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[JUDGED] Heading for something that she won't forget | Ashamin challenge

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Consider your origin. You were not formed to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge.

Her body feels like it is made from ice. She moves like her limbs have been frozen, and her mind is as vacant as the aftermath of a blizzard. Everything is blank, and pale, and numb.

And then she sees him-

Isopia has been plagued by daydreams for the past few weeks, though over the past few days, those daydreams have twisted into nightmares. Her mind, academic, neutral, and detached had somehow found a way to accommodate the feelings of love that had burst within her for Volterra. Their affair (for she knew now, that that was all it was), came to fruition after months of happenstance and serendipitous meetings. Perhaps it was when their mammoth bodies had tentatively touched that first time - a mere brushing against each other when building her hot-tub - that somewhere in the vast crevices of her mind, destiny was born.

Destiny that this would happen.

That they would happen.

And they did - high above Helovia in the Heavenly Fields.

Somehow she made it fit - she forced the jagged pieces of their intertwined stories together, as they had forced their bodies. She ignored the nagging parts of her mind that reminded her that their __________ (for even after yielding to him completely, she still wasn’t sure what they were, save for ‘together’ in some sense), was incomplete. For the first time in her entire existence, she allowed herself to dawdle happily in blissful ignorance, to ignore the prophecies of heartache and letdown that lingered in the black-waters of her mind.

And so, Isopia the academic, Isopia the careful, Isopia the anhedonic, rode the high Volterra gave her.

And she rode it right into hell.

She had met Kid first. The meeting seemed simple, innocuous. Even Hubris had mentally commended her on reaching out - initiating a conversation first. He had his reservations about her tryst with Volterra, but even he had to admit that it had done wonders for her mood. Who could have expected that the colt was one of Volterra's offspring?

One of his many offspring, as her later encounter with Zhu and Sikeax would prove.

And both were sired from mares he wasn't with. That he didn't care for. Naively, Isopia had thought that perhaps Volterra had some control. She knew that there were mares he had been with, but due to her youthful ignorance, the relevant biology eluded her, and Isopia wrongfully believed that whether or not a child was created, was somehow not mere chance.

She could forgive herself - and him - that she was not his only friend, as he was hers. She could forgive her stupidity to think that perhaps he might want her in some unique sense. She was wrong about all of these things, and yet ... yet, if he could love her, as she loved him, then the life born of that coupling, could erase whatever other inclinations he had had in the past, or future.

But she learned that the life she carried inside of herself - the one which had begun to press against her rib-cage and add to her already fluffy FrostFall appearance, was not unique, was not special.

It was just another.

Another in Volterra's long line of conquests, and another foolish act made by the God of the Earth's progeny. Only this time the mistake wouldn't end in death.

Not hers at least.

Ashamin -


Her voice is a scream, sounding almost drunk. It oozes with hate, and regret, and feels. The sort of feels that make you stagger with emotion and blur your vision with the strength of the hormones flooding your system. Isopia was having a glorified tantrum, but for one who had never let herself experience emotion - must less learn to control it - she was strung out, high as a kite, on her own grief.

She gallops towards Ashamin, breathing hard. "The God of the Spark -" Heavy breath, thunderous hoof-falls, "- told the God of the Earth-" Her body sways on the crunchy snow. She is not used to the extra fat she has put on due to the cold and the life inside of her. "-how terrible you are!"

Pride, she recalls, seems to be one of Ashamin's buttons.

Please fight me- She thinks breathlessly, as she tries to slam her left shoulder into his own, hoping that an unprovoked fight and baseless insults will be enough to goad him into action. And why shouldn't it? It had worked last time that they found each other, in this place. Even in the low-light of dusk, she is sure that he will remember her.

That he will hate her.

That he will fight her.

Isopia challenges Ashamin to fight her? lol

Setting: Rotunda at dusk. Frostfall. Chilly. Not a lot of snow on the ground - what is there is crunchy.

WC: 789

Attack: 1/4

Summary: Taunts him, and then charges at him and tries to ram into his left shoulder.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

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