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Touch the Sky

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Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

My hooves pound into the frozen earth. FrostFall was not my favorite time of year... Not that I have seen much else. Either way, I do not like the cold. The white stuff that the Old Mare called snow covered much of the ground, but as I entered the forest it thinned out. Was this the beginning of Helovia? Was this where my mother was raised? My pace slowed, my emerald green eyes dancing about taking in everything around me.

That is when I first saw it. A golden orb hovering near a tree. Curiously I moved forward, the silver chain the Old Mare had made for me with my mother's earth amulet around my neck. It was the only piece of her I still had, the one piece that tied me to Helovia. But enough about my mother's amulet. This orb thing, well it just hung there for a minute until I stepped closer. I snorted suddenly as the orb moved towards me, nestling right next to my neck. Well, since it seemed to like me I guess I might as well look after it.

Now that everything was settled, I guess I better get to finding my family. Momma did not tell me much about them, mostly my Uncle Aaron. I don't even know what he looks like. I do rememeber her saying something about the herd they lived in.... The Edge I think.. I hope that's it at least... Because that was going to be my best chance to find anyone I might be related to.

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