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Edgar was swaying back and forth from a branch. He was squawking loudly, making faces and flapping his wings. Time was apparently running backwards, and instead of Edgar, she had Benjamin Button as a companion. Elsa rolled her eyes, watching him with judgmental eyes as he continued on his charade. She pitied him a little bit. This was a companion who was meant for love, children, happiness, and it was something not readily available within her. Edgar frowned, stopping his acting to chide her for thinking such thoughts. ’That’s my point.’ She replied simply. Her feelings always interrupted his fun and games. It wasn’t fair.

’You know I don’t want leave.’ He finally said, hopping down from his branch to hop up toward her on the ground. ’I wuv you.’ Elsa smiled weakly, lowering her nose to bump him gently. The bird rubbed up against her muzzle, chirping with happiness. ”But you know I had doing this to you. You didn’t sign up for this.” All he did was take a step back, and hop up and down trying to make his point. ’But you save me from death. You my mom. You make me who me is.’ Elsa shrugged, and her smile widened at his attempt to keep her happy. He was an invaluable addition to her life, and the ugly harpy had Elsa’s life wrapped up in her wings. She could swoop down at any moment, and Elsa would be at her beck and call in moments. ”I suppose I can believe you for now. But please, do not feel like you need to baby me. I’m simply an end result of my own mistakes.” Nothing she did Edgar saw as a mistake. Her love, her children, she did it with such selfless grace that he almost felt like he was losing her to them. She gave them her world, and bitterness had tainted his love of the trio who had abandoned her. Auriel was the only one who had given him hope. Maybe someday they would all return, but then again, maybe not. The future was foggy, but Edgar was adamant he would keep them on the path to happiness.

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