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you remind me of the babe [welcoming!] - Tiamat - 02-12-2017

By the time the oceanic pair arrives at the Basin with their new herd mate in tow, the sun has already set below the jagged horizon. The last few remaining rays of light are beaming their farewell to the world, shooting like glimmering fingers against the dark backdrop of purples and blues, highlighted with the merry dance of stars. In the hazy glow of dusk, the pine trees are darkened to silhouettes, and stand like proud keepers of the large mountain valley. Among them, rise the Sentinels—massive machines that guard their equine brethren—and mark the entrance to their final destination.

Picking up a bouncing jog to cover the last bit of distance, and bidding the draft mare to follow her lead, Tiamat crosses over the borders with a breathy sigh of comfort. “Here is home!” She exclaims with barely-contained happiness, her eyes glancing over to rest on Vertigo in order to see her reaction. Even while night is quickly approaching, leaving them in a soft blanket of darkness, there is still plenty to see by the light of the moon. It is almost surreal to stand in the silence, surrounded by silvery peaks—it’s like they’ve been taken to a haven from the rest of the world.

Tiamat closes her eyes for a long moment, inhaling the fresh air and other familiar aromas. When her eyes open to look again to Vertigo, they are sparkling, not unlike the twinkling of her sister stars above.

Motioning for the antlered mare to follow, the sea maiden guides her further within the Basin. “It’s going to be a clear night tonight, we should see the northern lights before long,” she smiles in anticipation, casting her eyes upward while she walks, the length of her tail gently brushing the spring grasses behind her. “This is the Aurora Basin lake,” Tiamat explains when they approach the water’s banks, adding with fascination: “It never freezes.” The great expanse of water mirrors the sky above them, glittering and shimmering from every ripple that flutters across its surface. She stops here, lowering her lips to drink.

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RE: you remind me of the babe [welcoming!] - Vertigo - 02-13-2017

Ve followed closely behind Tiamat and her floating companion, sapphire eyes taking in her new home. With the sun nearing extinction in the sky, the light was scattered and of lilac and azure. It made the draft feel strange, like she was in another world almost. Well, she was really. Being in a herd was something that hadn't worked for her in the past. Something that, until recently, the two toned maiden hadn't really been looking forward to. However, Tiamat had been so kind and welcoming that she couldn't say no.

The trio pass a large machine, something which Vertigo had never seen before. The mare shied away slightly, her large hooves quickening to stay close to Tiamat, the only thing she knows in this strange, alien land. The blue mare picks up her pace once they've gone a ways into the Basin and, without fail, so does Vertigo. “Here is home!” The draft can tell how pleased the other being is at being within the borders of the Basin, though she doesn't quite return the excitement just yet.

Sapphire eyes take in their surroundings, which are now swallowed by lunar light. The world is quiet, though Ve doesn't feel threatened by it. It's almost...peaceful. Her dark eyes turn to Tiamat and she smiles, finally. “It's beautiful. Thank you again...you know...for offering me a place to...belong,” the Shire stammers. She returns her gaze to the woods around them, her breath swirling playfully in the chilly air.

Tiamat motions her to follow and, ever the follower, she does. At the mention of the dancing sky lights, the mare turns her gaze upwards. Ve was looking forward to that. Besides the promise of acceptance and friendship, the light show called to her. The draft returns her attention to where they're going as the ocean maiden speaks of the lake they're approaching. “It never freezes.” At the statement, Vertigo snorts in disbelief. “Really? How come?” Her voice is full of curiosity, eyes alight with wonder. They both pause at the water's edge, though where as Tiamat lowers her muzzle to drink, Ve lowers hers to nudge the surface. She watches as the water ripples, each one growing larger and larger until they're too numerous to count.

A grin spreads across her features before she drinks as well. The water is still cold, though there isn't the harsh bite of frost that one would normally find in freezing liquid. Lifting her muzzle, water dripping from her bearded chin, Vertigo returns to taking in the mountains that surround the lands. The Basin really is beautiful, so much so that she can't get enough of it, can't take in enough sights to satisfy her eyes. Turning to Tiamat she smiles, the joy reaching her eyes. She hadn't been truly happy in a long time and it felt strangely comforting to finally feel at peace with herself.

“How many others are in your...our...herd?” She grins as she rewords her question. It was starting to feel normal to say she had a home, a place to belong. Granted, that could all change in a heartbeat, but the draft felt like she should enjoy the peace while she could. It wouldn't do her any harm, after all. Resting a hind hoof, the female allows her body to relax. Two toned tail swishing around her rump, Vertigo goes back to watching the surface of the lake. The sky's reflection shimmers on the surface, fascinating the newcomer. Home...yes...she could get used to calling this place that.

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RE: you remind me of the babe [welcoming!] - Tiamat - 02-17-2017

As their time together grows, Vertigo seems to relax a little bit more with each passing moment, which makes the ocean mare happy. Not that the antlered draft had shown any obvious sign of discomfort or reluctance (like some of the others Tiamat has brought home from the Threshold), but Vertigo’s whole demeanor appears to have shifted—even if just slightly—to something more peaceful. Like she has accepted the Basin, just as the Basin has accepted her. Out of the corner of her eye, the sea maiden observes her new herd mate, smiling to herself between short sips of water as the Shire absorbs the sheer beauty of their mountain home.

At the other mare’s initial inquiry, Tiamat pauses before answering, raising her head while a few final droplets fall from her chin. Chasing the little rings of water, Nimue whistles low and quiet, the ocean markings on her sides glowing softly in the twilight darkness. The orca’s bondmate watches with a doting eye, her lips softening into a small smile before she turns her head towards Vertigo. “I’m not sure, to be honest. Maybe the God of the Spark has something to do with it? He’s not the Earth God, but he is a god, so...” Tiamat shrugs her shoulders, her voice drifting off with the lilt of a question, as if to say ‘who can tell?’

There are so many unexplained wonders in this beautiful world.

When Vertigo continues, rewording her question, her smile is mirrored by one from Tiamat. The blue maiden can feel the warmth in her heart swelling, nearly enough to burst. “There are plenty of us here,” she says with the light of her sister stars twinkling in her eyes. “We’ve been much larger in the past, I’ll admit, but we’re far from alone, you and I,” the tip of her horn moves up and down as the sapphire mare nods to herself, focusing on the joy in her spirits, rather than dwell on those who have left (abandoned, without a word, leaving behind a bitterness that is unfamiliar to the Mender).

There is no need for such negativity now.

Arching her neck, she breathes a sigh across the water’s glassy surface, watching as the ripples grow, multiply, and ultimately fade. She observes her sister stars glistening in the reflection, hailing the world while they have their time to shine. If her hooves were not grounded among the tall grasses, then she would think that she could wade into the sky itself, and dance among their glittering lights.

Silence has settled in the moments that have passed, and while she gazes across the lake, Tiamat continues a thought from many minutes before.

“There are four gods in Helovia,” her eyes drift slowly from the water, turning towards the antlered unicorn. “Each one used to be a patron for a different herd, but the God of the Earth disbanded his—the Hidden Falls—when he broadened his focus to all of Helovia,” she swallows past the sudden tightness of her throat, trying to overlook the cold surge of unease that ripples through every vein and muscle. “The God of the Sun rules in the south, over the Dragon’s Throat, and the God of the Moon (Goddess) rules the World’s Edge. The God of the Spark, or the Time God, leads us here,” finally she grins, comforted by the thought of their own powerful and unyielding patron.

and I can be your light—
in the dark, I will shine to guide you.
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