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The day was slowly slipping from morning to afternoon. Honey eyes gazed lovingly down at her young filly before switching to her son. He was quietly wondering away, lost in his own thoughts. Upturned kissers faltered before sliding down. He seemed so lost to her, to everyone really. Did he even have any friends? She didn't think so. 'Penna will you...?' Ruffling his feathers the Falcon took wing gliding high above the trees after his bonded's first child. 'Thank you!' She smiled softly relaxing before leaning down towards her daughter. "It's time to wake up sweetheart, lets go explore." Tenderly the cremello tried to rub her muzzle against her pretty chocolate muzzle.

This would be Areli first time out of the Edge, and she wanted it to be a pretty place. As her baby woke up and did as she wanted; Parelia figured out where she wanted to go. The day was bright and warm, a beautiful day to go exploring. Then it came to her, the secret grove would be perfect! "Come one Areli I know where we're going! Stick close, but feel free to run around." She knew how important it was for foals to run and play, but she needed to keep her girl close. Mother instincts told her something wasn't quite right with her. Not mentally, but something physical. Areli just didn't seem like she could focus right, or even hear perfectly. Maybe she was just being overprotective, or hell, maybe she was crazy. Either way she wanted to find a healer to look her over, but it was just to nice of a day to worry about that right now.

The trip took a while even though the grove was close to home. The winged lady didn't want the golden dappled girl to become over tired or hungry. Her children meant everything to her, more than her herd, Ciceron, or her own life. Honey orbs watched the filly with pride. She had done such a great job walking all this way with only a few short breaks. Willows seemed to right out of nowhere as the neared the small lake. She smiled as branches tickled down her back and sides. Skin crawled excitedly itching to run, but now she needed to be next to her tiny filly. After a little while longer they reached the lake. Lowering her tender muzzle the dove sucked the cool water teal and cream tail swishing softly. Unfortunately she couldn't afford to not be on guard for long. Looking back up ears swiveled and nostrils quivered searching for any signs of danger, ready to face them head on. "Baby, if anyone shows up get behind me, ok?" Her voice was soft laced with seriousness as she lowered her dome to Areli level.

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