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[OPEN] Whatch me whip, whatch me neigh neigh

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Finished with her latest patrol Ampere landed near the oasis, nodding at her relief to ensure the switch was easily managed. Puffing slightly from the exertion the double patrols were causing, Ampere relished her moment by the water. Though, she was still restless, her heart adrift in the seas of her mind. There were still so many things nor right, and she... she didn't feel strong enough to set them straight.

After indulging in a gulp of water the blue mare lifted the steel plate from her back, her magic moving and twisting the pleated heap of metal. With little effort it expanded, fanning out and securing itself as her trusty shield. She practiced moving it around, still getting familiar with its weight which was vastly different from her other utensils. She rapidly threw it, turning it into a weapon, then drew it back to her, fortifying a shoulder or a hip against some invisible attack. It still felt new and she was clumsier with it than she would like. Knives were easy, you threw the pointy end at someone, but shields required a certain tact, and that had never been her strong suit. Not to mention her small stature and general lack of strength made it difficult to support the heavy steel of the shield when she always needed it, but she supposed its strength would fill the holes of her weakness.

More than that though, she watched the shield as if drawing inspiration from it. It's purpose, to protect, was what she wanted at her very core. Could she become it, a shield for the disadvantaged?


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