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Tryin' ta fix my pride, but that shit's broken - Ampere - 02-05-2017

Hope the wound heals but it never does, that's cause I'm at war with love
Never let a wound ruin me, but I feel like ruin's wooing me
She was making her way back home when the storm that had been brewing above in a patchwork of dark clouds finally let loose. Rain came pelting down at first, hard and fast, like little bites against her freshly shed coat. It was all a ruse though, because that soon let up to a meager drizzle, just enough to catch in the folds of your mane and get tangled in the threads of your eyelashes.

Ampere paused, hunched up against the initial downpour, but relaxing as the fury abated. She glanced up, blinking against the wet that kept coming down. She found something in the rain then, something beautiful, something peaceful. Slowly a smile began to slip upon her lips, and then a grin, until finally she laughed.

She must have appeared crazy.
Maybe she was.

She gave herself a hefty shake; feathers shuffled against each other with a quick whisper. Then, she reached out with a foreleg, and slapped it against the wet pockets the Flats always boasted. The brine and the mud splashed up against her chest, adorning her with freckles. She repeated this a few times, but her vigor only increased as she took to bolting randomly and kicking wildly. She tossed her head and snorted, spread her wings and even pulled up a few sparks or two to play along.

Something in her seemed to wash away with the rain, something that had been heavy. It was hard to say in this moment if it was cleaned for good, but given that we all take more than one bath in our lifetime, probably not. She wasn't dwelling on that though, she was just enjoying the moment and the respite. Her renewed spark, however faint, was obvious, as was her warrior profession (her shield glinted on her back).

Birdsong in the Halcyon Flats, gentle rain.
Open spar.


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RE: Tryin' ta fix my pride, but that shit's broken - Erthë - 02-05-2017

Attempting to keep a pegasus on the ground was like preventing the rain to fall. It was a an exercise in futility, because just as rain must surely fall, the day would always come when the well known and familiar just was not good enough anymore.

She knew it was foolish of her to fly, idiotic even; much like the rain she might break the next time she touched the ground, but in this moment as she battled the erratic winds and felt the rain soak her to the bare skin, it was all worth it. Worth the risk of causing irreparable damage to a leg that never fully healed, worth it to be struck by lightning, even if the skies seemed gentle enough at the moment - worth it, to feel the wind under her wings again and see the horizon unfold beneath her feet.

Just to be safe though, to make sure she did not deliberately fry herself or tumble into the ocean in case the weather took a turn for the worse, she headed inland and made her way towards the south, feeling it would be best to make the most of this forbidden journey while she was at it. Though the clouds appeared to have conquered most of the continent it was exhilarating to see the familiar sights again; her mood brightened for the first time in what felt like forever.

Coming upon the Flats, movement below caught her interest and without pausing to consider the wisdom of this action, Erthë circled downwards to get a closer look at what was happening. The mare that had caught her eye was vaguely familiar but not well known to her - merely one of those faces she saw now and again, not knowing how closely connected they could have truly been. The identity of this blue-toned person was of little interest at the time however. No, far more intriguing was the exuberance with which she moved, the bold, almost joyful prancing that cared nothing for rain or mud or dignity.

It looked like fun, and the pale girl felt her own energy surge at the sight. Feeling daring already, she suddenly folded her wings sharply against the sides and darted down through the air, appearing from above the mare's left side - or at least she was as she began the dive - and at the last moment she angled out and reached forth with a pale right wing, attempting to brush the soft feathers against blue-rimmed ears. Reluctant to land unless it was absolutely necessary, she tried to beat her wings and gain more ground again, tempting - no challenging - the other to follow her back into the sky.

Why stay on the ground when you did not have to? Why run, when you could fly?

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WC: 470

Summary: Sees Ampere frolic from above, decides to join in the fun. Dives down from above and Ampere's left side, attempts to touch her ears with her primary feathers. Tries to gain height again, hoping Ampere will follow her into the air.

My body is not ruined by scars.
I'm a tigress and I earn my stripes

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RE: Tryin' ta fix my pride, but that shit's broken - Ampere - 02-06-2017

Hope the wound heals but it never does, that's cause I'm at war with love
Never let a wound ruin me, but I feel like ruin's wooing me
Caught up in her revelry, Ampere did not see the pale girl that arrowed through the sky. Whether that was a testament to her embracing of this brief happiness, or to the neglect of her rank's duties, it was hard to say. Either way, it was embarrassing to be caught so off guard.

Ampere's skin leapt from her body, or so it seemed she she shied heavily at the abrupt caress of her ear. Her head flung instantly to the opposite side, its weight and motion pulling her body along with it, but in such a dramatic and explosive fashion of surprise that her limbs overextended themselves in their haste to flee. Her muscles roared and her right foreleg snapped up suddenly, causing her balance to suddenly be thrown onto the remaining three, and so it was she slipped and skid on the slop of the rain's ground. Her haunches splayed, her inner thigh burning as she stretched in places she'd never stretched before. As pain burned through her senses and rationality gnawed off her instinctual flight response, Ampere pulled up short, snorting with annoyance. Her tender forelimb was curled up towards her body, loathe to be placed down and bear her weight,

"Wh- -- appened?" Kygo's query cut through her consciousness as her baleful blue stare found and traced the ascension of the pale dove. The green parrot had flown on towards the safety of the Throat when the rain hit, not as enticed as Ampere by the weather. The distance made their bond weak, but he'd felt the abrupt plunge of Ampere's emotions.
"Nothing," she retorted hastily, "found a fight is all." She smiled, the competitive drive in her igniting as she struck out, her damp wings spreading to catch the wind she made as she ran (lopsided as it was on her tender leg).

The smaller size of Ampere, coupled with her speed and agility, made it easy for her to get airborne quickly. Her opponent wasn't much bigger, but she seemed to carry a bit more muscle than Ampere, which wasn't worth too much in the air with nothing to push off of. Even so, Ampere would have a hard time catching up to Erthe just with outright flying. She wanted to keep this spar light and friendly, it was obvious her opponent did too by that starting 'attack', but that didn't mean Ampere couldn't employ some of her more, special talents (too bad this wasn't a stallion or she'd have a bigger arsenal).

So Ampere reached out with her invisible fingers, attempting to pluck at the electrical threads that ran inside Erthe's body, as they did in all living things. Like strumming an instrument Ampere would pull at just the right chords, selecting the choice tunes within the symphony of that alabaster body to make her wings slow, if not stop. Ampere could utilize the confusion and the delay to keep flying and close the gap between them, her crazy grin of delight spreading, spreading, until her lips were pulled back to reveal her teeth. She aimed to dart above Erthe, reaching down to nip at the girl's withers, near her sensitive spine. If effective, Ampere's body should also block the height of Erthe's wings, further forcing her to delay her flight.

“Hi!" she greeted her opponent cheerfully.

Raindrops were tangled all over Ampere's body, caught on the edges of her fur like dewdrops in the morning foliage. Flight made the gentle rain more fierce, the speed increasing the amount of rains he encountered, causing her eyes to squint and her ears to fold back. The more rain that collected her, the less it looked like dew and the more it became an actual droplet, merging with others until it saturated past her hair and darkened her skin with moisture. Her feathers were a natural barrier against the water, but they weren't perfect, and eventually the wet would seep in and ruin her flight, so she'd make the most of it now; but she kept that in the back of her mind, reluctant to fly too high.

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W: 682/800


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RE: Tryin' ta fix my pride, but that shit's broken - Erthë - 02-07-2017

A quick glance over the shoulder showed her that the other mare indeed was following her into the clouds. The realization brought a grin to her lips, as mischievous as her gentle prank; the  grand reaction had been well worth anything that might afflict her from here on out, all a decent price to pay for the good laugh she was having.

Eager to gain as much height as she could before Ampere caught up with her, Erthë picked up the pace of her wing-beats as she was enveloped by the haze of cloud and rain. Or at least she tried to do so; for some reason it seemed to take much more time to complete a cycle of motion than usual, and though she thought she used all the strength of her slender yet strong physique, she still did not progress enough to maintain the distance. The sound of pursuing wings grew louder behind her, though she resisted the urge to look back again; more urgently still the young mare kept pushing herself forward, and did not realize just how much she had slowed until she felt the air-currents shift and bend to accommodate Ampere above her.

This time she did glance up, and was awarded with a sharp nip to the base of the neck for her effort. A squeal of protest tore from her lips as pain shot through the muscles, blunt teeth sufficiently strong to bruise her for a week. Unwilling to be pushed down further towards the ground, Erthë responded in kind; she tucked her wings close and rolled off to the left, hoping to rip herself loose from the painful grip while simultaneously aiming a sharp kick with her right hind clove towards the blue mare's legs. The cheerful "Hi!" was returned with a beady laughter;

"Hello yourself..!"

... and as she leveled out in the air and resumed the struggle to gain height Erthë extended her magic towards the rain that fell around them, tweaking the temperature in hope that the droplets would freeze upon contact with the opponent. It would be cold, uncomfortable, perhaps even heavy if enough ice accumulated, but more importantly the black ice would hopefully stick to the blue-black feathers and slow the woman down, right back at her.

Personally Erthë was less concerned about the damp; her swan wings were like those of a water birds, well adapted to water. It would take more than this gentle drizzle to down her, which was a very good thing; in the sky they were more or less equal, but stranded on the ground Ampere would gain the upper hand as soon as it became apparent how vulnerable Erthë was.

She hoped it would not come to that; this had been fun so far, and she would hate to have to resort to the bow in order to get the last laugh in this game of tag. Still, she knew it was there; an ace in the sleeve, its sleek ivory arc a familiar presence as it slapped against her side, hardly visible against the pallor of her coat.

PC: 2/3
WC: 518

My body is not ruined by scars.
I'm a tigress and I earn my stripes

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RE: Tryin' ta fix my pride, but that shit's broken - Ampere - 02-15-2017

Hope the wound heals but it never does, that's cause I'm at war with love
Never let a wound ruin me, but I feel like ruin's wooing me
Rain had always done something for Ampere. It had something to do with the cleansing quality, washing away grime and worry alike until she was a new horse. Feeling refreshed and revitalized it was easier to smile, to laugh, to love. At least it was easier to remember how anyway, or why you should.

It wasn't just the rain of course. The electric cat-dog that had enticed Ampere to travel through a portal had played a role in lightening her heart. Time had done it's duty to, a god of hers even if she didn't bow her head in prayer to him. Today just proved to be the perfect mixture of weather, thought, and patience that Ampere was finally able to spark again. Going tit for tat with the pale warrioress in the sky was just the kindling for her to lay that energy onto, fully reigniting. She'd been naught but a shell of the mare she once was, little more than a husk shaped like Ampere, but empty of anything meaningful within. No more, she asserted.

With her mind sharpening back into the ways of war with this little game, Ampere was keen on Erthe's evasive tactic as the nimble girl rolled out from under her. Talented Ampere admired, well aware of how many pegasus didn't seem to embrace their birthright and claim the sky. Thankfully Ampere did, so with nearly as much swiftness and grace she rolled the opposite way, tucking sharply on the one wing to divert her momentum into a tumble. The offending kick Erthe sent blew past her, harmless as Ampere dipped away. Ampere popped out of the barrel roll with lower altitude and a distance grown between her and the pale girl, but she timed it well enough that her arc ended with her facing the same direction. With a smirk the Mother of Companions took off after her chipper opponent with punctuated flight; Erthe might be just as at home in the sky as Ampere, but one of them was still faster, and that one was blue.

Except, Ampere felt heavier than normal, and the weight seemed to add a noticeable sluggishness to her normal pep. Still blinking rapidly against the sheets of rain they faced in flight, Ampere didn't immediately notice the growing ice creeping up her frame, not until the cold pierced the fire of her adrenaline and racked her body with a shiver. “What in the Sun's light!?" Ampere swore as she craned her head around to eye the spreading frost. Her flight slowed dramatically, but she tried not to let it stop her, attempting to fight through it with sheer will power. Ampere had always been known for her stubborn nature, and after slumbering for so long her character was in full tilt today. Too bad her body couldn't keep up with her heart, not after so many weeks of neglect and disuse. Birdsong had helped feed Ampere, but she was still underweight from her depressed diet, her muscles faded into thin cords beneath her sleek coat. She couldn't maintain her resolve, and that exertion, coupled with the cold, caused a tenseness in her wings that burned into her chest musculature. Wincing at the flush of pain, Ampere grit her teeth and opted for a different tactic.

From the ground below Ampere summoned the remnants of energy that dwelled within the decayed matter. Blue sparks hummed to life with a pop and a dancing light, faintly cyan. While Ampere struggled with her premature frostbite, her sparks combined into one heaving mass of lightning, taking the faint shape of an eagle (mainly for showmanship purposes). Unhindered by the cold, the purely electric bird would be shockingly swift. If Ampere couldn't reach Erthe fast enough, then she'd drive the girl towards her.

The hapless beast gave a silent scream as it shot up, slicing through the sky like a vengeful arrow, aimed just in front of Erthe. The voltage raptor was trying to cut her off, to slow her if not turn her back. Ampere all the while continued her icy flight, attempting to crash her iced shoulder into Erthe's haunches, hoping the cold 'armor' would crumble off in fragments that might nip the ice maiden in return. Meanwhile the electric eagle kept up its attempts at herding Erthe within Ampere's reach, until finally at her command it flung itself towards the girl's front, meaning to dash its erratic body against her pale chest.

“Name's Ampere!" she greeted not unkindly, if not perhaps a bit smug with premature victory. Stubborn and competitive as hell.

A: 2/3
W: 765/800


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RE: Tryin' ta fix my pride, but that shit's broken - Blu - 03-11-2017

Time limit exceeded, Erthe defaults to Ampere. Ampere earns 0.5 VP.