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[OPEN] Miles to go before I sleep [questing]

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The last time Isopia had ventured to the icy north, it had been to meet with Deimos and Hotaru regarding their continued neutrality with the Hidden Falls. Much had apparently changed since then. News of the Reapers death had reached Isopia, and although she met the news with only an academic interest, she still understood that many would be grieving for the lost Lord. He had ruled for so very long, after all. Even after her own short stint as a ruler, she had to assume that at least some part of the dead warlord would be glad for the respite from duties. Even if that respite came at such a heavy cost.

Despite the multiple times the demi-goddess had arrived on these borders, she'd never actually been inside. Though she had heard of the water that pooled and was naturally warmed by the earth. Though she wanted to get her quest over with quickly and to be done with atoning for her past sins, she also wanted to do it right. The water within the Basin would surely be enough to magical purify the helmet.

Now, all she needed was permission.

Standing solemly, Isopia waited for someone to approach. Her wings were folded gently against her flanks, and her two dragons played at her feet. They tumbled and frolicked with one another, biting and snapping and melding together into a ball of gold and bronze.

Isopia is here as part of her quest! She'd like to have a bit of water from the hotsprings!


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