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Admittedly, the herd meeting had resolved itself...better than expected. It was perhaps the first meeting that had gone smoothly, with those entrenched in their dramatic lives properly attending to their runaway mouths. With how her own temper had guided her to the frosted steps of their meeting space, she was grateful that they had. The Valkyrie had not had the patience to deal with their childishness in that moment, and though her head had cooled with the progression of the meeting, it did little to stifle the flame of anger in her breast.

They were fat and lazy, which made perfect prey for any hunting scavenger - be it Kisamoa, an outcast band, or another herd. Hotaru would not see the Aurora Basin fall like squalling babes beneath the ravenous teeth of the wolves that stalked them in the night. She protected them with her icy scythe and her billowing robes of frost, the warrior that descended from the skies to determine the death of the warrior she pointed her finger at. Until the breath was stolen from her lungs she would fight. Perhaps she had not always been loyal to the Basin - had run like a spoiled brat from the clutches of the Foothills to a place she felt she could belong - but she would only be removed from her throne forcefully, now.

Plans had been put in action swiftly following the meeting's close. There was no time to waste, and Hotaru would not dawdle. They had spent enough time warming their asses by the fires to not feel the lick of burn from the snapping flames. It was time to move. So she had plucked Tiamat from her duties and descended the mountain paths, winding her way farther and farther south.

The climate did not warm to suit her desert blood, and she wondered - as she had since Gaucho had secluded her in the reaches of his island - if perhaps she would be happier in the tropical southern lands of the peninsula. The thought whisked away just as quickly - the only reason she would move herds would be to conquer another throne, whether she was cast from her own or merely shopping for real estate. The Valkyrie doubted she could even properly fit into the role of a citizen any longer, which was horribly arrogant of her.

At least you admit it, Alice snickered at her side, and Hotaru happily kicked out at her, sending the hellhound running off into the thin snow cackling. As they walked, the rosen lass turned her delicate cranium towards Tiamat.

"Thank you for agreeing to come, Tiamat. We've never truly had the time to get to know one another, have we?" she smiled, her bicolored orbs warm despite their decidedly cool coloration. "I'd like to change that." But it may have to wait a little, considering they were already stepping onto the sandy shores on the opposite side of the island, Alice already chasing the stormy waves.

Don't go too deep, I'm not fishing your dumb ass out just to have you smell like wet dog all day, Hotaru warned. Alice scoffed at her, but Hotaru noticed she backed away from the water sensibly. The Valkyrie scarcely concealed her snort of amusement, watching the insistent wind whip away her companion's smoke from the dark fur. Alice lifted her jowls to the sky and howled, and Hotaru lifted her own in an accompanying whinny - one would reach farther than the other, but there was no sense in leading the denizens to believing there was a wolf pack on the other side of their protective waters or some silly nonsense. Something old and primordial still ran within them, after all. It was natural to shudder to hear a wolf's howl.

Hotaru gestured for Tiamat to come closer to her side, and awaited an answer from the far side of the shore.

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