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[OPEN] Come into the light [NS MYTHICAL COMPANION]

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Does your heart cringe, and croon, and cry?
Do you wish for another by your side?
Can you care for another, until it dies?
For that is what I offer.

A lifelong bond to an intelligent soul,
In richness and in health, to have and hold.
To love, and praise, and teach, and mould;
For that is what I offer.

To gather round, but please don't push,
Into your hearts, I shall take a look.
To gift those deserving, and not the crooks,
For this is my only offer.

This is a (plain) Non Specific Mythical Companion drop (Kitsune, Boggart, Hellhound, Cerndyr). Please post below if you have had one of those four on your wishlist for more than a month. Please include a link to your wishlist, as well as any previous (companion) refusals.

This drop will close in 72 hours.

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