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Ophelia felt the weight increase over her months of doing very little of importance. She had grown in size, far past her weight with Roskuld, and she couldn't help but wonder if something was wrong. Her mind pondered over and over, never resting as she ran through the possibilities. Would her child be damaged somehow? The thought made her stomach turn, and she leaned against a nearby tree for support, taking a deep breath.

Torleik had been wonderful, just as she imagined. He was attentive and kind, almost overwhelmingly positive. She was not complaining - just making a note of his enthusiasm. It was cute, really. And, much to her amusement, he seemed to be handling the heat well. His dark coat was always shimmering so brightly in its short state, and the sweat seemed to have good effects on his health. Quietly she would smile a coy "I'm right" smile and refuse to speak on the matter.

The days wore on into a fine summer evening. A breeze from the seas rolled by, and she inhaled the salty air, reminded of her home in lands succumbed to shadow. Her strange, two colored eyes gazed out beyond the sea, lips upturned into a pleasant smile as she stood comfortably beneath the stars. The shimmering light from the lost stone never lost its glory, and she seemed to sparkle in the darkness as little flecks shone in her hair.

Everything was fine until she felt a sharp pain in her side, and she growled, nipping at her rounded middle. "Tor," she whispered urgently. "I think..." she began but trailed off as another contraction hit. Ophelia dropped to her knees in the sand and breathed shallowly, laying upon her side and waiting for this part to be over with; she prayed that would be soon.

Minutes passed like hours, and she worked up a sweat trying to force Torleik's hellspawn from her body. Somewhere through the pain, she had begun calling them that - blaming this solely on him of course. Her jests were still spoken with laughter however - through gritted teeth.

The pain finally subsided when she felt one tiny child emerge into the world - a pale, trembling, leggy thing with an expression of utter confusion and distaste. A beautiful girl. Torleik's daughter. Ophelia smiled, leaning up ever so slightly to look. With some attitude which could not have come from her side of the family (haha), the filly refused to budge, legs folded up in denial about this sudden new existence.

Another pain wracked her body, and she furrowed her brows in fear and confusion. None of this made sense. She had birthed their daughter! Wasn't that enough? Then realized dawned on her. Another. There would be another. Ophelia gasped and moments later there was a second child on the ground. Not one hellspawn but two. Somehow they would have to raise two children. Two.

How were there two. Curse her genes! This could only be her fault. Ophelia smiled, finally at pace as she watched a little night and day start to explore.

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