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young and menace - Kiada - 06-09-2017

Listen to them,
To the Spectral Marsh, they roamed. Kiada spent much of the time informing him of what occurred when she received the gift. She spoke of Beloved, the small awkwardly, strange creature who had nearly attacked her all while she had attempted to reason with her. Yet, in the end, hearing Kaos’ voice erupt, a small amount of lilies growing from the earth by their feet gently dusted with ash and depositing of the very necklace she held closely to her heart. She told Kianzo of how Kaos said that things would change, that he could open doors for them that they didn’t even know existed.

And especially, of how the god would never lie to them again.

When they finally arrived at the scene of the crime, she stepped toward the obelisk, returning to what she had originally planned the first time she came here. Looking back to the mirrored face of her brother, she offered him an encouraging smile, before looking back at the slick black stone and pressing her muzzle gently against the cold surface. It wasn’t for any reason, it just felt nice and perhaps a bit respectful to do, and deep down she was sure if Kaos didn’t like it, he would mention it. She didn’t think Kianzo needed to do it, but she allowed him space if her twin so wished to. Then, she lowered her head to press her soft muzzle to the necklace, wondering if that would do anything as well.

Meanwhile, Khairi crooned to Keusi, perching himself alongside the obelisk like he did the first time they came, puffing his chest out proud with the faintest hint of a grin on the corners of his bearded beak.

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