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His response to my congratulations makes me cringe. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned anything. I get this sense, that we keep putting our hooves in our mouths. Each one of us taking turns. Why, oh why were we so awkward?

But he moves on, and I don't have to worry about any more on the subject. I listen carefully, taking his words into consideration. He was right. I shouldn't expect more of him. Wasn't this enough? Wasn't the fact that he hadn't ran away with his tail between his legs enough for me? He could always do that. No. He was being such a gentleman. And, while I had within the last five minutes said things I regretted saying, he was still good to me. He invited me home. Home.

I look up to him, and touch his cheek. "I don't expect you to love me Rikyn. I agree that those stories are tall tales. I don't want a prince charming. That is too perfect, and unrealistic. No matter who I love, they will never always be like that. No one can be that amazing. But you aren't the worst choice I could have made. There are far worse stallions in this world than you." I pull gently away, blue eyes watching him. "I wont ask you to open up to me, and I'll accept you as you are. Thank you. For offering me a home here once more. And not running off at finding all this out. I am sure it's a scary thing. But you can't be worse at parenting than I am so. " I shrug, and laugh nervously. "And thank you for being here too. I don't know if I can do this all alone this time. Especially if something happens again. I am extremely grateful."
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