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[JUDGED] Salt Smarts [xLena]

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I tried to sell my soul last night, it's funny he wouldn't even take a bite.

Blue's observe, in the early morning light. I walk out of my cave, stretching as I go, each limb straining. After its done I snort softly, looking about me, black tresses falling into my face. Today was my spar with Lena. I had delivered invitations with her once, when Glacia had first been born, and I had seen her at various herd events, be it meetings or gatherings... I take a deep breath and trek my way towards the northern end of the Basin. I take my time, munching along the way, drinking out of the lake, letting the sun warm my shiny black coat. Soon enough I was fully awake, and I was moving faster, taking bigger strides, warming my body up for the upcoming spar. As I get closer I watch the sparse trees slowly appear, the frozen lake slowly fading away, until I reach a small clearing. My head swings slowly around, looking at my surroundings, spotting the hot springs directly behind me. It was close, and easily accessible for after the fight should the sore muscles be in need of the soothing heated water.

I look around again, before moving off at a trot to look at the clearing, make sure it was all in order. Also, I was limbering my body up for my spar. After I am satisfied I halt, haunches turned towards the springs. A short snort comes out of my raised head into the mis morning air, directly before a bellow echoes out from my muzzle. "Lena! I am ready when you are!" I call out into the sky, head raised high, as black ears flick back in forth, catching the twitter of birds, the snap of twigs that where not the heavy mass of a horse. As I wait, my mind turns to my last spar with Roland. I cringe. Today would hopefully not be a repeat of that terrible performance. I did not want to lose again. My pride couldn't take it. I might not survive it. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little now. I would survive it. It would just cause me to strive harder to achieve my goals.

And so I wait, my recent loss weighing heavy on my mind, in the empty silence of my mind, but the surround air buzzing with the summer busyness and glee, like the slow, annoying tick of a cuckoo clock. Just hurry it up already.

"Speech here."
Tag;; @[Lena]
Notes;; For Tallsun spars! Takes place mid morning before the heat sets in, in a small oval clearing close to the hot springs. Sparse tree's and shrubs surround the area, the footing is fair thanks to the sticky green grass and moist ground. If you head south a few minutes away the edge of the lake can clearly be seen.

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