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But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?

Laedere was confused. So. Very. Confused. What the hell had just happened? Had the blue and black mare been accusing her of harming this other creature? She had never intended to harm Ardere… She was trying to take care of her, like the Earth God had asked…

Was she really doing everything wrong? She shuddered, letting out a snort and clasping her wings tighter around her sides. Aye, Ardere was already circling toward the water in order to continue to play as she always had. Was she always supposed to be in the water? No, it didn't seem like it. She seemed fine in the air on long travels. There was no pain in the emotions that she could feel from Ardere.

And what was this talk as enslavement? She didn't understand. Oh, her brain still hurt. Her brain still spun. Why was all of this happening? Was this a sign from the Earth God that she wasn't doing things right?

"What doth thee want from mineself?!" she cried out to the heavens. She was alone, or at least she thought she was, near the oasis. And, to be quite honest, she didn't expect any kind of answer. After all, she had gotten no answer when she had survived the ashes falling. She had gotten no answer when she had been thrust into this world. And she had gotten no answer any other time she had asked. She had simply had to go, to do things on her own, to hope that something would work out. And it seemed as though Ardere agreed with the belief that there would be no answer. She just wasn't as peeved about it.

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