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Autobot destroy... [ Ink Challenge]

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Each point in space (and time) is associated with a vector that determines what force a moving charge would experience.

The Engineer stood at the mouth of the Hidden Falls, furious, bronze eyes gazing in with no small measure of vehemence. A curled, lion's tail twisted around his hocks, a small physical tick of his inner rage. Rarely did the somewhat tacit and laid-back stallion descend into the depths of emotion to hardness the blackness inside. He usually rejected emotions as frivolous and irrelevant, but now he simply was angry, and he would channel that shadow into his very blood.

Red liquid flowed in his veins (he had never dissected a live specimen to know that it was actually blue), providing him with the necessary nutrients. Thick, corded muscle slid beneath his black coat, covered only by the glass armor Thranduil had gifted him earlier. Now, he was glad that he had not melted it down for scrap. Ulrik paced, cloven hooves leaving massive deer's prints on the earth as a thunderhead rolled by, crashing deeply and vibrating his very heart in his chest.

Light rain pinked against the tin surface of his armor, making ill-fitting music for this moment of war. He did not know who he was fighting - only that he was and would. Imogen had lead him to this place where the trees guarded waterfalls and where he assumed Lena to be. Why else would the little fox race inside? Why else would he lead Ulrik here? She had to be in there, and though he had never used her services before, she was a fixture in the Basin.

He rather liked his feng shui the way it was - with all individuals in their proper place. Anything else was a nagging distraction from grander, darker schemes. Ulrik ground his teeth together, continuing his brutal pace through the rains and finally pausing when he realized that, perhaps, no one would come out. Kirchoff lifted his muzzle to the sky, lungs bellowing a mournful howl that heralded the advent of Ulrik's good deed.

"YOU! Scummy little shadow breather!" he yelled, the depths of his voice like gravel and accent unnerving and harsh. Spit flew from his velvet black lips, mixing with the rain that streamed down his beard. "I AM HERE FOR LENA! I will not leave alone. Either I drag your corpse back to the Basin, or she is released..." he trailed off, inhaling sharply for a new breath.

"I don't give a fuck either way."

- Ulrik challenges LENA'S GUARD; ICly he doesn't know who that is, but he followed Imogen to the Falls
- OOCly, this is Ink!
- He is challenging for LENA'S FREEDOM

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