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…no FUCK IT it’s time to crack some knuckles up in this bitch.

The inside of me was tight, tighter than I ever thought my body could ever be. I thought I was already a vacuum-sealed bag of gross-guts but no one ever really tells you that your entire body can just seize up, like your ass cramping in the middle of the night hard enough to pull you out of your dreams. It’s one of those things about life that no one can ever really tell you, the fine-print in a really boring chapter that you always skip in Ye Olde Grande Booke of Bullshite that everyone’s supposed to read before they’re born and no one ever, ever remembers. Everyone has a heart and it hurts to have one and you gotta find a way to deal with it.

And I thought FUCK IT because this was my way with dealing with seized up heart-guts. This was it, the sweat and the jittery anticipation of the kick and the bite, the r o a r growing in your chest until it’s deafening and you can’t even hear yourself think (or reason); it’s the icy blast and the heat wave crawling up your spine all at the same time, making your skin tingle and your body parts hush and scream with the feeling of excitement (and fear) that comes along with the first swing. It was fuckin’ somebody up and getting fucked up yourself and walking away, and even though you get bruised and bloody (and your eyes don’t work so good anymore) and your ass might actually seize up on you, you’re walking away and you’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive and you didn’t even have to think too hard to manage it.

Did I learn anything from my last match with Fireball™? I mean yeah, probably—for instance, you learn to understand when you’re beaten and you sit your ass down somewhere. But you could also argue that the primary lesson was to sit your ass down somewhere in the first place and not get yourself into a mess like that again. And whoever makes such a particular argument can bite all four corners and the brownest part of my ass, cuz I was fighting and there weren’t no one on this green and blue and white and red planet that was gonna stop me.

(Who cared enough to stop me.)

It figures that I would be on top of the world when the compulsion became too hard for me to ignore and erase. Maybe it was scarcity of oxygen (Are we really going down this road again)? I mean, whatever kinda excuse I can latch onto, right? All I know is that the sun was shining high and the wind wasn’t too harsh but it felt great (and smelled like fire) and I raced to a cliff edge that overlooked everything about this shitty place that I had to live in.

“FIGHT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I shouted to the world. Put up your dukes.



Setting: Heavenly Fields; high noon. Seasonably warm with bright, blinding sunshine and no clouds; mostly stable footing but there are some stones hidden in the grass.

3 attacks + Closing defense for both.


ATTACKS: [0/3] ]

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