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[PRIVATE] Mending broken bones [Parelia]

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The moon shone calmly on ivory fur, lighting it up like a ghost as one filly gazed with glowing orbs. The other seemed dark as shadows with chocolate eyes, glowing, directed at the ghostly stallion. "What do you want?" Steady words were uttered out of the taut warrior's lips, gazing at the two familiar girls. "You don't remember us, big brother?" The smaller, pale filly spoke with a saddened tone, her vocals softened. "How dare", the other one hissed with hatred and hurt, present in her brash voice. "Willow...Leila...I love you both, but I left for...for the best", did he really?

The vision vanished as sunlight streamed through leaves awakening him that day. Since then the warrior was bothered, hearing their words replay and grasping the dull pain of leaving them back in his old lands. But they should be happy, under the safety of their parents. Sighing and flipping a strand of bicolor hair out of his eyes, Arrane slowly continued his leisurely walk, getting out of the Threshold and Foothills area. It wasn't that he minded being with a herd--of course not, he loved them with his life--but, it was nice to be free every so often and explore the wilds, keeping to himself, or even meeting new horses.

The day was gloomy, gray clouds overhead and an impending storm, but Arrane wouldn't mind much if he got a little bit wet. After all, it was just water. The grass whispered ominously as it swayed in the wind, a dark foreshadow of what would happen next.

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