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formidable gifts {Destrier} - Peixos - 02-22-2013

peixos & raimo

Methane swirls in our nostrils, drinking us away as the stench climbs highest in the Tallsun heat. Mist veils us as locusts and cicadas churn up a sweaty sound that beats into our eardrums. It blooms in our heads, the echo in our miserable hearts. My hooves are slow. Squelching mire in my frog slows my pace and I swat at irritating mosquitoes, drinking away, feasting at my underbelly. Raimo is lucky enough to be flying, almost hovering in small circles above, entranced as well by the heat that sifts through the spotlight trees. It is downright ugly here, green in gooey spots, termite brown in others, but the eeriness of the only bright thing here eats away in my brain, and that is the humid fog stagnant in the air.

It wraps us up like a cocoon, cradling me in an umber on the narrow path. It barely holds me, sliding off into the mire that I swear has hands. I am cautious because I'm unaware of the depths that spiral below in a churning umbrage of bones. Raimo tells me of the clear lake off to the side and how the mist seems to dance on the water, sifting to the Tyndall effect, thus not letting light pass to the surface. My mocha eyes strain to see into the marsh, finding not an ounce of life save for the deadly sigh of cicadas and locusts. I cringe at the thought of one landing in the middle of my face with such a vulgar sound erupting from such a vile mouth. 'Who the hell would live here?' Raimo's voice splits my concentration. I halt in the narrow path and lock hard eyes with him above, trying to find room to turn back and find a way back to the massive clearing. 'I have no fucking idea,' my irritation plummeted in my brain claiming Raimo's like a shadow to sun.
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RE: formidable gifts {Destrier} - Destrier - 02-24-2013


Destrier had wandered throughout a good portion of Helovia already, seeking those with a scaly friend at their sides. It was not as easy as he'd originally thought it might be, for he knew very few with such. Dragons were a rather popular thing back home in the Edge, but for one reason or another, the Friesian had set off in search of others. Perhaps it was the simple need to stretch his legs and venture out on his own for some time, or to allow Tor some time alone with their children, he wasn't sure.

As he moved, the terrain began to change ever so slowly; the trees grew more and more thin, and the ground beneath his feet grew soggy, pulling his feathered feet in and making a terrible squelching noise whenever pulled free. Above him, the sun was high in the sky, as if the Sun God himself was watching over him during his quest. The heat intensified the repulsive smell of stagnant waters, and the winged beasts seemed to zone in on him all at once.

"No one in their right mind would be spending time here in this heat," his thoughts came as he slowed, eventually coming to a halt. Already it was becoming miserable here, for the bite of insects were rampant and becoming difficult to ward off, enough to force the stallion to turn back and head home.

However, the sudden sound of another had caught his attention, ears flickering for a moment as he listened. There were no voices to be heard, simply the sound of hooves in mud. Something within Destrier felt unsettled; what if it were a foal, long lost and separated from his mother? Or simply someone in need? Perhaps his sudden worries were extreme, but for Destrier, the mere curiosity he suddenly felt wouldn't allow for him to turn tail now.

"Hello?" His voice boomed as he continued on, picking his path carefully as his choice in dry terrain became fewer, and then nonexistent. It didn't take long for him to spot a greyed form ahead of him, undoubtedly an equine like himself, eyes cast to the sky and looking the epitome of agitated. Destrier could not recall ever seeing the other stallion before, and briefly, he wondered just what he was doing in a place like the Marsh on a day like this. Not that he could talk.

But as he drew himself closer and closer to the other, Destrier could not dismiss the blue creature flying overhead, and instantly he knew what it was. It was a dragon, of magnificent, iridescent blue, and idly the Friesian wondered if this grey stallion may be able to help him with his quest. But that would not be the first question to pass his lips.

"Are you troubled, brother?" The Friesian spoke up, drawing himself closer to the other, "Perhaps I could be of assistance."


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RE: formidable gifts {Destrier} - Peixos - 03-24-2013

peixos & raimo

Perhaps there is no way out of the bog. I cannot seem to find a trace of land any further because the thin strip of soggy sediment simply gives way to the glassy surface of the lake, and who knows how far it drops off to - or what lies beneath it. I make one thing clear to us: I'm not going for a swim. Raimo chuckles mentally from above my head. I sense him trying to make out a flight path between the sparse trees. I tell him there is as much room to fly as there is to walk.

My body really is beginning to sting with a possibility of being stuck. My instinct screams to turn back and gallop until the plant arms stop grazing my silver coat and the mud stops grabbing at my legs and there is cold air in my lungs. My body is at a steady ooze of sweat, and I was to that point where I couldn't stay any longer.

But the steps of another behind instantly earned my attention. I halted squarely and met Raimo against the sky. His eyes darted, seeing for me the massive black equine that stared from behind. 'He's fine,' the blue whispered mentally, and folded his wings to his chest before diving down to meet his claws to my withers. I pushed my rear into the offside of the narrow path, pinning my ears and arching my neck to avoid brushing against the dense gathering of thorns. They scraped against my nose and I snorted at the misery bleeding from my surroundings. As I turned the Friesian stallion offered a formal greeting.

Truth is, I was troubled, but he wouldn't know that.

"Nope, just passing through," my voice still irritated. I was finally turned the direction I came. I felt a miniscule defeat rising in my thoughts. I was determined to pass through this land and as soon as I finished conversing with the noble stranger, I'd be on my way. Mocha eyes found his, tracing over the stallion's large picturesque build, soon locating the genuine expression he wore.

"This is a fool's place, don't you think?" I was still numb to the idea of turning back, and my words showed it.

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RE: formidable gifts {Destrier} - Destrier - 04-02-2013


The sound of sloshing waters ahead of him suddenly stops, just a second after he had spoken. There was no doubt that he had managed to nab the attention of whoever this was, and that was only made more obvious when the grey turned to face him. His tone was nothing short of irritated, and for a moment, Destrier hoped that he was not the cause of such ill feelings. He, too, had simply ventured here for the sake of adventure, yearning to know more of this land he called home; however, this marsh was not sculpted to fit towering bodies such as their own.

Destrier had little more room than the stranger he had stumbled across, causing him to drop his head lower than it's natural carry, and every thorn and wayward branch one could imagine would hook and snag at the Friesian's crimped mane and tail. However awkward a position he was forced into, his noble expression remained, and his dark eyes met the grey's own. What on earth was he doing here in the first place? It was not his business, of course, but what reasoning was there to force oneself into such a bothersome landscape?

"I would be lying to disagree with you," he answered, twisting his head to the left as a skewed thorn got too close for comfort to his eye. "I beg your forgiveness in my asking, but what are you doing out here in this mess?" For honestly, the stallion thought he might stumble across a lost colt in this slop, looking tirelessly for his way back home, but instead he had found the bulky mass of this stranger.

But now, Destrier's attention shifted to the scaly dragon who had made home upon the stallion's withers. 'Bring back scales from three different dragons,' he recalled the words spoken by the God of the Sun clearly, '... And I will make you a fine set of armor.' Destrier had never been fond of asking favors from strangers, but with the rising and continuous threats against the World's Edge, he felt as if he were running out of time with each passing second. As awkward as it was for him, standing amidst the slop and brambles, there was no point in making in even more so.

"Pardon my bluntness, friend, but I am Destrier of the World's Edge, sent on a quest by the God of the Sun himself." A brief pause was given, as if the stallion was trying to gauge the other's reaction, before he continued on. Surely this wasn't so uncommon in a land full of magic, where one might ask another for help on a Godly quest? It sounded strange, but... "I must collect scales from three different dragons. Perhaps you can assist me?"

Even now the Friesian's expression remained genuine, awaiting patiently an answer. If he were turned down then so be it, or if the grey wanted something in return, Destrier would be more than ready to do what he was able. An eye for an eye, as Bran had always told him.

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RE: formidable gifts {Destrier} - Peixos - 06-06-2013

peixos & raimo

A fly buzzed in my ear after the words drained from my lips. My eyes caught the path behind the black soldier and I began to realize how far into the mass of Cyprus stumps I'd come. The mud ached in my soles alongside the tremor of leeriness disclosed in the dark pools of swamp. It was an unappealing place, I was quick to adapt the placings of my feet upon entering, feeling an unwelcoming caution trip into hindsight. I had only perseverance dragging me onward.

The reason was probably unfortunate, but in my own opinion I was going somewhere. I paused in thought. "Why are you asking," I replied, no harshness in my tone. I looked to the ground, searching for a doable answer. "We're wandering, I suppose. I want to know what lies on the other side of this hellhole." It was true enough. Raimo, as frequently charming as he was, chirped his jaws despite my negativity glancing kindly to the large, long-haired stallion.

'Pardon my bluntness, friend, but I am Destrier of the World's Edge, sent on a quest by the God of the Sun himself.'

His next words spoke a fast introduction before he finally revealed himself, prizing my blue's magnificently iridescent, aqua scaling. I knew it. He was some kind of salesman sent here to raid my dragon's scales and pull the strands of my tail to keep his wife happy and his foals warm. It made perfect sense. The blue shook his head mentally to my rather clever assumptions and almost took the greeting to himself, unfolding his wings theatrically. I smiled nicely anyway. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Destrier." I motioned to the wild blue, "This is my Raimo. He's quite... something." I chuckled and pulled him close, whispering into his brain, keeping focus on Destrier, remembering the Gods of Isilme and the magical corrosion that ebbed its way into our lives. I was stale to it. Knowing Raimo was a work of Nieque's majesty himself tore my standings with the mysterious allure.

I remembered how our world was shot down by an apocalyptic smash of magical overhaul released by the furies of Isilme's demigods. Aarde's bronze clashed with his royal dirt, sending the stallion down upon equine destination. We were clueless. I was clueless. There was no falling on the chest of my mother anymore, panting from radial exhaustion, lungs too tired to understand the collapse of our lives. We failed under magic. I really wasn't feeling up to contributing to it, but if this is what that stallion wanted I'd make sure my blue wanted it too.

I asked him.

"He doesn't mind contributing a few scales," I said, locking eyes with the dark stallion. "may I ask how you'll use them?"

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RE: formidable gifts {Destrier} - Destrier - 06-07-2013


Although the grey's tone was lacking in harshness, I could only guess that he was somewhat annoyed with my presence. I hadn't meant to intrude, for I had been only curious as to why somebody would put themselves through so much muck and stagnant water without a real purpose. I supposed I was somewhat curious as to what lie beyond these leafless trees, but I would leave the grey stud to find that mystery out on his own for now.

The nameless stallion introduces his blue friend, proclaiming that his name is Raimo, though he does not tell me his own name. Was there a reason, I wondered? I tried not to think too much on it, and instead focused my gaze upon the scaly form of Raimo. With each encounter I had made in regards to this very quest, I couldn't help but feel somewhat ashamed and shift uncomfortably beneath the scrutiny of the strangers and their beloved companions. After all, I was asking for a literal piece of them... and I could only hope that I didn't make others feel as uncomfortable as I felt.

"He is magnificent," I spoke, a warmth in my eyes as I regarded the iridescent dragon with complete and utter respect, "Truly so." As I watched the pair, there was a short moment where they fell silent and seemed to be speaking with one another wordlessly. Though I held not one of my own, I admired the way many who called Helovia home bonded to another species, living their lives in tandem to one another. It was a special thing for sure, or at least, that's what I imagined.

When the stallion spoke again and assured that dragon was willing to help, I dipped my head gratefully. "Thank you, Raimo," I said to the dragon, although I knew it would not garner a vocal response. Shifting my attention back upon the stallion, I considered his question for a moment and found myself more than happy to answer. "Armor," I responded simplistically, "So that I may better myself to protect my home."


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