead his bonded to the back of the valley, towards the towers of rising steam. They were the only warm thing this morning as the rest of the vale was covered in frost. Its soft crunches silent as always under the golden’s feet. The gold walks on, head level and hips swinging, relaxed. His body may still feel strain and weight but he was in the Basin, where he nothing dared threaten him. Haldir was not as easy to look upon. He trailed the gold, with head down, sleep still seeming to linger on him. At the flutter of a bird, or whisper of the wind he might look up, but then he’d fall to the same form. The gold was not blind to it, their bond continuing to nag him about it. So he was journeying to the hot springs, hoping the steam to clear up the deer’s over treatment of grief. He was still yet on the way, when faces of others began to appear.

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Ashamin - 05-21-2015

Morning rose within and without the young unicorn, filling the pine-woods with long, west-ward shadows and painting his patchwork coat in stripes of dark. Ashamin lifted his weary head from where it had hung, his eyes fluttering open at the start of the day and his long tail twitching and twirling in a physical yawn.

The night had been long; Ashamin had hoped to find a cave to call his own, some place to make his bed, but the encounter with Zandora had been... distracting, to say the least. He stretched now, his forelegs extended and his back arching with the exhaustion of waking. It was true that he should not have expected the same level of kindness from all in the Basin, but Zandora had still caught him off guard. He remembered her response at the outstretching of his cheek--her swift refusal. Was it his fault or hers? Was he really in the wrong for offering such a greeting, or was she just unfriendly?

Ashamin didn't stay long in the wood to think on it. There were other thoughts to be had: soon, he would journey from the Basin and explore the outlying lands, leaving Zandora behind. But first he had a few more places to wander within the frost of his new home, and so he pulled himself through the wood with the eagerness endowed by exploration.

His flanks brushed against the rough trunks of the pines, the occurrence lessening with the trees and halting altogether when they ceased. Here, at the edge of the mountain woods, were wide expanses of white to be explored. Ashamin felt the chilly hint of a coming winter in the air and smiled into the cold breeze, his tail a snake-like banner at his back, signaling his arrival. He was a spot of black patches in the scene of overwhelming white: he was a sore thumb, inevitably and dangerously visible outside the shadowed patterns of the woods.

But there were others at his back; he felt suddenly watched but was scared to turn. Was he being followed? The thought occurred to him, but he shook it off. All he could hear were light steps like those of the deer in the wood, the same steps that lulled him to sleep. Surely that is all it is, he thought to himself with a nod of his head and a few more careful steps towards the hot springs that he had yet to see.

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Thranduil - 05-30-2015

There came one up ahead from the forest’s shadows, though the figure disappeared just as easily in the frost. The golden tilted his crown head. His earth eyes noting the color and shape, but finding it unable to place. A newcomer perhaps? So little time had he spent in the Basin these days. Head shakes, trying not to think of those days. To see them replay again would have him turning right around and heading back to the caves. The walking golden looks back. His face visibly tense. Gingerly his breath blows out to the deer. With a weary head the little one looks up. Those large pale eyes looking without care up to his bonded. The golden motions his horns to the creature ahead, waiting for some sort of reaction to a new creature. But nothing comes. The deer’s head falls back and he continues to walk on.

Golden harks flick back as he watches the deer walk before him. His anger pricking at being so ignored. Perhaps his failed parenting skills were to blame for his frustration and not Haldir, but the golden didn’t look that deep into it. Instead tasseled tail whips about, greatly irritated. Fine, if Haldir would not attract his usual attention the golden would do it himself. In some bottom silver lining it was the only way he knew to cheer the deer, and he was growing worried. But worried over Haldir? Please the golden would never admit that. Looking up the gold storms after the deer, slipping as he went into a smooth guise. The lies folding up and closing over. Well he had to make it interesting for him too.

Level with the deer the golden at last calls out to the figure. “Didn’t mother teach you it’s rude to ignore another?” It was said with such a tease, with a dark voice. What was he playing at, starting a row? Had he forgotten he was hidden from the ears of others. Or was that far from his mind, and something small and dark at the fore front. At the moment, it did little good. Haldir only drags his hooves still. Earth eyes glance to him, and turn back to the creature. Of course he still wore a smile, sly and full of lies. As always.

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Ashamin - 05-30-2015

Ashamin was caught by surprise.

He hadn't expected the faint deer tracks at his back to continue, especially not in the manner of following. And further still, the young buck had not expected any sort of voice to come from the fine morning mist that had coated the icy basin plain.

Ashamin's immediate response was to freeze where he stood. His advances halted, his black eyes brimmed with fear. It was foolish to be afraid in his own herdland he thought, but afraid he was nonetheless. It was simply the surprise of it all: the not knowing.

Oh what was life but a tilt back and forth between knowledge and a lack of it? Had there been time for any thought other than panic, Ashamin might have stopped his flurry of thoughts to consider the question. But the voice, tinged with a playing tone that was nonetheless intimidating, banished all rational thought from Ashamin's head.

And still, the polite part of him could not ignore the call of the words. He was being rude, by not acknowledging the other, at least he was now that he knew they were there. Then again, the disembodied voice at his back wasn't being the most polite, either. There were better ways to introduce oneself, and at the end of the day, Ashamin's mother had died moments after he had been born. She never had had a chance to teach him manners.

Just before Ashamin turned, he looked down at his own hooves. Cleft, deer hooves. So that must have been the sound, he thought. In that half second before his whole body twisted back, he thought himself a fool of the greatest sort.

But then again, perhaps he wasn't going batty. When he turned, there stood a deer, yes (and an odd one at that) but a unicorn as well. Ashamin squinted, almost blinded by the light off of the golden one's hide, and lowered his head in automatic submission.

"My apologies, sir..." Ashamin said, his voice softer than it should have been, given the distance between them, but hopefully loud enough to decipher. "I didn't know you were there," he added, assuring the other, elder stallion before him. It was a way to excuse himself, but just as much an admission of his failure of perception. How had he not heard a beast as grand as this at his back? Was there magic involved, the same magic Lena had spoken of? It was difficult to believe, but less implausible than the idea that this creature had gone entirely undetected. Ashamin lashed his tail nervously, letting it thump against the earth and swirl in the traces of frost.

Had he been a little more brave, perhaps he could have returned the stallion's jest with a snide comment of his own--put this stranger in his place regarding Ashamin's own family matters. But there was a time and a place for everything, and this was not such a time.

Not that Ashamin would have had the courage, even if it were.

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Thranduil - 05-31-2015

For a moment the creature froze, but the golden did not stop. A small little voice whispered trouble. Was he stopping to manipulate some incantation of revenge? Some great act to make the golden regret his tease? The golden wanted to laugh. Another seriously threaten him here? Well, it was a valley full of Helovia dregs, but he was the golden. And if this new comer didn’t know that he’d soon find out every meaning of the name. That…and his thoughts were still not fully on what was before him. Earth eyes glance over, but still Haldir slinks on beside him. Snorting the gold looks forward, waiting, growing impatient. Impatient more for Haldir, but this black and white would have to do to receive it.

Finally the creature turns, and shows a meek one, head low. The golden’s raises in reaction, with harks locked on. Curious creature…was his being shy? The gold stops as he comes at last close enough, his smug grin still hanging about. Haldir, at hearing the black and white speak looks up. His distant eyes awaken slightly, and look to the golden and back to the other. They were still bottomless, and sorrowful, but they were here. The gold though was in the throes of trying to toss off his own old skins for new ones too. He laughs at the meek one’s words. “Of course you didn’t.” That was his job after all, to come and go unheard and unseen.

Haldir finally stops a little in front of the gold, looking to the new comer. The pause in the conversation grows, as the gold watches him. It was after all his whole reason for this moment. The deer raises his little head, sniffing about the other, with large ears barely lifting forward. In the end it is not enough, even if given attention. His little sides huff in a sigh and he seems to draw back and wait.

The golden grows more frustrated, wanting to put on a show here, though of course, trying his best not to let the motive slip. “Come now though, you’re among friends here.” Friends would might wound you with a wrong phrase, but those are the best kind of friends right? The gold steps forward, letting his head, still grinning, tilt. “I am Thranduil, and this is Haldir.” Please ignore his mood, he’s been through rough times, but who around here hadn’t? Just look at the gold. “Just joining our merry crew?” The sarcasm rolls off like so familiar a language. He was poking, prodding, trying for anything. To wake himself. To wake the deer up.

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Ashamin - 06-10-2015

Ashamin's innocence was, for a time, a boon to him. The golden stallion before him was a mystery and a surprise, but the offering of friendship was not one Ashamin took lightly. Whether Thranduil meant the moniker honestly, Ashamin did not know, but being who he was he was more than willing to trust that this stallion, strange as he was, wouldn't lie.

A flaw, perhaps, and a negative in the long run, but for the moment, it gave the young buck strength. He straightened his posture instantly, and took an emboldened step closer to the deer with a faint smile on his patchwork lips.

His tail waved behind him and he thought of the kitsune at Lena's side, and how she would have perhaps jumped to play with the tuft at the end of his white snake. Was this creature the same? No, he didn't expect so--the deer seemed to carry more solemnity than Imogen had. The gold stallion's introduction query interrupted him; Ashamin's face bolted up and the large dishes he bore for ears swiveled and perked.

He would have been nervous, and it was true that the stranger's silent and surprising approach had shocked him, but he was among friends, now, and there was a certain comfort in that. He lifted his lips in a faint nicker as premable to his reply.

"Yes, I am new... my name is Ashamin," he proffered, turning quickly back from the golden majesty and back to the deer before him. There was an intensity in those eyes that he appreciated--a sort of wild comfort in them he felt he remembered from somewhere, or maybe longed for.

Did it make him think of the deer in the valley, where he had been born? Perhaps. It had been only the deer who had stood with him (company in some way, even as they maintained their distance) at the site of his father's death. Now, another one stood before him.

"Haldir." He said the name with care, letting it roll off of his tongue gently. "He is your companion."

It was a question veiled as statement--he could not be sure, but he sensed the same connection he had seen with Lena and Imogen and, if he was correct, thought he might only prove he had the faintest sense of knowledge.

"Lena brought me here," he continued, his thoughts jumbled and spoken aloud with a shaky sort of confidence reserved for new friends (as if he was even familiar with the concept of having them) "She told me about the bond."

His eyes wandered over the expanse of white before settling slowly back on the other--Thranduil. "It is," he said belatedly, his comments perpetually out of order in their awkwardness, "A pleasure to meet you, Thranduil."

In his mind, he thought instead of the stallion's name a simple word: friend.

[[Thranduil, SO sorry for the wait, I've been swamped and I've started writing this post more times than I can count but never liked it, blach. I'm running in between classes but had a burst of muse so I wanted to get this to you, sorry if it is rushed feeling. ASHAMIN TAKES WORDS AT FACE VALUE SO THEY'RE FRIENDS FOR LIFE NOW DEAL WITH IT.]]

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Thranduil - 06-15-2015

It was a desperate show. If could see the true worry in the golden’s breast at seeing the deer fail to spark you might have even had pity for the gold (a feeling he often wasn’t granted claim to). It was only in this hidden place of his thoughts he would let it show. Let it show how sickening he felt to see what his own words had caused in his bonded’s mood. The soft words of the other jerk him from looking at his bonded. The smirk grows back as the other offers his name. A short nod in response. It seemed there were so many new ones about these days. The thought being only a snippet before his gaze followed the other’s back to the deer.

Near between them it still stood. Head down, it looked about the permafrost ground directly in front of it. Perhaps he would have kicked it or tried the grass, but his soul was even too weary for that. And while the golden would have never told a soul, he knew these movements were missing. Haldir was just being far too still. To his relief the other speaks up about the deer, unknowingly helping the golden’s cause.

Hearing his name spoken by the other, the deer looks back up. His large ears listening and holding. The small dark head tilts, as if taking in the creature before him as a far off curiosity. An oddity. But instead of letting his head fall down again in the emptiness he turns it back and looks to the gold. It was stupid, the golden even called it such in that moment, but his lip gave a flinch of a smile. For the deer’s gaze had lost some of the film that seemed to cover it these past days, and it held a more sober question. So eager to continue the progress the golden actually tries to continue the conversation to the point of rambling. “Yes, he is a cerndyr.” Ok, rambling for the golden’s standard anyway. Haldir’s head continue to hold as he turns it back to the black and white creature, looking him over with more attention.

Once more Ashamin’s words catch him from staring at Haldir. Sweet thing? Well of course sweet thing had helped convince this poor soul here. No other in their rank could have easily befriended so sincerely this creature. He had not seen the mare in a while now, and wondered where she would be. Again though, eager to continue to perk Haldir up, he speaks on. “Yes, of course.” But he found he had little to say. Haldir did not know Lena, and it made little difference to bring her up. Move on then.

He speaks up again and Haldir follows his gaze about them. “Of course, same.” He awkwardly says. Skipping over the conversation, mind struggling to keep up Haldir’s progress (not to mention it was becoming a wonderful distraction to him as well). “Say have you see the hot springs yet?” He might have said it a bit boldly. It was all he could think of to keep the conversation going. “Haldir loves them. Was headed there now.” Oh that’s right they had hadn’t they. Might as well bring their distraction with them right? Double the fun? “Care to join?” It was a most strange offer coming from him, but he was desperate to bring some energy into this and keep his deer from dropping his head back.

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Ashamin - 06-20-2015

Nothing was going according to any sort of plan. Perhaps it was because there was no plan, only two somewhat socially inept stallions running into each other in the middle of the morning, with a sad little deer in between them. No, this was no sort of plan at all.

And Ashamin, being somewhat of a planner, felt nervous at the thought. He knew almost nothing about this stallion and his companion. He hadn't even had anywhere he'd planned on going on his own, really, and now this one was just standing before him, gold and repetitious. It was a volley of getting nowhere.

When Thranduil at last suggested they depart from their current state of awkward standing still, Ashamin was thusly quite relieved. His form brightened visibly--his nose lifted up and the little stone in his horn caught the light, seeming to shine with it. To the hot springs? He had heard of them, maybe even seen them in the distance, and the offer was tempting. As his hind legs shuffled his forelegs stood firm; he gave off the front of confidence, but his rear displayed his nervousness. His tail dragged as if showing he wanted to stay and beckoned, too, as if he wished to go.

But there was nothing to do but say yes. He couldn't think of how a refusal could be construed as anything other than rude, and he couldn't stand to be rude. So he smiled weakly, his countenance suffering from shakiness, and mumbled "Of course," quietly at first and as if to himself before realizing his mistake.

Ashamin's black eyes searched the small ones on the features of the Cerndyr. He started to turn. "That sounds wonderful," he spoke, louder. "To the west, yes?"

He was wrong, of course. Ashamin was never much one for directions. But let the Golden tell him that.
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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Thranduil - 06-22-2015

In case you couldn’t tell it wasn’t going that well. Not with Ashamin of course. The golden hardly noticed how the creature swayed uncomfortably or seemed nervous. He was still resting his attentions on Haldir. The fawn had dropped his gaze slightly and was falling back into his own world. Lips twitch wanting to do something, but the black and white speaks up first. Looking up once more then gold hardly notices the other’s tone. What did it matter if the new comer didn’t want to come. The only reason he was invited was to continue on the conversation. Needed perhaps in that regard but his tone or attitude was of little importance.

When he points west the golden finally fully looks at him confused. West? What was west? The hot springs? No, no. He tries to lighten the conversation more by letting a small laugh roll out. “No no, this way.” The deer does look back at him at that laugh, confused. Glancing down at the deer he finds himself rambling again. “Haldir knows the way don’t you?” The deer looks back at the gold again, his attention finely sharp enough to respond. Looking to the new comer he nods slowly. Like a parent pushing their child through the fence of the playground the gold watches. Haldir then steps off, his head not so low and pace not so dragging now that he at last had a task. He was cold and tired, but the hot springs had sounded like a better place to sleep than this.

The golden was not as pleased as he had hoped to be. Harks flick back and forth as he looks at the deer. Then to the black and white. In the rambling sort of inattention way he lets more information slip. “He’s not been feeling himself.” It was a whisper, under his breath sort of phrase, and the golden didn’t even check to see if it was heard. Picking up behind the deer he moves off as well. They shouldn’t be there before long. Not wanting another awkward pause to fall on the conversation again (because this effort was as much of a distraction for Haldir as for himself) he turns to other as they walk and starts up another half thought through conversation . “How do you find our little valley?” A grin slips on his lips again as he tries to play the part. Unlike usual the smooth careful crafting of it was well not so smooth and not so crafty. Being forced as it was, and attention being kept on Haldir, his manipulation of himself as someone others would actually want to talk to, was not as well thought out. Still he waits for the other to reply, hoping something would pop up soon to hide how terrible this show was going.

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Ashamin - 06-30-2015

The walk began and continued with a surprising ease. Ashamin dragged his tail, still, and his cleft hooves made little marks in the cold earth--marks that followed Haldir's. It might have looked like a few deer had just wandered past, to an observer of the freezing soil.

Thranduil was kind, Ashamin decided. An unkind sort couldn't possibly give this many chances, or make such a sincere effort at reviving the awkward interaction that Ashamin was so often prone too. Most gave up, really. It was a relief to have someone stick with him and urge him on.

His error regarding direction came, of course, as a blow, but the gold stallion's kindness cushioned it some. That laugh, that laugh wasn't malicious. It was gentle, maybe? Ashamin wasn't sure. A part of him knew all impressions of this two-pronged stallion could just be his own projections. Wasn't that always the founding of a relationship?

When Thranduil spoke of Haldir's sadness, Ashamin himself frowned. What was troubling the little one? He longed to help, but he wasn't exactly sure how he could. He quickened his pace to try and catch up with Haldir, who was leading the way to the springs. Surely this was the right direction--Ashamin could already taste the warm thickness in the coming wind.

"Maybe this outing will help him..." Ashamin said quietly, nervously. His tail flickered behind him, his black eyes sought Thranduil, and his nosed reached out to offer comfort to the cerndyr. He was just stating the obvious, again. Of course. The unicorn sighed, impatient with himself. Time, he reminded himself, could change him still, with luck.

Thranduil's attentions then, and unexpectedly, returned to Ashamin. The paint let his large ears fall back, relaxing somewhat in the company of his new friend. How did he find the Basin? Well, he could talk for hours about that... if he were alone, maybe. But the old commandment, that speak only when spoken to, said nothing of speaking in excess. Ashamin smiled a faint smile, walking alongside the pair as he spoke. "Life here has been genuinely kind," he answered with a dip of his neck. "I am very fortunate to have found myself here."

And that response, perhaps petite and oddly shaped, was at the very least truth.

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RE: Beware the Coming Winter Wind - Blu - 08-09-2015

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