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Tae slunk from the shadows like a cobweb being gently dusted from a chandelier. She floated forward, her body beginning to take on its ethereal appearance as she moved. More and more of her physique appeared to be created from a ghostly outline rather than real flesh and blood. Excitement and adrenaline always had that effect on her, and after hearing the disembodied voice of Kaos ringing out, she was nothing if not intrigued.

"Two prizes.." Tae said, her voice like the low end of a violin being softly bowed.  "How fortunate for you." The mandible-marked mare's pale white eyes surveyed the stag before her, wondering if it was because of his own merits that this day had been so fortunate, or if it was simple dumb luck. At her side, a large wolf and an even larger hellhound stood. Their hackles were raised, but their dark eyes were patient and alert; their hunger constrained by Tae's will.

The healer's wings were folded tightly around her muscular body, and although her stance appeared mostly casual, she was like a tightly coiled snake, ready to defend herself at the slightest provocation. This creature had called a challenge against Thranduil after all, and the Laurelin (normally anyways) was no easy win. 

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