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Them Bones - Destrier - 08-04-2013

we are like birds of a feather
we are two hearts joined together
we will be forever as one
my brother under the sun </style>

With five colorful scales now in my posession, it was time to move on to the other items required for the Lord of Fire to fit me in the finest layer of armour. To enable the Lord of Fire to cloak me in the finest armour, I was still in need of a metal crafter and a small collection of dragon bones. Due to the lack of magic throughout the land, I settled on the latter and made my way towards the Marsh, but I wasn't without company.

Much to my eternal happiness, several members of my personal family as well as the Qian had offered their assistance in the removal of bones from the Marsh. I had half expected them to think me crazy, requesting they follow me to the dark and dangerous marsh deep within Helovia, to take the remains of a once living creature from the gunk and mud... But the reception I had received had been good, and as I traveled towards the bog, I was thankful I wasn't doing it alone.

"You've not strayed this far from home before, have you, Luken?" The question was directed to my son as we penetrated the borders of the eerie marsh, the ground beneath me already starting to give under my hefty weight and making a squelching noise. The words I spoke to my pale son were simply out of curiosity, for while I did find myself often worrying of my children's whereabouts, I knew they needed space and time to explore the world by themselves. So long as they kept safe, I didn't mind them wandering.

Also joining us was my fellow Windleader, Kaj. We had yet to learn much of each other even though I so desperately wanted to; perhaps this would be our chance to get away from our herd duties, if only for a little while, and truly learn a little about one another. In the end I was certain it would do good for the both of us, cause us to grow closer and thus strengthen the bond that came with holding the same rank. A third had joined our party, a mare I knew resided in the Edge but I knew nothing of her. A pale red dun in color, I knew I had seen her on occasion during patrols and simple wandering, but I'd not ever approached her until now. My chest tightened in guilt at the realization, but maybe now, I could make up for that. "Have you traveled here before, Kaj?" I spoke up, extending the same question to my fellow pale Winglead as I had my son, my tone pure curiosity. My gaze switched to the mare, then, a gentle smile pulling at my features. "And what about you? I don't believe we have met before; pardon my manners. My name is Destrier."

Going deeper into the marsh, it was literally impossible to keep our movements quiet and unnoticed. Perched on my withers, her claws entangled at the base of my mane near the rune hanging from it, Suli looked on as we traveled, taking in the strange sights and the pungent smell that came with the location. With every step came an unpleasant sucking sound as the ground threatened to pull us down, but never did I stand in one place for too long. There were a few places where the earth was thicker and more safe to stand upon, but they were hard to come by. In one spot, however, there was a cluster of these 'islands' and I figured it the safest of places to begin our search. Inhaling a deep breath, I exchanged a glance with all who were present and cast them a smile. "Thank you again for volunteering for this," I said before turning my gaze back to the murky waters below, "Shall we?"

With that, my front hooves stepped into the dirty, reeking waters and I began to dig, feeling for anything that could possibly be a bone. 'So long as it isn't the long lost remains of anything else,' I thought to myself, resisting a shudder at the mere thought of finding something I was not looking for. From my back, I could feel Suli leap from her position and go diving rather merrily into the waters to begin her own search.

[ooc - For Kaj, Luken, Resplendence, and anyone else who would like to join :3 I imagine Des was like "oh hey who wants to come let's go ;D" beforehand.]

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RE: Them Bones - Luken - 08-06-2013

"You've not strayed this far from home before, have you, Luken?"

The question, spoken with the deep baritone of his father's voice, snapped the young Acolyte from his musings. Startled chocolate eyes glanced up at attention and his gaze settled on Destrier, his ears swiveling forward. The yearling offered a terse smile. As of late, he had been wandering, but despite Destrier's words the rancid Marsh was not the furthest he had ventured from the World's Edge. No... It had been to the Veins, where he had received his visit from the Sun God.

"Well," He began almost sheepishly, doing his best to keep up with his father's pace, which was rather difficult given the strange muck that their group traversed through, "I have explored farther than this, actually; to the Veins of the Gods. But I've never been here." It was where he had been greeted by the God of the Sun, who bestowed upon him a quest for his own magic. It was where he not only received that quest, but the burning, painful mark that adorned his right shoulder. Shaped like a sun, it burned similar to that of a sunburn, but the continuous, pulsating pain only served as a reminder of the importance of his quest.

Yet Destrier did not know that tale. Or, at least, not yet.

Looking back to the others who had joined the father and son duo, Luken smiled to them as well. The pale Acolyte knew of Kaj, the fellow Wingleader who served Queen Mirage beside Destrier, but he wasn't terribly familiar with the Pegasus. A mare had accompanied Kaj, and if Luken could correctly remember, she had only just recently joined the ranks of the Edge. She was a lovely creature, he decided, her brindle markings rather easy on the eyes.

Still, following in the footsteps of his gentlemanly father, Luken refrained from openly meeting with the mare and allowed Destrier do indulge the brindled mare and the Winglead in conversation. Instead, he focused on not slipping or tripping in this God-awful terrain they were moving through. The mud, if one could even call it that, stuck to his hooves and pulled against him, as if wanting to hold him into place.

"How will we know when we're to start digging? Or where?" He asked at last, making a face as the foul-smelling mud splattered up and over his forehooves. Disgusting.

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RE: Them Bones - Resplendence - 08-06-2013

and i'd tell that i miss you but i'm sure it doesn't matter at all
Res shifted her weight, someone had offered a trip and she hadn't payed too much attention to what for when it was offered. A safety net would be around her, so it seemed, as she knew that Kaj could easily protect the group and that the one who had decided to lead the group. Of course, when the words of the marsh had been mentioned she was a little put off. But upon second thought she decided that maybe it was time that she took a trip back there with a clearer mind to pay her respects.

So they had set off, and her mind was slowly taken over by the images of Rowan dying, and of the black one with the blood dripping off of his horn. There was some conversation along the trek, but she didn't allow most of it to filter into her ear. Instead, she concentrated upon measured movements, hoofbeats in a precise rhythm to keep her mind off of the nightmares that were forever lurking in her brain. Questions about if they had traveled so far. And then, his gaze turned toward her, a smile upon his lips. He knew no different - Kaj knew no different - though it still stung deep in her mind. He offered his name and she gave a light bob of her head before subtly inching a bit closer toward the winged one she trusted to protect her more than the others.

She let out a short breath before allowing her silken chords to permeate the air. "I have, actually, sir. I-I... lost a dear friend not too long ago... in this marsh..." she explained her voice breaking a little before returning to the comment on the process of names. "My name is Resplendence. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, and your's too, Luken." she whispered, eyes searching the darkest areas of the marsh for the mechanical one who had caused her all of this pain.

Upon getting toward the deepest portion of the marsh they came across the jumps of islands with multiple trees around - very similar to the area she had run into Rowan - and Destrier gave a few words of thanks for volunteering. And then, he began to dig. Digging. Not necessarily something she wanted to do, especially if it came to being sucked in the waters like the myths. And she was definitely not about to touch the bloated bodies that had been so near Rowan. She didn't want to come across her body in these marshes. "I can prod around with a branch? Perhaps if I find something hard enough then you can start to dig down deeper?" she offered, glancing up at the tree beside her and deciding that it seemed like a better idea. So, reaching up, she broke a branch off of the tree that was beside her little island, and after positioning it in her mouth ever so slightly she began to prod around in these disgusting waters for something hard that reminded her of bone.

She poked and prodded around for a while, limbs trembling a little in uncertainty every time she felt the branch prod against something that seemed bloated or puffy. How many times that branch hit something she didn't doubt was equine in relation? Then, finally, she hit something hard, much like bone, and when she shifted it around she seemed to only get a bit more bone. Sticking it in the mud there she allowed her voice to fixate back into the air that never seemed to neglect in it's duties of making this place even eerier. "I might have something, here." she called out, to none of them in particular, just out in the open to whoever desired to attempt to take over the digging.


RE: Them Bones - Kaj - 08-09-2013

It was a soggy morning when Destrier had inquired if any of his family desired to follow him into the reaches of the swamps to help him accomplish the next- or was it last?- part of his quest. Kaj of course had been delighted by the invitation, heading out with his wingless brother immediately after assuring he had no plans. Destrier was wonderful company, not someone he would turn down for a pleasant afternoon with. The pale fellow was rather saddened that he had not been able to spend as much time with his friend as he had wished, but times were tense and everyone was needed at hand. Not to mention the dark brute was a single father as well. The mere thought of Tor still twisted his face into disgust and rage, but he dare not let his features change around the young one and Resplendence. She had seemed excited to come along with them, or...as excited as she could appear in her fearful world. Kaj couldn’t understand her, but her weakness attracted him like a magnet. Having been the brute support in a female-dominated herd, he was used to defending and caring for them when they fell. Of course, they would always be stronger, but in their moments he had cared for them. And when the time came, he would step in front of any blow to protect his Mage, regardless of whether or not Death met him on the other side.

Kaj’s rank brother turned and gently queried over whether his son had traveled so far before, and Kaj walked calmly behind them, the same daydreaming smile upon his lips as always. He may appear unalert, but that was only part of the illusion. Kaj was raised a protector, a killer, a fighter. It was his very blood. There was no way he would be caught unaware, especially with a little one and a frail mare in their group. The same question from coal lips was directed at him, and Kaj’s clear blue eyes focused on Destrier, the same wistful smile on his lips despite the clarity and somewhat feline look within his gazers. ”I have not ventured to this particular area, but I have been much farther than these reaches,” he rumbled in his deep, soothing vocals. Destrier then turned to Resplendence, and Kaj was glad that he was including their unforeseen addition in the conversation. Spotting the young Luken gazing over his shoulder and smiling at him and Resplendence, Kaj smiled back, giving a kindly and playful wink before Luken turned back round to his father.

The swamps were thick and congealed, a disgusting slop that made every step sound like a suck-pop-squelch pattern. Uncaring that his legs were getting coated in the disgusting substance, Kaj glanced around them to make sure nobody was around that was not supposed to be, wishing he could secure a perimeter but knowing they would be traveling around the swamp looking for the bones Destrier needed. Resplendence’s soft, broken admittance brought a frown upon Kaj’s strong features, and he turned to give her a look of concern. ”Do you not wish to stay, zusje?” he asked her softly, though it was clear enough to be heard by all. Would they deny her the right to leave if memories were too harsh for her to stay? Kaj knew her better than the others present, after all.

Nevertheless she seemed determined to stay, and though concern continued to knit his brow, Kaj followed after them, nodding with a small smile towards Destrier for his thanks. Luken’s disgusted expression had a low chuckle shaking his chest, and he stretched out one large wing to brush the youth’s shoulder gently. ”The Earth Lord made it, it may feel unsatisfactory, but it’s truly harmless,” he grinned playfully. ”Though I must say, it makes the skin so soft and shiny,” he teased, dancing in place and spattering a little of the gunk all over, pretending to be in absolute exhilaration over the ‘wonderful properties’ of the disgusting substance.

His play was cut short by Resplendence calling out, and he was already alert and moving briskly towards her before her words even registered, so used to jumping to protect-mode. Turning to give Destrier a curious, almost childlike look, he turned back round and advanced. ”What do you think it feels like, zusje?” the lad asked softly, making sure to stay within her peripherals as he came close, peering down at the swampy waters as if they would part and give up their treasure at his mere gaze.

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RE: Them Bones - Destrier - 08-27-2013

we are like birds of a feather
we are two hearts joined together
we will be forever as one
my brother under the sun </style>

Luken looked rather frightened by my question, and I nearly tipped my head to one side in curiosity at his expression. I had only been curious, and as I had told Laila before, I didn't mind their wandering so long as they kept themselves out of harms way to the best of their abilities. I worried constantly for my children's well-being, of course, for I knew that their mother's abrupt departure had torn their hearts to shreds, and I could only do so much to console them... But they were strong, and never did I doubt them in their decisions.

But for now, in the company of others, I wouldn't coddle my son. It was just a simple question, after all, and I was over-thinking it all.

"Oh?" I inquired with a quirked brow, thinking back to the time I had traveled to the Veins myself, which was ultimately the reason why we were here in this marshy wasteland. It was at the Veins I had been granted the Lord of Fire's presence, and thus, the gift of a quest. Had my pale son gone to seek something of his own? Prying was the last thing I ever wanted to do, and I wouldn't force Luken into saying anything, but I couldn't help but at least ask. The burn covering his shoulders was certainly worrisome for a father such as I. "May I ask for what reason? I have been twice, and that is why I've asked everyone to accompany me here."

When the strawberry toned mare spoke up, proclaiming that she had been to these parts before, I felt my heart threaten to leap into my throat. My next step hesitated a second before carrying on, and bister eyes took on a gentle appearance. The break in her voice chipped a little piece of my heart away with it. "I am sorry to hear that, miss," I spoke up, keeping my words simple so as not to stir up anymore painful memories for the roan; I could only guess how much pain bubbled within her gut with every step she took deeper into these marshes. Her bravery to return here after such an awful incident was truly admirable.

Kaj, too, claimed to have wandered further than these marshes. I wasn't terribly surprised, for although his heart and loyalty lie in the World's Edge, my fellow Winglead took me as a wandering soul.

As everyone found their own section to begin digging, it took a surprisingly short amount of time for somebody to claim they'd found something. Lifting my head, I caught the golden frame of my Brother making haste to Resplendence. Though I had never seen this mare until now, I could see that it was a completely different story in regards to her and Kaj. Like siblings they acted, Kaj taking on the role of big brother and Resplendence, the young sister who was still afraid of monsters, and rightfully so. When I caught the sight of Kaj's curious look, I cast a gentle smile back to him and pulled my hooves from where they had been sucked in, making my way over to the pair.

Just as I reached them, however, something strange began to happen. From the area Resplendence had previously been prodding around, the water began to bubble; first a little bubble here and there, and then more, and then more until finally, something began to rise from the waters. A skull, yellowed and worn throughout years of being stuck in its muddy prison, seemed to rise to the surface like magic, the empty sockets of its eyes tilted to look up at those standing over it. Beneath it, Suli was struggling to keep it held up, a proud, wide, toothy smile stretched out across her face.

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RE: Them Bones - Destrier - 01-08-2014

we are like birds of a feather
we are two hearts joined together
we will be forever as one
my brother under the sun </style>

We dig, and dig, and dig... and dig.

It was an arduous task, we beings so unsuited to the much and grime that continually threatened to pull us under and never let go. The squelch and popping of the mud beneath our hooves was relentless as we searched, and for some time our efforts seemed meaningless. There was no success, no findings, only the creeping discomfort that came when we would discover a solid mass beneath the murky water. I had never been one to be easily unnerved, but the possibility of finding the body of some unfortunate soul was ever present in the back of my mind throughout our search. I dreaded it, grew stiff whenever I would strike something out of the norm, but thankfully, no bodies ever showed up during our digging.

A good two or so hours into it was when we found our first worthy discovery. Suli had been the one to bring it up from her diving adventure; a long bone with slight curvature, resembling the spines that lined the little green's back, but of much larger proportions. I'd sent her back down to search the area once more, and much to my pleasure, there seemed to be quite a few more. They all retained similar shape and structure, but they all varied in size. When there proved to be no more, we continued in a more focused area around where the spines had been found. Soon, we had found a plethora of bones.

With black pelt already covered with grime, I'd long since stopped caring how I went about my search. So when I struck a hard, bone-like mass, I plunged my muzzle into the waters, albeit hesitantly, and began to feel around. It was a strange shape, smooth in some places but jagged in other parts. Pulling my head back up, I went about using one leg to carefully pull and pry it away from its muddy grave until finally, it was upon the tiny shore for all to see.

I had found a skull; long, appearing to be the same size as my own or close to it. I could only imagine how long it had been stuck here beyond vision, an old legend waiting to be recovered again. It had long since been discolored by the stagnant, dirty water, plagued with an aroma that would make anyone turn up their nose. Many of the teeth were missing from the jaw, but a few still remained nestled within the bone, long and deadly.

From Suli, I could feel a great deal of sadness radiating from her. I did my best to silently console her, for this was of her kin, but long since gone from this world for all that we knew. But I was not here to simply take these gems and show them off to all who would look; they would be put to use, and I would restore their glory if it was the last thing I did.

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